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Following on from my 2010 presentation '33 things I know about Art Direction' here are 33 more things I know about Art Direction that will help young designers.

Transcript of Another 33 things I know about Art Direction - David Bell

  • David Bell - Executive Creative Director MercerBell
  • r shots carefully. 34. Select you
  • 35. Crop with care.
  • shots well. Treat your 36. n forever. y will live o And the
  • Over 277,000,000 images
  • 37. Make the most of all your opportunities.
  • au ilvy and I at his beloved Chate David Og , in the Loire Valley, France. de Touffou
  • And keep on making the most of them.
  • 38. Look beyond your screen for inspiration.
  • Look up for inspiration. An old sign still live on Sydneys busiest shopping mall.
  • nd look down. A
  • 39. Simple is always best.
  • 39. Simple is always best.
  • ual type. 40.Use vis
  • 41.Dont annoy your Copywriter. (or the reader)
  • If your poor design reduces readability, then expect the worst to happen.
  • df .or www.stcsig ss.p ability-ki /read g/mgt/docs
  • how the reader 42. S where to begin initial caps. with
  • ial caps look good and they help Init ow the reader where to begin. sh
  • te your design) 43.(Punctua
  • ewspapers and 44. N azines are an mag s playground. Art Director
  • ne_amplifier azi ocacola_fm_mag om/media/dm/c orld.c www.adsofthew
  • 45. Simple ideas n real colour. i
  • Be clever with colour to bring your ideas to life.
  • dvertising. 6.Illusion in a 4
  • ys check on 47.Alwa le for ideas. the bott
  • the product. .Torture test 48
  • osites always 49. Opp ct attention. attra
  • Helvetica
  • 50. eas. ig id le, b Litt m) 0mm x 55m (9
  • hat you dont 51. W ore powerful see is m what you do. than
  • ndered why . Ever wo 52 s have so artist y different man brushes?
  • If you get stuck, then work with a different pen.
  • al ideas. 3. Big visu 5
  • all ideas. 54. Sm
  • are all careful with 55. Hope you
  • 6. Reflect 5 your ideas.
  • . Is there an 57 in the logo? idea
  • 58. esigning by D e of thirds. the rul
  • ds-grid-outline/ /rule-thir
  • the benefit. 59. Visualise
  • quick way 60. A ab attention. to gr flip the pic
  • 1. Maintain 6 ye contact. e
  • Sharbat Gula was the subject of Steve McCurry's "Afghan Girl."
  • Steve Jobs By Albert Watson
  • erson looking out of the layout. Avoid having the p
  • 62. Not everyone sees what you see. Make sure all your visuals are clear.
  • 6 dolphins or 2 people?
  • he n to l e t 63. W eadline do the h talking. all the
  • still sells. 64. Sex e well art directed. It just has to b
  • 5. The real 6 story behind blue boat. the ow to keep everyone happy H with your Art Direction.
  • Some people just have to make changes.
  • So give them a blue boat.
  • Sometime in the Mad Men era an Art Director literally added a blue boat to his layout just so the client would have something to change. Ever since, this has been know as giving the client a blue boat.
  • en there is nothing 66.Wh ay then, art direct much to s e hell out of it th
  • ary-posters/ !/work/mixion www.themon
  • See the first 33 things... presentation on slideshare. www.slides / n about-art-directio
  • David Bell Executive Creative Director - MercerBell