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Spring RiverAssembly of God

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SaturdayNovember 3

We would love everyone to help with the maintenance and

clean up of our church facilities

Church Work Day

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October 28 – Boone/KerryNovember 4 – Cheryl/SherryNovember 11 – Erin/LeeahNovember 18 – LeaOna/Shylee

Nursery Workers Schedule

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WednesdayOctober 31

We WILL be having Service in the sanctuary

There will be NO

Royal Rangers/Mpact Girls ministries

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Greeters Schedule

October 28 - WhiteNovember 4 - RedNovember 11 - Blue

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Women’s Ministries

The WM’s will be sponsoring a child from Mission of Mercy.

The child’s name is, Tharuni Upeksha Rukshani from Sri Lanka. She was born January 15, 2000 (age 12).

The total cost per month is $34

If you are interested in helping to sponsor Tharuni, please pick up a pledge form in the foyer (near the ladies restroom).

Please turn in your pledge forms to Pat Wall or to the church office.

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Join us on Wednesdays at Spring River7pm

Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls Ministries

Worship ServiceIn Sanctuary

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Thank you!!!Thank you to everyone that helped moving us.

Whether it was driving trucks, going to Newton to load trucks, unloading the trucks back here or preparing/serving the meal afterwards.

We are so thankful for everything you have done and we are so honored and grateful to be your pastors.

The Scantlins

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