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Mansfield High School (Mansfield, Ohio) Yearbook - 1908

Transcript of Annual, 1908




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  • To one, who, by his unwearied efforts on our

    behalf and his daily example of a staunch

    character, has won our respect and esteem, we

    dedicate our book.

    HENRY H. HELTER,Our Superintendent and

    our friend .

  • ISUPERINTENDENT.r=::::::=OU=R ==]

    Mr. H. H. Helter, th e new supe rin te nde nt of t he Man sfield Publ ic Sch ools,was reared on a farm near G nadenhutt en , O hio. He received his ea rly t rainingin th e rural schools and la te r atte nded the Pu blic Sch ools of G nadenhutten . Hetaught in the ru ral schools for four years, a nd in 188 5, e nt ered th e Pr epa rato ryDepartment of Ohio Wesleyan Univ ersity, gradua t ing f rom th e inst itut ion wit hthe degree of A. B. in 1891.

    Th e same year, he ente red upon his du t ies as supe rinte nde nt of th e G nade n-hutten Public Schools, which positi on he held unti l 1893 wh en he beca mepr incipa l of t he Troy High School. In 1899, he was made super intende nt of theW ap akoneta Publ ic Sch ools, and af ter eight years of ver y effi cient s ervice, waselected to th e pos it ion of superint en dent of th e Mansfield Public Sch ools.

    Mr. Helt er is well kn ow n th roughout the state as a school man of enthusiasmand ability, wh ich is attes ted by th e positi ons of prominence he has held.

    He has served as Se cre tary of th e O hio Teachers' Association , a nd wascounty examiner of Augla ise C ounty for six year s . At pr esent, he is a memberof th e State Board of School Examiners an d also of t he Legislative committee ofth e Oh1O Teach ers ' Ass ociati on.

    Man sfie ld High School extends him a wel com e hand and most ea rne st lyw ishes him a continuation of his past success.

  • Through a loyal and unswervmg devotion to thestandards and ideals of the Mansfield High School, weshall attain that knowledge, discipline, culture, refinementand breadth of view which will enable us to render our

    greatest service to humanity.

    W e believe in the Mansfield High School; in its

    class and school spirit, its high standards, its lofty ideals,its professional and inspiring teachers.

    A price is set on success in school,

    It is indeed a simple rule;No royal road for high or low,

    You must labor and suffer if you wouldforward- go.

    H. H. HELTER, Supt.

  • We' re going to print a pap er!'Twil l be a gra nd one too!We'll sh ow th e rest of the classesWhat "nineteen -eight" can do.For we're th e staff appointedBy the Mansfield High School crew.

    W e'll use no copied sketches,O ur stories will be of the best;The poe ms must be orig ina l;For parodies we det est.O ur joke s will all be fun ny.Now, really , we don 't jest.

    For we ' ll come out victo riousAnd at the close of this y earWe' ll have fou nd the wo rk to be but fu n,And so we've naught to fear.

  • r CONTENTS.~=========:===

    Editorials . . . . . . . . . .Among th e Beautiful Pict uresFaculty . . . . . .Sp ring Fever . . . .Se nior Cl ass PictureSen ior Roll . . . . .History of th e Cl ass of 'oSSen ior Poem . . .Sa ints a nd Sinn e rs .Seni or Pr ophecy . .Jun ior Cl ass Pictu reTh e Jun iors' ReceiveA J unior Poem . . .Soph omore C lass PictureA Sophomore Poem. . .A G roup of Freshmen Picture .Anothe r G roup of Fre shmen P ictureA Fr eshman Essay . .A Fr es hm an PoemTh e Alumn i .Our Mar y }'Mr. LeppoGeorgeM. H. S. O rchestra PictureMale Q ua rte tte P ict ur eG lee Club Picture . . . .Th e Literary So cieti esBoy s' Basket Ball T eamPictureAthl eti cs .Gi rls' Athleti cs ' .Base Ball Boys' Picture .Bas e Ba ll Sch edul e . . .A Group of Int erior Views of M. H. S .The Inevitable Aunt MariaDies Scholae . . . . . . . .The Indian Maiden's Death SongA Fr eshman's Exp erien ce . . . .A G host Story . . . . . . . . .Anot her Group of Int erior Views of M. H. S .The PestilenceKnocksBoard of Educ ationAfter . . . . . .

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    EDITORIALS.~=== ============dJ

    It was w ith deep regret tha t we hea rd las t sp ring of Mr. C . L. Van Cleve'sresi gna tio n as Superintend ent of th e Mansfi eld Public Sch ools and his ac cepta nceof a s imila r positi on at Toledo, O hio. He wa s honored and estee med by ev ery -one a nd we a ll a re confiden t t hat he w ill be of g rea t se rvic e in thi s wide r field ofwork .

    To Mr. H. H. Helter we exte nd a welcoming han d. He has in a ll wayspr ov ed hims elf a ma n of th e high est morals and sound judgment. He is doinga ll poss ible for th e advanceme nt of th e School in eve ry line of work a nd by sodoing is w inning t he ad miration of a ll.

    Considerable change was mad e last fall in the corp s of tea chers .

    Mr. C . D . C a rpente r is now teach ing phys ics and ch em ist ry in the HighSchool at Newark , Ohio, He has been in Man sfield seve ra l tim es th is yea r andhas bee n most hea rt ily we lcomed. Mr. Agler has accepte d Mr. Carpent e r's po-sit ion her e .

    Mr. A. K. Allen is enjoy ing life in Seat t le, Wa shington , a nd at th e sametim e is keeping up his reco rd as an excellent tea che r. Mr. Miller has tak en hisplace in t he depar tm ent of mathe matics .

    Miss Bessi e C uster is a lso enjoy ing weste rn life-but in San Luis , C olorado .Miss Custe r wa s marri ed to Mr. Paul B. Albr igh t on Mar. I I, 1908, at t he F irstM. E. C hurch . T he Sophomore and Junior class es we re delighted to receive in-vitations to her weddi ng. Mr. Blankenho rn has taken her pos ition .

    Miss Mary Soyez is te ac hing Lati n a nd Greek, in Evanston, III. Sh et ells us t hat her work th ere is ve ry pleasant and t hat t he s ta nda rds of th e schoolare exceedin gly high . Miss Ann a E . Miller of this city was chosen as t each er ofLat in an d G reek in her place .

    Because of t he inc reased number of Freshmen it was necessar y to have an-other teac her in Algebra. Miss Mabe l M. C a rson fr om Glenwood, Minnesota,was ch osen for t his work .

    - 8-

  • r CONTENTS.~=========:===

    Editor ials . . . . . . . . . .Among t he Bea ut iful Pict uresFaculty , , . , , .Spring Fe ver . . . .Sen ior Class PictureSenior Roll . . . . .History of th e Class of 'oSSeni or Poem . . .Saints a nd Sinne rs .Sen ior Pr ophecy , .Junior Cl ass P ictur eTh e Juniors ' ReceiveA Jun ior Poem, . .Soph om ore Class Pictu reA Sophomore Poem , . .A G roup of Fres hmen Picture .Anot he r G roup of Fre shmen PictureA Fr eshman Essay . .A Fr es hma n PoemTh e Alumni .O ur Ma ry }Mr. LeppoG eorgeM. H. S . Orchestra PictureMale Q uar tette P ict ur eG lee C lub P icture . . . .Th e Literary Societi esBoys ' Bask et Ball T eam Pi ctureAthletics . . . . . . . .G irls' Athletics ' , . . . .Base Ball Boys' Pictu re .Base Ball Schedule , . .A Group of Inte rior View s of M. H. S 'The Inevitable Aunt Mar iaDies Scho lae . . . . . . . .The India n Maiden's Death SongA Freshma n's Experien ce . . . .A G host Story . . . . . . . . .Anoth e r G roup of Int e rior View s of M. H. S .The P estilenceKnocksBoard of Educati onAfter . . , . . .

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    The pup ils of the High School ga ve an oratorio, "The Prodigal Son," onApr il 15, 1908, at the C ongr egational Church. Under the able direction of Pro -fess or Bellingham, with some local a id, this proved to be a grand success.

    As will be noticed, th e Fresh men and Sophomore classes have not organizedthi s yea r. This course was tho ught to be advisable as very little is ever accomp-lished by th ese orga nizations .

    Other class es have boasted of th eir numbers and thei r class sp irit. We, theth e class of '08, have something more th an this of whi ch to boast. We do nothave as man y memb ers as some classes before us , but we have abi lity and pluckas is most clearl y sho wn by our work. We hope that afte r we have left the HighSchool it cannot be said of one membe r of '08 that he has received his diplomaundeservedly .

    C ommencement th is year will be held on J une 5. Th e twelve of the classchosen as sp eakers a re; Charles Sher iff, Jack J enn er, Will Finney , Roy Spetka,Frank Fox, Mari e Bowers, Marguerite Bange, Margaret Linds ey, Maude Walker,Marie Marw ick, Hazel Plummer and Marth a Pa y ne.

    In thi s, th e first ap pearance of the Annua l, we have end ea vored to give allour readers a better kno wledge of our schoo l and the work acoomplished by it,and to arouse enthusiasm in the hearts of all for a higher and broade r education.

    We have given an idea of t he artistic ability by many cuts. In the stor iesand poems we are confident you will find certa in evidence of litera ry talent .Neither ha ve athletics been totally neglect ed. We have exce llent basket ball andbas e bal l teams, showing th at there is st ill much spirit in th e school. It is also acredit to M. H. S. to real ize th e great num ber of its members w ho are musicians .

    The C omm ercial Departm ent, we thi nk, dese rves sp ecia l attent ion andpraise. Had it not bee n for the he lp of th ree of its students who so willingly havetypewritten all our ma nuscripts, we assure you t his paper would not ha ve beenpubli sh ed so quickly.

    Now we , t he staff of '08, wish to express our hearty app reciat ion and thanksto a ll th e teach ers , pupi ls and advertis er s who have helped to make this Annua la succ ess .

    If we have not attained th e sta ndard for which you had hoped, do not censureus too se verely ; rememb er th at we ar e only human. We do not profess to b