Anne Bradstreet "Verses upon the Burning of our House"

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Transcript of Anne Bradstreet "Verses upon the Burning of our House"

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Verses upon the Burning of our House

Anne Bradstreet


November 9th, 2015DO NOWChoose your favorite song, and tell me what it means to you, and what is the point the artist is trying to make? SWBATUnderstand cultural characteristics and the authors intentionIOTComprehend essential information while readingACTIVITYRead & listen to poem, complete plain style chart

PuritanVery educated for a woman in that timeSailed to America in 1630Poems published 1650:The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America, by a Gentlewoman of those PartsAmericas first poetFirst female poet published in London & America

Anne Bradstreet



Repine-express discontentBereft-sorrowful through loss or deprivationSufficient-of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirementSate- fill to contentmentRecount- narrate or give a detailed account ofAdieu- a farewell remarkChide- censure severely or angrilyAbide-dwellGlory- brilliant radiant beautyVast- unusually great in size or amount or extent or scope


Verses upon the Burning of our House

First person perspectiveWhat are the tones, and main theme? Who did she write for, who was her audience ?

Everyday languageSimple sentencesDirect statementsBiblical referencesPlain Style

A way of writing that stresses simplicity and clarity in expression

When the words appear in an unusual orderInversionExample of Inversions

In silent night when rest I took (line 1) My pleasant things in ashes lie, (line 27)And them behold no more shall I. (line 28) Restatement of Inversion

In silent night when I took rest (line 1)My pleasant things lie in ashes (line 27)And I shall behold them no more(line 28)

Metaphor- figure of speech that compares two unlike things without using like or as Example: Thou hast a house on high erect Frameed by that mighty Architect

Implied metaphor- compares two unlike things, but it does so without mentioning one of them.

Example: Raise up thy thoughts above the sky Theres wealth enough, I need no more,


Symbolism- a word, an image, or anything that somehow represents a larger idea.

Example (lines 29-32):

Under thy roof no guest shall sitNor at thy Table eat a bit.No pleasant talk shall ere be toldNor things recounted done of old

Giving the house these characteristics, and having the narrator speak to it, Bradstreet evokes the emotional emphasis people tend to put on their possessions. Houses are sacred. They symbolize warmth, security, family, and comfort.. Symbolism

Finish plain style worksheet togetherWork individually, as a pair, or in a group to create a plain style narrative about something that you have lost