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  • 1. By NICHOLAS

2. Adult beavers weigh 66 pounds 20 to 30 km. From nose to feet it was 1.2 m. A beavers tail is generally 60 pounds. 3. Most beaver dams are from 5 to 30 m and 15 to 95 feet. Beavers dams are close to the forest. 4. Beavers are plant eaters. Beavers feed on tree bark all year around. 5. Beavers are always on lookout for danger, especially when they are on land. The enemies of beavers can be people too. 6. When a mother beaver is ready to give birth, the whole family helps clean the lodge. Beaver parents have new litters of kits every spring. 7. Beavers can weigh 30 kg. Beaver tails are 30 cm long. A beaver can stay underwater for 15 min. Beavers are the largest rodent in North America. 8. Hi my name is Nicholas. I like to eat pizza and burgers. I like to play soccer and basketball.