ANR Digital Workshop Notes 28/8/12

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Slides from Digital Workshop delivered by Libby Varcoe, for Arts Northern Rivers.

Transcript of ANR Digital Workshop Notes 28/8/12

  • DIGITAL MARKETING FOR ARTISTSAugust 28: 10am-2pm by Libby Varcoe
  • Copyright (c) write-minded Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. While this workshop is designed to provide accurate information in regard to the subject matter, the presenter, Libby Varcoe,is not engaged in rendering technical or other legal or professional services. If expert assistance is required, participants are advised to seek the servicesof appropriate professionals. by Libby Varcoe
  • Leo Cremonese, Abstract Painter I started using social media to promote my creative work because I was convinced to. Im not a natural self-promoter. I like it that I get to share images of my work and some of my thoughts. Ive noticed that people I dont know are now seeing my work. Copyright write-minded
  • Shona Wilson, SculptorI like it that I can update and control the pace of information and imagesmyself and that I can hopefully reach a wider audience.Managing my Facebook pages keeps a diary of sorts for myself andintegrates a larger audience during the art-making process - so I dont feelquite so isolated.Im concerned about the amount of time it uses up in my day and if the payoffwill be worthwhile? I worry that people will think Im not chatty enough andthink I am unfriendly. Copyright write-minded
  • Adam Jones, Handmade wallpaper illustrator I started using social media to promote my creative work because if you reach the right people they will promote it. Everyone is looking to like something new. I like it that social media is generally a happy environment - for creative things anyway. The people who like your work do so with enthusiasm. The people who dont can easily ignore it and move on. Im concerned about finding the right voice and revealing or posting the right stories. Some people are posting inane stories about their creative work and it comes across a bit lame, when maybe its that their voice is wrong - not the work.
  • Kylie Rose McLean, Textiles ArtistI started using social media to promote my creative work because despite mygeneral dislike for engaging in social media it seemed it was the way to getthe word out there - catch 22 situation.I like it that I can write a blog entry & it can be linked to Facebook.Ive noticed that you have to choose how you set up your social media quitecarefully - research & plan which aspects will work for you. Better to do onething well, then have too much going on.
  • Ever feel like this? Copyright write-minded
  • SESSION 1 What is a content strategy? Whats in your digital tool-kit? Light lunch (12.30pm-1pm)SESSION 2: Threading social media together Create an action plan for your creative practice/business. Handy tools and links for creatives Wrap up 2pmWhats on the agenda?
  • What youre about to learn1. How to create ground-swell that helps you stay on the radar2. To see which tools you can use to work in the system or around it!3. To help you feel inspired/motivated to make it all happen Copyright write-minded
  • Copyright write-minded
  • NB: This is not a technical session! Copyright write-minded
  • Im here to show you. Not how to do it But why you might want to try it or pump up your current efforts. Copyright write-minded
  • Copyright write-minded
  • Copyright write-minded
  • = YOUR CONTENT STRATEGYCopyright write-minded
  • Who just heard this? I really cant be bothered with social media. Its boring, and I dont see the point. Its all a time waster. Facebook/Pinterest will own my content. So, no way Jose. Im completely across all of those things and Im seeing the benefits. Copyright write-minded
  • = YOUR CONTENT STRATEGYCopyright write-minded
  • Whats a strategy? A strategy is a plan to move you in the direction of your long-term goal, for example: To become fully-employed as a creator To drum up a crowd for my next show To reach new markets To get crowd-funding etc A strategic thinker is likely to initiate rather than just react to others demands. Why be strategic? Because it saves time and saves you from becoming frustrated. Puts you on the front-foot. Copyright write-minded
  • Whats a content strategy? A content strategy captures how you or your business can use online content to achieve your own objectives and meet your user/customers/clients needs. Your strategy should be composed of different elements (website, social media, blog etc) that match up to where your audiences are, and how they best like to communicate with you. Copyright write-minded
  • So, what are creative people up to? The total population of practising professional artists in 2009 was just over 44,000. There are nearly 40% more artists in Australia than there were 20 years ago. On average, creative projects earn you around 45% of your total income. 60% of all artists believe new technologies are likely, or very likely, to improve their income. 30% of artists use the Internet to promote their work Most common opportunities cited? Reach a wider audience Promote their work Networking, collaboration and communication with other artistsSource: Australia Council for the Arts Artists Survey. 2009/2010 Copyright write-minded
  • So, what are online audiences up to? 59 per cent of adult internet users have made an online purchase (good or service) in the six months to April 2011. Those on $150,000 or more per more likely to have shopped online (86%) About 25% of mobile users are shopping online with their mobile (2011) - Mobiles predicted to be main web tool by end of 2013 62% of Australian Internet users use social media (Facebook = 97%!) 1 in 5 use social media for commercial purposes too: research, purchase follow favourite brands, get access to special offers. 27% of small businesses have a social media presence. (79% big business) - up from 14% last year, most on Facebook. Copyright write-minded
  • Be creative!Copyright write-minded
  • Be authenticCopyright write-minded
  • Be quirky!Copyright write-minded
  • Tell your storyin the mostcompelling wayyou canCopyright write-minded
  • Lets talk about your website Copyright write-minded
  • Whats your websites role in 2012? To promote your products or services To sell either directly or indirectly To give you credibility To display your work To engage with people and give them an opportunity to develop the relationship by promoting your social media presence. To be accessible whats it look like on a mobile/tablet? To be easily found (the hard one) Copyright write-minded
  • So, how do we behave online? Copyright write-minded
  • Good website experience = satisfied user Copyright write-minded
  • User pet peeves 84 82 Out of date 80 content 78 Confusing Navigation 76 No contact info 74 72 70Copyright write-minded
  • Actions based on pet peeves 78% refuse to come back 71% refuse to make a purchase 45% wont visit