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Rare, unusual and heirloom plants.

Transcript of Annie's Annuals Spring Catalog 2011

  • 2 What a truly fun year weve had! More fabulous plants than I could ever imagine, a Spring season that seemed to last forever and so many new visitors from near and far! Joyful parties to top all of our previous ones and even charming garden dance performances! Local mosaic artist, Tina Amidon, debuted her incredibly cool Allegorical Reliquary Mosaic Chapel dedicated to womens hidden work here on Mothers Day and we are so thrilled that it now has a semi-permanent home here! We were teeming with fun and educational free talks by artists, gardeners, designers and habitat and urban farm experts and more. And this year will be even better with slideshow and movie presentations in our brand new and awesome Ali-Baba tent! Do come! One day, last November, I stood in the middle of the nursery feeling totally amazed about what this little-nursery-that-could has become. I want you to know that its all of you who have made this happen with your enthusiasm and support. Thank you all! I cant wait to see what will happen this year! If you are new to Annies and this is the first time youre seeing our catalog, do know that this is the TIP OF THE ICEBERG, a tiny sampling of the unbelievable number of varieties we grow. Discover everything else on our website, including tasty tips and delicious garden slideshows. While youre there, sign up for our totally excellent and droolworthy emails alerting you to our dont miss one-crop- wonders, parties and sale dates. If youve never ordered from us, wed like you to know we grow plants the old fashioned way, mostly from seed, in the wind, rain and sun (no greenhouses), so they are hardened off, healthy and strong when they arrive at your door. Our customer care and meticulous, designed-by-us packaging is so good, were rated tops in the Garden Watchdog TOP 30, which is totally excellent! So now kick back, relax and turn off all those i-thingees. Its time to indulge in some lovely garden inspiration!

    Annie Hayes, Owner

    Table of ContentsTwo-Tone Bloomers ......3Spring Combos .........4-9California Natives ...10-15Spring Charmers .........16Enchanting Dianthus ...17Cottagey Magic ........18-19Vertical Accents ......20-21Fabby Gardens! ......22-23Parties & Retail ......24-25

    Order info ..........26-27Summertime Fun ..28-31Habitat Gardens....32-33Hot & Dry.............34-35Indestructables......36-37Shade-o-philia......38-39Vines ..................40-41Rarities!...............42-49Groundcovers ............50Giant Poppies!............51

    Garden Soldiers TeeCalling all Garden Soldiers, our new T-shirt celebrates homegrown gardens everywhere! Our pretty, hoe-wielding garden goddess is making the world a better place, one chicken, flower and veggie at a time. Made of pre-shrunk, 100% ringspun cotton jersey, its soft, lightweight and ready for duty. Relaxed fit. Unisex. Color: Olive. $24.95 #3489 Unisex Small #3491 Unisex Large#3490 Unisex Medium #3492 Unisex XLarge

    Art Direction: Elayne Takemoto / Design:

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    Dancers from El Cerrito High School help in unveiling local artist Tina Amidons Mosaic Chapel at our Mothers Day party.

    Annies Arty MugTotally charming and gar-deny, our mugs are designed by our friend, local artist Valerie Hamill. Features a whimsical all-the-way-around-the-mug scene of a perfect day visiting our nursery, complete with red wagons and chickens! 15 oz. Dishwasher safe.#2929 $10.95

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    Dianthus Chomley FarranAs far as I have researched, this is the only remnant available in the U.S. of the type of Carnation or Dianthus so beloved by plant breeders of the 1700s and 1800s. Sadly, there used to be over 200 of these striped varieties called Bizarres now lost to cultivation, some with blooms to 4 across! We are happy to help preserve this fantastic purple and rose bi-color, bearing 2.5 slightly scented flowers. Since the branching, foot-long, arching stems are almost pendulous, enjoy them in an elevated pot or hanging basket. Cut flowers to die for! Rich, well drained soil. Sun/Part sun. Avg./Low water. Perennial USDA zones 6-10. #2214 #12.95

    Primula auricula Angelo HayesSUPER-DUPER EXCLUSIVE!Harking back to the almost impossible-to-find green-edged Auricula primroses of yesteryear! Extraordinary striped green and purple edged blooms are displayed 10-20 to a cluster atop numerous 5 stems and thick, almost succulent, snail resistant foliage. Long lived, plant in a container for close-up enjoyment. Evergreen and blooms 12 mo. a year along the coast, Spring thru Fall in harsher climes. Rich, well-drained soil. Side-dress with compost in Spring. 8 x 12. Big ups to our resident plant geek, Claire Woods, for discovering this beauty in a batch of seedlings! Bright shade. Avg. water. Pe-rennial USDA zones 3-10. #3123 $14.95

    Forest & K

    im S


    Psoralea fleta Weeping Blue Broom WEB/CATALOG EXCLUSIVE!

    Little did we realize when we trialed the seed of this obscure South African Psoralea that we were about to cause horticultural pandemo-nium! That incognito, little seed quickly grew into a beautiful small tree that had everyones lust-o-meter spinning off the dial as it began

    to bloom! Large, Wisteria-like panicles (to 12 long) of 1 lavender-white sweet pea flowers

    permeate the air from a good distance with an intense grape soda fragrance. Appearing pro-fusely (woo-hoo!) from early to mid-Summer theyll stop everyone in their tracks! Multiple

    trunked and to only 12 tall, Weeping Blue Broom makes a magical specimen tree for a small garden. Fast and super easy, it should

    bloom by its second year requiring only well-drained soil and an annual bit of compost.

    Sun. Avg./Low water. Small tree USDA zones 8-10. #2586 $8.95

    Lathyrus odoratus ErewhonAre you flipping out over this Sweet Pea as much as we are? 25 years in the making by New Zealand breeder Keith Hammett, this cultivar blows our minds with reverse bi-coloration! With rich, blue-purple wings and a pink-lavender banner, its just the awesome treasure to get your gardeners heart thumping! Sweetly fragrant, just a bit of shade brings out the richest colors. Self-sows, too! To 6 tall. Sun/Part shade. Avg. water. Annual. All zones. #3369 $4.95

    My order just arrived. What splendid plants! Thoughtful catalog, lovely service, and magnificent plants: Im on board for the duration. Wayman D., Eugene, OR

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    Nicotiana alata Lime GreenLime green flowers, my friends, com-bine splendidly with most anything growing in your garden. And these are the old-fashioned, 3 tall, super branchy kind that are perennial in USDA zones 9-10. Cut back to base foliage and add a bit of compost when they need a jump. Self-sows, too! So pretty in a vase! Deer resistant! AM Sun/Bright shade. Avg. water. Perennial USDA zones 9-10, annual elsewhere. #724 $4.95

    Cynoglossum amabile AzulEXCLUSIVE!Easy, fast and just the richest deep blue Chinese Forget-Me-Not Ive ever seen! To 2.5-3 tall, you get a profu-sion of small, true blue flowers on erect branching stems for months. Cut it back to the base before it goes to seed and it will bloom again, plus it self-sows readily for future bona fide blueness! Adaptable to sun or bright shade and a lovely companion to roses. Sun/Bright shade. Avg. water. Annual, all zones. #3655 $4.95

    Lupinus succulentus Rodeo Rose

    Fanciful and cheery! I love this rare color form of our CA native Arroyo Lupine. Loads of 4-6 sweetly scented, pink and cherry bi-colored spikes spring forth above pretty Lupine leaves on well branched stems. To 30 x 30, it makes a fast filler and blooms for months, looking candylicious next to Nicotiana Lime Green. Self-sows when happy and next years seedlings need no additional water. Mildew and rust free! Thanks to master horticul-turalist Roger Raiche for this fabulous selection! Deer resistant! Full sun, rich soil for best show. Sun. Avg. water. Annual, all zones. #1603 $6.95

    With so many enchanting California natives and colorful cottagey classics to choose from, its truly easy (and entertaining!) to create picture perfect Springtime thrills like these. Heres a sampling of the fun I had with last years Spring gardens I hope you like them! Just remember, good com-posty soil is the trick-erooni!

  • We offer well-established plants in fat, 4 square pots. Our plants are removed from their pots, wrapped in moist material and bagged. They are then placed back in their pots and secured by our custom inserts. We prefer our larger size to the long thin containers commonly used by mailorder nurseries. Those slimmer pots conserve nursery space and reduce shipping costs but may result in slower plant recovery and growth after transplanting. With a more natural, spreading root pattern, our plants will thrive and delight you with their high success rate!

    How We Ship

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    Nemophila menziesii Baby Blue EyesI just couldnt live without my favorite Cali-

    fornia wildflower! The true blue color of a clear Springtime sky, I use it extensively to fill in and trail perfectly over the edge of beds. A profuse

    bloomer over several months, its beyond charm-ing bubbling over the edge of a mixed container,

    too! 12 x 18. Absolute must-have! Self-sows for new plants each successive Spring! Sun. Avg.

    water. Annual. All zones. #716 $4.95

    Eschscholzia caespitosa Tufted PoppyNothing says meadowy to me like California na-tive annual Tufted Poppy, with its soft-to-the-touch, tidy and ferny foliage and sweetly scented Primrose flowers. Plant these here and there for maximum meadowiness and you