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Transcript of Annie May Housewife - Amazon S3 · PDF file KERSEY Elgin Retired Mrs Housewife KERSEY John T....

  • Annie May Housewife

    Roy Mechanics Genius

    KERSEY Elgin Retired

    Mrs Housewife

    KERSEY John T. Retired Mailman

    KERSHAW [Jackson] Jackie Secretary / Typist

    KELLY Angus Electrician

    KELLY Harry Laborer / Forest Creamery

    Jean Housewife

    Eva Mrs Albert Williams

    Edith Mrs Arnold Williams

    Bill Electrical Shop Forest

    Ella Mrs Emery Sutton

    Ken Pre-school

    KELLY Tom Laborer

    Cheryl Housewife

    KELLY Wilma Widow [Mrs John]

    KILMER Emerson Farmer

    May Housewife

    Pearl Mrs Sam Harper

    Vera Spinster ?

    Jean Spinster ?

    Verlie Mrs Gordon Slaughter

    KIRVELL John Bricklayer / Stonemason

    Ruth R.N. / Housewife

    LEARN John Mechanic / Androck

    Adelaide [Addie] Housewife

    Merton Body Work / Ford of Windsor

    Allan Body Shop and Automotive Sarnia

    Doreen Mrs Walter Turner

    Muriel Mrs Alf Smith Arkona

    Greta Mrs Pat Rossi

    Frances Spinster [?]

    Ralph [California]

    Anna Pre-school

    LEE Harry Retired War Veteran [1914-1918]

    Dorothy Housewife

    Lila Spinster

    LEGGATE Harvey Retired Structural Iron Worker

    Winnifred [Muma] Housewife

    LONG John Retired Gold Field Worker

    Veteran of Fenian Raids

    LONG Ellen Spinster [sister of John]

    LOUCKS Norman Laborer

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  • Marilyn Housewife

    MAJURY John Foreman Elarton Salt Works

    Annie Housewife

    Emily Spinster

    MANICOM William [Billie] Retired

    Elizabeth Housewife

    MANSFIELD Henry Retired Farmer

    Myrtle Housewife

    MARRIOTT Wilfred Mechanic / Garage Operator

    [65 yrs Married 1994]

    Mary Ann Housewife

    MATTHEWS George Retired Farmer

    Edith Housewife

    Violet Spinster

    McEWEN Donald Construction Worker

    McEWEN Peter Laborer / Androck

    McEWEN Eleanor Mrs Wayne Mitchell

    McEWEN Edward Muttarts Sarnia

    McDONALD George General Store Operator

    Mrs Housewife

    Stewart Student


    McKINLAY Kevin Laborer / Carpenter

    Suzette Housewife /Imperial Oil Ltd

    Tiffany Pre-school

    Samantha Pre-school

    McLELLAN Donald [Dan] Retired Farmer

    Ora [Kersey] Housewife

    Ora Jr. Mrs Carl Routley

    Jane Mrs Syd Fletcher

    McKAY Leslie Thresher / Sawmill Operator

    Lizzie [Harper] Housewife

    Isabel Mrs Norm Thomas

    Grace Mrs Don McEwen

    McKENZIE Robert Carpenter / Builder / Owner

    General Store

    Mrs Housewife

    Jessie Nurse [Detroit]

    Grace Nurse [Detroit]

    MENERY Albert General Store Operator Warwick

    Julia Spinster

    Alice Spinster

    MOORE George Retired Farmer

    Pearl [Cassidy] Housewife

  • MUXLOW Thomas [Tom] Warwick Salt Worker

    Mrs Housewife

    Marjory Spinster

    Robert [Bob] Warwick Salt Worker

    Harold Student

    NEAL William [Billie] Retired Farmer

    Lizzie Housewife

    NEUMAN Les Warwick General Store

    Ann [Ritchie] Owners

    NYE Mrs Widow

    Florence Spinster

    George Laborer

    O'DELL John Carpenter / Sawer

    O'NEIL George School Teacher

    Frances Housewife / School Teacher

    Robert [Bob] Student

    Elizabeth Student

    O'NEIL James [Jim] Student

    O'NEIL Heather Student

    O'REILLY Leonard Highway Worker

    Mrs Housewife

    Maizie Student

    Thelma Student

    Irwin Student

    PATTERSON John Laborer

    Florence [Dean] Housewife

    Dorothy Student

    Donald [Duke] Student

    Lorraine Student

    Velma Student

    John Pre-school [twin]

    Alfred Pre-school [twin]

  • PRINCE Albert [Bertie] Laborer

    Phoebe Housewife

    Mary Mrs Dan Passingham

    Jennie Mrs James Benson

    Gertie Deceased [1928]

    John [Jack] Laborer

    Betty Mrs Harry Cooper

    William [Bill] Veteran [1939-1945] Laborer

    PRINCE George Local Ditcher [no relation to Albert]

    PRINCE [Bert] Sharecropper with Robert Laws

    [no relation to Albert]

    Mrs Housewife

    Stanley Farm Laborer

    Gertrude Student

    PRINCE James [Jim]

    Jean Housewife

    Jean Student

    Wayne Student

    Winston Franklin Pre-school

    PETERS Rev J. R. United Church Minister

    Mrs Housewife

    Kathryn Student

    PERRY Rev W. E. Anglican Rector

    Mrs Housewife

    Jack Student

    Jean Student

    Teddy Pre-school

    Betty Pre-school

    PHILLIPS Rev Stanley United Church Minister

    Mrs Housewife

    ? Student

    ? Pre-school

    ? Pre-school

    QUICK Lloyd Retired Farmer

    Securities Salesman

    Ruth Housewife / School Teacher

    RAWLINGS Robert [Bob] Retired L.C.B.O. Worker

    Veteran [1939-1945]

    REID Earl Gas Station Operator

    Harriet Housewife

    Jean Stenographer / Typist


  • RICHARDS Rev S. Eric Anglican Rector

    Mrs Telephone Operator

    Diane Student

    George Student

    Paul Student

    ROBERTS Larry Stationery Engineer

    Ellen Housewife

    Kate Mrs Leonard Stewart

    Annie Mrs Gordon Stonehouse

    ROBINSON Jack Mechanic

    Betty Housewife and

    Lunchroom Operator

    ROUTLEY Garnet Farm Worker at Robert


    Emma Housewife

    Carl Student

    Albert Student

    Stanley Student

    Junior Student

    Verne Student

    Audrey Student

    Ken Pre-school

    James Pre-school

    Linda Pre-school

    RUNDLE Fred Laborer Canadian Canners

    May Housewife

    SCARLETT Frank Warwick Garage Operator

    Mona Housewife

    Lunchroom Operator

    SHAND William [Bill] Laborer

    Connie Restaurant Waitress

    Angela Student

    William [Billie] Jr. Student

    SITLINGTON Roger Electrician and Appliance


    Susanne Housewife

    Sean Pre-school

    Laura Pre-school

    SMITH Alfred [Alfie] Cream Hauler and Sawmill Operator

    May Housewife

    SMITH John J. Hotel Operator, Sawmill

    and Highway Worker

    Ethel Housewife and Hotel

    Operator / Librarian

  • SMITH John Thomson Engineer Lambton County

    Ruby Housewife

    Shirley Mrs Keith Snell

    Phyllis Mrs Ron Evans

    Bonnie Jean Slegers [Sarnia/Lambton

    Centre for Children and Youth]

    Karen Mrs Brian Inglis

    SMITH Jean Mrs Ray Frayne

    SMITH George [Chappie] School Bus Driver and Fire Chief

    SMITH Stewart Gas Station Operator

    SMITH Lloyd Stationery Engineer Canadian

    Canners, Forest, Strathroy and


    Jean Housewife

    Ronald Student

    James [Jim] Student

    Lawrence [Larry] Student

    SMITH Ross [Tooey] Laborer M.T.C.

    Janet Housewife

    Mary Student

    Brenda Student

    Donna Pre-school

    SMITH William [Widdy] Laborer

    Maud Housewife

    SMITH Joseph Retired Horseman

    SMITH Stewart Retired Hotel Operator

    Ellen Housewife and Hotel


    SMITH James [Jimmy] ???

    SMITH Richard [Rick] Trucker / Township Road


    Kathy Housewife

    Eric Student

    Craig Student

    Casey Pre-school

    SPENCER Gerald [Gerry] Retired

    Elizabeth Housewife

    STEWART Clayton Veteran [1939-1945]

    STEWART Nina Spinster

    STEWART Leonard Laborer Canadian Canners

    Kate Housewife

    STEWART Alex Retired

    STEWART Charles [Charlie] Retired Farmer

    Ethel Housewife

  • STEWART Clare Trucker

    STEWART Joseph [Joe] Retired Farmer

    Annie Housewife

    STEINBERG Rev Howard Anglican Rector

    Ruth Housewife

    Karen Student

    STILLWELL George Retired Blacksmith

    Mrs Housewife

    STURGEON James Woodworker [Native Indian]

    SWEETMAN Rev Stanley M. United Church Minister

    Elsie Housewife

    Douglas Student

    Murray Student

    Leslie Pre-school

    Harold Pre-school

    TINSLEY Howard Hydro Worker

    TINSLEY Richard [Dick] Hydro Worker

    Veteran [1914-1918]

    TINSLEY Kate Widow

    [mother of above]

    TOWNS Thomas [Tommy] Retired

    Ida Housewife

    TURNER A. W. [Bill] Veteran [1914-1918]

    Painter [1939-1945]

    Annie [Harper] Housewife

    TURNER Norman Veteran [1939-1945] C.N.R.

    Alexandrina [Rina] Housewife /


    David Student

    Deborah Mrs McKinlay

    Nancy Mrs Jackson

    TURNER Robert [Bob] C.N.R. [SchoolCustodian]

    Joyce Housewife

    Wayne Student

    Marilyn Student

    Ruth Pre-school

    TURNER Walter Sr. Laborer / Veteran [1939-1945]

    Doreen [Learn] Housewife

    Ronald Pre-school

    Raymond Pre-school