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Anja Choon, SOAS. Akungba Several nights in Akungba Chat with colleagues from the University of Akungba Last possibility to withdraw money Departure to Ikakumo. Lagos Arrival at Murtala Mohammed International Airport Several nights in Lagos Departure to Ibadan. Ibadan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Anja Choon, SOAS

  • AkungbaSeveral nights in AkungbaChat with colleagues from the University of AkungbaLast possibility to withdraw moneyDeparture to IkakumoLagosArrival at Murtala Mohammed International AirportSeveral nights in LagosDeparture to IbadanIbadanSeveral nights in IbadanBank accountChat with colleagues from the University of IbadanExtension of the visitors passDeparture to AkungbaUwuResearchBack and forth between Uwu and IkakumoExpiry of visitors passDeparture to AkureIkakumoSeveral nights in IkakumoArranging Accommodation in UwuRecordings of IkaanDeparture to UwuAkureFailed attempt to renew the visitors passReturn to Uwu for a few daysNew Year in London

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  • As the title of this presentation already gives away, I do fieldwork in Nigeria. ... Nigeria is situated in West Africa. My research takes me to different places within the now yellow coloured area.*Just as an example, I will describe the itinerary of my first trip. ... Like always, I started in Lagos from where I departed to Ibadan a few days later. ... In Ibadan I met some local linguists and opened a bank account. Also, I renewed my visitors pass for another month. The background story is that I was going to stay for 4 months but had gotten a pass for 1 month only. In Ibadan, I was told to renew the pass every month. ... After a few days, I left to Akungba were I met more linguists and withdraw some money from the bank. Unfortunately there is no bank in the villages I was going to and hence the money had to last for the next few weeks. ... From Akungba I went to Ikakumo to arrange my accommodation in Uwu and record some Ikaan phrases for a friend who works on the language. ... Then, finally, I got to my fieldsite in Uwu but because the accommodation wasnt acceptable yet I had to commute between Ikakumo and Uwu, which is quite difficult because of the unreliable public transport. ... Another problem was that I had to renew my visitors pass again. In order to do so I travelled to Akure. However, there I was told that they could only renew my pass in Abuja and that my last renewal had been actually illegal. ... Since I didnt want to travel to Abuja, where I dont know anybody, I returned to London.*Uwu is the village in which I do fieldwork.*As I mentioned before, I had some difficulties finding an adequate accommodation. This is the room that I finally moved into.*Since the furniture is really basic, I mostly made use of what I had brought along from the UK and that is a mosquito tent, an inflatable mattress, a rucksack which doubled as a wardrobe and a wind-up lantern. Very important for my well being also was a first aid kit.*She usually works in one of the primary schools of the village. However, when I was there, she worked as a hairdresser because the school was on strike and now, about six months later, the strike has not yet ended. Hence, she had lots of time to assist me.*This are the main equipment I used in the village: A recorder and microphone to make the recordings, headsets to listen to them, a laptop to store the data and work on them as well, a notebook and a camera to take picture of my notes and the village. ... Since my main consultant is fluent in Uwu but not a native speaker, I asked her to bring a native speaker to the recording session. Once the two had arrived, I asked the other consultant questions which my main consultant then translated into Uwu. After the recording had been made, my main consultant and I sat down together and transcribed and translated it. ... I found this to be a very effective way to get in new speakers and, at the same time, keep my main consultant who has become a great help.*This picture shows a step in the production of gari. You will hear now a description of how gari is made.*