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ANNUAL REPORT 2009JULY 1, 2008 - JUNE 30, 2009


FISCAL YEAR 2009 (JULY 1, 2008 - JUNE 30, 2009)President Irving E. Walker, Esq. Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A.* Vice President Levern Blackmon Public Justice Center Treasurer Daniel Hatcher, Esq. University of Baltimore School of Law Secretary Jacqueline Allen, Esq. Saul Ewing, LLP Olive Akhigbe Bank of America John Eidleman, Esq. Legal Services Corporation Jane Harrison Consultant Shelly Marie Martin, Esq. Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP Rogelyn McLean, Esq. Crowell & Moring, LLP Yoanna X. Moisides, Esq. Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. Robert Rhudy, Esq. Consultant Matthew G. Summers, Esq. Ballard Spahr, LLP Gerald R. Walsh, Esq. Gerald R.Walsh, P.A. David E. Wolfe, Esq. Alex. Brown Realty, Inc. *Afliations, as of June 30, 2009, for identication purposes only

STAFFExecutive Director Antonia K. Fasanelli, Esq.** Managing Attorney Carolyn Johnson, Esq. Director of Pro Bono Programs Amelia Lazarus, Esq. Staff Attorneys Francine K. Hahn, Esq. Sarah Spangler Rhine, Esq. Legal Clinic Coordinator Laura Reagan Administrative Assistant Selena Santos Ofce Administrator Maddy Dwertman **Admitted in NY and DC; Special authorization in MD pursuant to Court of Appeals Rule 15



Mission and VisionHPRP envisions an end to homelessness in Maryland.

(HPRP Staff Attorney Francine Hahn educates shelter residents about accessing public benets.)

HPRPs mission is to end homelessness in Maryland by providing free legal services, including advice, counsel, education, representation and advocacy, for low-income persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our staff and volunteers pursue this mission by offering legal services through outreach in shelters, soup kitchens, welfare ofces, community centers and on the street. Our direct representation informs broader-based systemic advocacy and impact litigation to address the root causes of homelessness.



A Message From Our LeadersDear Friends: Homelessness is increasing in Maryland. The Baltimore City Homeless Census conducted in January 2009 identied a 12% increase in the number of homeless people in the Citythe Citys rst signicant increase in homelessness since 2005, with 3,419 total people identied as homeless, including 312 individuals who slept outside in 16 degree weather in January. The Citys school system reports that the number of homeless children in all precarious housing situations has doubled from the previous year. The foreclosure crisis and other effects of the economic downturn continue to have a devastating impact on our most vulnerable neighbors. The Homeless Persons Representation Project (HPRP) responded to these needs. Within this report, you will learn that we increased the number of legal matters on which we provide representation, we increased the number of volunteers to aid our Staff in meeting the increased client demand and we opened new community-based intake locations, ensuring that we were able to continue to meet clients in locations easily accessible to them. You will also learn that we, in collaboration with the Public Justice Center, the National Center for Law and Economic Justice and Kirkland & Ellis LLP, sought statewide relief regarding delays in Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance and Medical Assistance after witnessing the unbearable struggles of our clients. Maintaining the core value that HPRPs programs must respond to the most pressing needs of Marylands population of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, HPRPs Board and Staff also engaged in strategic planning. By soliciting the input of our stakeholders and homeless services providers statewide, we were able to chart a course for effective statewide impact over the next ve years. We are pleased to share the results of that planning effort within this report and on our website at Committed to diversifying our funding sources, HPRP launched its First Annual Campaign to End Homelessness. With the generous assistance of Co-Chairs Stuart Simms and Caroline D. Ciraolo and media sponsor, The Daily Record, HPRP raised $69,420 in the Campaign through September 30, 2009. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to end homelessness in Maryland. We are grateful for all that you dowhether as a donor, volunteer or friendto support HPRP and our neighbors struggling with homelessness. Sincerely,

Antonia K. Fasanelli, Esq. Executive Director

Irving E. Walker, Esq. Board President



Strategic DirectionWith a Management Assistance Grant from the Goldseker Foundation, HPRP engaged in strategic planning to conduct an analysis of the causes of homelessness in Maryland and the legal solutions that exist to address certain of those causes; to decide which of those solutions to pursue; and to develop a ve-year plan with accompanying action plan to implement goals and priorities toward achieving those solutions to homelessness. With the pro bono assistance of Elizabeth Colantuoni, Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, who designed a sampling scheme, HPRP was able to survey 97 homeless services providers to assess the needs of homeless people in their regions and the role that legal services could or should play in addressing the needs. Forty-four (44) organizations responded with the following results: homelessness has increased in all of their jurisdictions; creation of affordable housing is the main solution to homelessness in their communities; people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness have insufcient access to legal services in their communities; and state-wide advocacy is necessary to create long-standing solutions to homelessness.

With this information and the assistance of Maryland Association of Nonprot Organizations consultant Lynn Heller, who also arranged for 34 stakeholder interviews, HPRPs Board and Staff developed the organizations ve-year strategic plan and accompanying action plan. HPRPs Board and Staff made critical decisions to leverage HPRPs limited resources by expanding HPRPs Pro Bono Program, to target all legal services to issues likely to prevent or end homelessness, to increase the visibility of the organization and the issue of homelessness, to develop a state-wide network to advocate for long-standing solutions to homelessness and to strategically fundraise to support these efforts. The full strategic plan is available on HPRPs website at



HPRP Pro Bono ProgramVOLUNTEERSJacqueline Allen Sonja Allen Joshua Altman Christopher Alworth Michelle Amick Catrina Aquilino Arti Aryal Mark Bachara Michelle Barnes Orlando Barnes John Bartkowiak, Jr. Derek Baumgardner Derek Bayne Jessica Beaver Jeremy Bedford Michelle Bernstein Kevin Best Bryan A. Bishop Darcy Bisset Richard Bloom Natasha Blount Randi Bocanegra Stephanie Bonhomme Richard Boucher, Jr. Nicole Boykin Sandy Brantley Anne Brennon Malcolm Brisker Damon Brown Justin Browne Robert Cain Adam Caldwell Cheryl Calloway Elizabeth Colantuoni Lucy Cardwell Sara Chaconas Rachel Cohen Leight Collins Leah Conway-Dempsey Carol Cooper Curtis Cooper Christopher Coreliarino Jennifer Craig Greg Culling Demetrious Datch Celia Davis Elmer Davis Maura Demouy Marianne Depaulo Plant Michelle Kendus Heather Dlhopolsky Bruce Kent Maureen Dodd Michael Kersten Denese Dominguez* Sarah Kiser Alicia Donohoe Brandi Kligman Mary Anna Donohoe Holly Knepper Kristin Drake Ronna Lazarus Justin Dull Jeanette Lee J. Barry Dumser Aviva Leebow Melinda Dunmire Karen Levian Donna Engle Stephanie Lewis Kim Evans Stacey Lohmann Itamar Ezaoui Philip Lohrey Bryson Filbert Paul Mack Justin Fine Meredith Maller Tim Fisher Shannon Madden Ian Foss Marshall Susan Francis Delne Maralusha Geoffrey Gamble Richard Martel Tom Gerahty Katrina MaultsbyThomas Giannini Baldwin Alexandria Gilliland Frances F. May Marie Goff Jerome T. May Daniel Goldstein Jim Mayhew Sarah Grabenstein Orlando Mayo Matthew Green Lorie Mayorga Henry Greenidge Samantha Mazo Leza Grifth Robert McDonald Satoko Harada Jim McFaul Constance M. Hare Janet McHugh Brian Harvey Alexander McMullen Kathryn Hickey Betty Meerovich Mary Ellen Himes Eileen Meier Ian Hitchcock Craig Merkle Barbara Holmes Cristina Milnor Juanita Hopkins Aaron Moore Carol Hoshall Avarind Muthukrishnan Shea Hoxie Carrie Nazelrod Noah Isserman Breanda Nelis Brett Jackson K. Nichole Nesbitt Ronald Jackson Sam Nikoomanesh* Brooke Jennings Megan OConnor Grace Johnk James Osborne Joi Johnson Abioye Oyewole Margi Joshi Matt Paavola Conrad Judy Christina Pappas Joseph Kaufman Robert Park Mary Keating Deborah Parraz *Member of Volunteer Advisory Committee Michael Pate John Petrovich Heidi Price John Price, Jr. Alicia Ritchie Anthony Rosso Joy SakamotoWengel Ralph Sapia* Teresa Schmiedeler Kristen Schrock Mark Scurti Melissa-Lynn Sellers Haleh Setayesh Michael Sigel Andrew Sindler Jonathan Singer Nikki Singh Michelle Siri John Smolen Nevitt Steele Bobbie Steyer* Derek Stikeleather Donald Stone* Tracey Super Rachel Tafaro Leslee Tingle John Tramazzo Genevieve Trego Kathleen Trinward Jack Turnbull Emily Vaias Ashley Vancleef Irving Walker Alicia Wallace John Weiss, Jr. Carolyn White Misty Wilks Shereen Wingo David Wolfe Roger Wolfe Desiree Woodard Beth WoodlandHargrove Meghan Yanacek Brian Young Richard Zeidman Marla Zide



HPRP could not have touched the lives of so many individuals this year without its talented and dedicated volunteer lawyers, paralegals, law students and others. In 2009, volunteers donated over 1079 hours of service to HPRP and its clients, including over 841hours, valued at $216,297, donated by attorneys.In 2009, HPRP continued the strong development of its pro bono programs. HPRP increased its number of volunteers from 103 to 188. These volunteers opened 371 legal matters, a signicant increase over the 40 matters opened by volunteers during the previous scal year. HPRP established two monthly off-site legal clinics at Our Daily Bread Employment Center and Oliver Community Center, where HPRP volunteers provide legal representation in criminal record expungement matters as a complement to the employment training and counseling currently ongoing at those Centers. By establishing these off-site clinics, HPRP was able to reorganize its legal work, relying exclusively on volunteers to provide expungement representation, and allowing HPRP Staff Attorneys to pursue more complex matters.

VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION RECEPTIONOn June 9, 2009, HPRP held its Volunteer Appreciation Reception at Lucys Irish Restaurant. Awardees received artwork created by residents of The Helping Up Mission. Justin Browne, Co-Chair, Maryland State Bar Association, Military Law Committee John Smolen, Hogan & Hartson LLP Cristina Milnor, Ofce of the Attorney General, Maryland Alicia Ritchie, Miles & Stockbridge, P.C. Mary Anna Donohoe, Attorney at Law


OUTSTANDING LAW PROFESSOR(Left to Right: Amelia Lazarus, Director of Pro Bono Programs, HPRP; Professor Donald Stone, University of Baltimore School of Law, holding Fiddler in the Woods by Richard Mendelsohn; and Antonia Fasanelli, Executive Director, HPRP. Photo by Harriet Robinson, Deputy Director, Maryland Legal Services Corporation)

Donald Stone, University of Baltimore School of Law

OUTSTANDING FIRMSLinowes & Blocher, LLP Saul Ewing, LLP

Daniel Goldstein, Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP Mary Ellen Himes,Venable, LLP




Case and Program HighlightsCASE BY TYPEConsumer/Finance - 1% Employment (Expungement) - 62% Family - 1% Health - 2% Housing - 17% Income Maintenance - 15% Other - 2%

HPRP opened 761 cases, an increase of 48 cases from the previous scal year, and closed 673 cases. These cases constitute matters in which HPRP staff or volunteers represented people struggling with homelessness in legal disputes to prevent or end homelessness. HPRP also received 879 calls where brief advice, information or referral was given, an increase of 315 from the previous scal year. These calls reect the unmet need because of insufcient resources or other reasons.

CASE BY LEVEL OF SERVICEBrief Advice Info & Referral - 17% Counseling - 23% Negotiations - 9% Representation - Judicial Litigation - 43% Representation - Administration Proceeding - 8%




HPRP established a new project providing legal representation and advocacy to chronically homeless persons seeking admission into permanent supportive housing. This project, which is an expansion of HPRPs access and preservation of housing project, reects the goals of Baltimore Citys 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, and directly eliminates homelessness by helping people who have lived without homes for years obtain housing.


In April 2009, in collaboration with the Public Justice Center, the National Center for Law and Economic Justice and Kirkland & Ellis LLP, HPRP led suit against the Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR) over delays in the delivery of Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance and Medical Assistance. DHRs own data shows that it fails to process over 4,000 applications each month within the time frames mandated by state and federal law, thereby unlawfully delaying receipt of subsistence benets to vulnerable Maryland families.


After years of collaboration with community partners, including Health Care for the Homeless, the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty and the National Coalition for the Homeless, in advocating for passage of an amendment to add homeless people as a protected group under Marylands Hate Crime Statute, the General Assembly passed the bill, thereby enacting special penalties for persons who commit crimes against people who are homeless because they are homeless. This new law is an mportant recognition of the dangerous nature of homelessness.


HPRP expanded its veterans benets project started at the conclusion of Fiscal Year 2008. HPRP has collaborated with the Pro Bono Resource Center, University of Maryland School of Law and the Maryland State Bar Association Special Committee on Veterans Affairs and Military Law to expand its efforts to enhance legal assistance to veterans in claims for service-connected disability and pension benets.This team held the First Annual Veterans Legal Assistance Conference on April 17, 2009, and collaborated on a successful proposal to the American Bar Association for funding to focus volunteer recruitment efforts on emeritus attorneys. This project is the only program in Maryland providing free legal services to veterans in claims for these types of benets.



Honoring Our DonorsHerbert S. Garten, Esq. Landon Hatcher Michele E. Gilman Raina Hatcher Dale E. Gorsuch Carrie Hayter Stefanie & Brian Greer Matt Hill Daniel Hatcher Tameka Holness Michael J. Hayes Jane S. Hong Charles S. Hirsch Lazarus James Tillie Lacayo Hassan James, Sr. Sam Nikoomanesh Hassan James, II John Prugh Nyari James Anginetta Rodgers Carolyn Johnson Robert Rhudy Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum J. Peter Sabonis Robert B. Schulman, Esq. Janet LaBella Lazarus & Burt, P.A. Charles B. Shafer Amelia Lazarus Donald Joseph Tebbe Elli Lazarus Mildred Walker Robert and Pat Welch Andrew Levy Rhonda Lipkin Berdetta V. White Emily Zychowicz Kevin Lindamood and Jeff Singer Brenda Midkiff FRIENDS CIRCLE Sharon L. Miller (UP TO $99) Henry and Judith Millon Ebaide Akighbe Diane L. Minor Olive Akighbe Yoanna Moisides Osebo Akighbe Elinor R. Bacon Joanne Nathans Bruno Bakel Michael Osborne and Hugh Bakel Dana DeLorenzo Mary Bakel Jennifer Pelton Mary Baumann Terry L. Purnell Paul Baumann Laura Reagan Laoma Beck Ellen Kyriacou Renaud Anne Blumenberg Christine F. Rhine Jeanette Brett Luke Joseph Rhine Ricky Brooks, II Mark Rhine Greg Care Sarah Spangler Rhine Jessica Cates-Bristol Nathan H. Christopher Stuart A. Schadt Stuart Simms, Esq. Nicole Ann Davies Bertha R. Simon Chris Der Kevin F. Smith Sally Dworak-Fisher Rebecca Spangler Lena Early Stephanie M. Edelstein Shirley Brett Spangler ADVOCATE CIRCLE Wayne A. Epps Tom Spangler ($100-$249) JoAnn Frick Baker Barry Steelman, Esq. Nilaya Baccus Albert Gallagher David Gavin Steib Clinton Bamberger Patricia Gallagher Pauline Tajchman Levern Blackmon Anna Gallagher Shelley Klein Trazkovich Donald G. Brenneman Chris Clayton and Paul Baumann Patricia Gallagher Leslie Walker Deborah Gardner Sandra Y. Clinton Richard L. Wasserman John J. Gingher, III Robert Cole, Jr. Adam Weaver Jenifer Cromwell and Brian Reed Leigh Goodmark Chanda Y. Williams Tiffany LaShawn Haigler Adrienne Wineholt Bruce Curtis Francine Hahn Kim Y. Evans Howard F. Wright Allison Harper Antonia Fasanelli Ally Wolfe Ava Hatcher David Freishtat, Esq. Erica Wolfe *Cash Basis Caterina Hatcher



($10,00 AND UP) The Abell Foundation Baltimore Community Foundation Fund for Change Goldseker Foundation Maryland Legal Sevices Corporation The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation The Zanvyl and Isabelle Kreiger Fund ($5,000-$9,999) American Bar Association Enterprise Fund ($2,500-$4,999) Jane Harrison ($1,000-$2,499) Susan Bennett Jane C. Diefenbach John Eidleman Kevin Grifn Moreno and Kim Moreno Shelly Marie Martin Rogelyn D. McLean Matthew G. Summers Irving E. Walker ($500-$999) Florence D. Fasanelli Jonathan and Allison Stanton Sanford V. Teplitzky, Esq. Robert Wolinsky and Danielle Estrada ($250-$499) Jacqueline Allen Steve Hill Jeffrey E. Risberg Paul Sturn and Dick Humphrey David E. Wolfe



With honorary co-chairs Stuart Simms of Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP and Caroline D. Ciraolo of Rosenberg / Martin / Greenberg, LLP, the inaugural Campaign, which ran from May 1 through September 30, 2009, raised $69,240.



($10,000 AND ABOVE) ($100-$249) Jane Harrison, in memory of her Jenifer Cromwell and Brian mother, Mary Cohen Reed Wachovia--A Wells Fargo Company Crowell & Moring, LLP Kia Dennis PATRON Florence D. Fasanelli ($5,000-$9,999) JoAnn Frick Baker Irving E. and Leslie Walker Herbert S. Garten, Esq. BENEFACTOR Michele E. Gilman ($2,500-$4,999) Daniel Hatcher Bank of America Foundation Buzzy and Myra Hettleman Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP Anna Maria Hibbs Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman Steve Hill & Leonard, P.A. Lenna Kennedy, in memory Shelly Marie Martin of Linda and Emmett Yoanna Moisides LEADER Joanne Nathans ($1,000-$2,499) Melanie Styles Ballard Spahr, LLP Debbie and Dave Sugarman Susan Bennett Williams Anderson LLP Kramon & Graham, P.A. The M&T Charitable Foundation Rosenberg / Martin / Greenberg, LLP The Venable Foundation Gerald R. Walsh, P.A.

(UP TO $99) Mary Baumann Levern Blackmon Ruth Crystal Mary Denise Davis Rosemary A. Davis Lena Early Antonia Fasanelli Herbert and Harriet Goldman Leigh Goodmark Sarah Grabenstein Stefanie Greer Seth G. Groman Virginia Knowlton Henry and Judith Millon Jeremy Moss Odeana Neal Steven and Joy Sakamoto-Wengel Samuel E. and Donelda J. Stayton


FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTSTotal Revenue: $635,506Foundations $141,950 Grants - $412,989 Contributions $71,008 Program Services $6,000 Interest & Other $3,559

($500-$999) Jane C. Brown and Neil Didrikson Caroline D. Ciraolo DLA Piper LLP Hogan & Hartson, LLP Kent Family Foundation Neuberger, Quinn, Gielen, Rubin & Gibber, P.A. Saul Ewing, LLP Semmes, Bowen and Semmes Foundation, Inc. Matthew G. Summers


Total Expenses: $586,704Program Services $478,420 Fundraising $41,517 Management & General $64,877

($250-$499) Jacqueline Allen Lawrence D. Coppel John Eidleman Dale E. Gorsuch Nathans & Biddle, LLP Mark Neumann Robert Rhudy John P. Smolen Katherine Tai David E. Wolfe

*The contributions reported above include those received in Fiscal Year 2010 (after June 30, 2009). Campaign donations will be reported similarly in future Annual Reports. HOMELESS PERSONS REPRESENTATION PROJECT, INC. ANNUAL REPORT 2009


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