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Transcript of ANNUAL REPORT 2018 2019 - Contact Brant · PDF file mandate, Contact Brant manages , the...

  • ANNUAL REPORT 2018 – 2019

    Our VISION: By working together, we will improve the well-being of children, youth and families.

    Our MISSION: Contact Brant is the first place to contact for

     information  referral to community services  coordination of supports for children, youth and their families.

    Our VALUES: We value…

    Our clients through a family-centered, respectful approach. Our community partners and our collaborative work with them. Our staff who make it all happen.

    519-758-8228 643 Park Road North, Brantford, Ontario, N3T 5L8

  • Celebrating Our 19th Anniversary

    Our Strategic Priorities 2018 - 2020

    1. Address the growing demand for service Contact Brant continues to work with community partners to decrease the need for families to unnecessarily repeat their story. The Coordinated Service Planning survey reflected families indicated a decrease from 92% to 88% this fiscal year in ‘not having to repeat their story’ – this is obviously an area we need to collectively work with other organizations to improve. Another goal was to work together with our community partner agencies to coordinate services for each client; we saw an increase in the number of Coordinated Service Plans on file.

    Contact Brant received funding for an additional Service Planning Coordinator, which helped reduce the community waiting list to four by March 31, 2019. Contact Brant continues to identify the following staffing and funding- related pressures:

     Increased staffing (Resource Coordinator) to address the year-over-year increase in demand for Access services for Mental Health, Developmental, and Autism sectors.

     Secure full-time staffing dedicated to the management of the Community Information database.

    2. Improve employee engagement Contact Brant strives to maintain a culture of high performance. We continue to receive exceptionally positive (over 90% ratings) feedback on our client surveys.

    Contact Brant values our employees and are extremely proud that 50% of our employees have been with the agency for over 15 years and some from the start in 2000! The remaining 50% came on board as we received new service mandates.

    3. Enhance cultural competency within the organization Board and staff have focused on meaningful engagement and building stronger partnerships with Indigenous stakeholders; Contact Brant is taking our part in TRC seriously. Contact Brant is also developing strategies to meet the needs of the ever-diversifying population and have significantly increased the use of interpreters as well as use of tools such Google Translate.

    4. Heighten public awareness of Contact Brant’s services Contact Brant continues to hear from families that they did not know about our services. The challenge to meeting this agency goal includes the added challenge of how will we meet the increased demand for service when staff are already pressured to meet service demand.

  • Contact Brant Services

    Coordinated Information – Contact Brant is your first place to contact for information. Our expertise is knowledge about community services and resources. As part of this Information mandate, Contact Brant manages, the Community Information website which

    offers a public listing of community services in Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk. 211 Ontario contracts with Contact Brant to use about 80% of the records on our website for their provincial phone service, available 24/7 in over 150 languages. Having your organizations’ services on this community website is free. Contact Brant ensures the records are updated annually.

    Contact Brant’s website, posts information on our services as well as community services and resources. One of these community resources is Your Guide, a publication that Contact Brant coordinates for Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk two times annually. Your Guide is a listing of free workshops, courses, groups and events offered by community agencies for children, youth and families. We also post upcoming events and community information in our Quick Links News section. Join us on Twitter and Facebook!

    Intake and Referral - Contact Brant is the Access agency for children and youth services. We are the first place to call to get the services needed. Contact Brant helps navigate the many resources available in our community including Mental Health services, Developmental services, Autism services, and Service Coordination supports. Having one place to call decreases the need for families to repeat their story to multiple agencies.

    Contact Brant’s centralized database provides non-identifying data about the service needs and profiles of children and youth in Brant to assist with community planning. See our annual System Report on our website.

    2,633 community service

    records on website

    166,276 views per month

    by 18,000 unique viewers

    8% increase in the number of intakes


    75% of intakes were for the mental health sector

    20% additional people served that did not go to intake



    Unique Children/Youth Served: 3,598

    Mental Health sector

    Developmental & Autism sectors

  • Service Coordination with community partners on behalf of children, youth and their families is a key piece of our Access mandate. This includes facilitating the Case Resolution process to address children and youth with complex special needs, as well as RPAC (Residential Placement Advisory Committee). Contact Brant works collaboratively with community partners to integrate Transition Planning for youth with a developmental disability.

    Coordinated Service Planning - Contact Brant is the Lead Coordinating Agency, working collaboratively with community stakeholders to ensure there is a key staff identified for children and youth with multiple complex needs to assist families in navigating community, education and health service systems. This key staff, the Service Coordinator, works with each family and involved services to develop a Coordinated Service Plan based on each family’s priorities. Contact Brant receives the referrals for Service Coordination Brant, and is proud to work with the other Service Coordination Brant providers: Family Counselling Centre of Brant, HNHB Local Health Integration Network, Lansdowne Children’s Centre, Six Nations Health Services, and Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services.

    Additionally, Contact Brant implemented the FASD Service Coordinator role in 2018-19 to support families of children and youth with/or suspected of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

    66.7% increase in number (255) of children/youth identified as ‘complex’

    needs reviews

    200 served in Coordinated Service Planning through Service Coordination Brant

    15 families supported by FASD Worker; 21 FASD presentations provided

    39.5% increase in service coordination supports provided compared to last fiscal

    59.5% of service coordination supports were for the developmental sector

    71 Case Resolution Reviews reflects a 61% increase

  • What families and youth say about Contact Brant












    Quality Satisfaction Survey Results 2018 - 2019

    Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2017-18

    Excellent listening and communicating. I appreciated my appointment and it made me feel better after leaving

    I have always enjoyed the help provided and all the supportive programs I have been introduced into

    I felt listened to and didn't feel judged 

    I'm grateful for this service and support

    What did we do well? Understanding my child's needs

    Knowledgeable, reassuring and helpful. What could be a

    stressful meeting was calm and pleasant

  • 2018 – 2019

    Contact Brant was funded by the Ministries of Children and Youth Services, and Community and Social Services in 2018 – 2019.

    Contact Brant Board of Directors 2018 - 2019

    Patrick Parent Chair Michael DeBruyn Vice-Chair

    Greg Hackborn Treasurer Kelly Skrzypek Secretary

    Glenda Annand Director

    Nalini Gandhi Director

    Susan Fitzgerald Director Ayeh Khanfar Director

    Contact Brant Staff Team 2018 - 2019

    Jane Angus Chief Executive Officer Sheryl Ruman Lead Resource Coordinator

    Maxine Lean Lead Service Planning Coordinator Paul Sanderson Resource Coordinator

    Stuart Shaw Resource Coordinator

    Susan Vincze Resource Coordinator

    Gillian Chmiel Executive Assistant Alysha Weir Assistant Resource Coordinator LeaAnn Boswell Information Services Coordinator

    Arlene House General Office Assistant Karen Sweeting Administrative Assistant Linda McFadyen FASD Service Coordinator

    Lauren Freeborn Service Planning Coordinator


    189,429 65,972




    Revenue $1,065,745

    Mental Health Access

    Developmental Access