Android Wear and the Future of Smartwatch

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Android Wear and the Future of Smartwatch koan-sin tan [email protected] COSCUP, July 19, 2014, Taipei
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Android Wear and the Future of Smartwatch

Transcript of Android Wear and the Future of Smartwatch

  • Android Wear and the Future of Smartwatch koan-sin tan [email protected] COSCUP, July 19, 2014, Taipei
  • who am i a open source user, learnt to use Unix on VAX 11/780 running 4.3BSD did several weird works: recently example, guring out how iPhone 5s DVFS and thermal management work involved a bit in Android stuff at the company I am working for
  • Outline Introduction to Android Wear What know about smartwatch/bands and other things such as iOS HealthKit What can we anticipate in near feature
  • Android Wear Androids extension for wearable computing, currently, specically for smart watches possible merge with Google Glass possible unied notications with other Android new extensions (TV and Auto) Android Wear Developer Preview in March, 2014 Formally introduced in the keynote of Google I/O 2014 a session named Android Wear: The developer's perspective in Google I/O 2014
  • Current Android Wear Current SDK after Google I/O voice enabled, wearable apps, data exchanging and synchronization Its kinda disappointed peripheral/auxiliary to your Android phone there are some inspiring bands/smartwatches already NO HealthKit like framework available (yet), Google Fit is not there (yet) to me, a guy watched Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (/ ), thats kinda lack of imagination Hopefully, future Android Wear releases will be much better
  • Current Android Wear watches
  • Ars Technicas review wears-rst-watches-sometimes-promising-often-frustrating/
  • Some bands and smart watch Bands: Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone UP24, and FitBit Force Smartwatches: Pebble Steel, Omate TrueSmart, Casio Sports Gear STB-1000, Meta Watch
  • Bird go (, ) Gesture and voice command could enable transform/ change
  • Alan C. Kay The best way to predict the future is to invent it
  • digital watch and sci- 2001: A Space Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke, Stanley Kubrick inspirations of many AI and other researches In 1970, the rst digital wristwatch with an LED display was mass-produced. Called the Pulsar, and produced by the Hamilton Watch Company, this watch was hinted at two years prior when the same company created a prototype digital watch for Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Isaac Asimovs world fair article there is a world fair in 1964 (50 years ago) Isaac Asimov wrote an article for the New York Times. He predicted what the world world be now in 50 years
  • If you interested in knowing more about sci- and computer/computer scientist, this book is a good starting point Out of Their Minds, http:// outofmind.html, http:// Minds-Discoveries-Scientists/ dp/0387982698
  • How to read this Doraemon watch
  • a time stopper Do you call this a watch?
  • 2014/07/16/2003595241
  • Samsung Simband Simband sensors PPG: photo sensing green and red light at difference wavelength pulse, blood concentration: e.g., blood oxygen levels bio-impedance heart rate, blood ow, respiration, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) body temperature ECG two parts and a loop measure the rate and regularity of a wears heart beats PPG+ECG: blood pressure And more common ones, e.g., gyroscope,2817,2458663,00.asp
  • iOS 8 HearthKit no complete public documentation is available yet What available are WWDC slide decks Introduction to Health Kit Accessories accessories with built-in HealthKit support Heart rate monitor, glucose sensor, blood pressure monitor, health thermometer
  • Health Kit: a framework A framework to enable sharing between health & apps what are health and tness apps? Statistical Analysis (Graphs, Trends) Enter Information Application from Health Providers what does HealthKit to creating data saving data querying/retrieving data
  • Unit conversion HKUnit and HKQuantity Data: HKObjectType & HKObject Saving & Query: HKStoreStore, HKQuery
  • HKObjectType Body Mass BMI Calories Potassium Perfusion Index Steps Distance Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Glucose Vitamin A Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Vitamin D BAC Respiratory Rate Body Fat Percentage Height RR Interval Nike Fuel Oxygen Saturation Body Temperature
  • HKObjectType HKObject HKObjectType HKSampleType HKQuantityType HKCategoryType HKCharacteristicType
  • HKQuantityType identiers Fitness Blood Nutrition Miscellaneous
  • // Fitness! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyMassIndex; // Scalar(Count), Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyFatPercentage; // Scalar(Percent, 0.0 - 1.0), Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierHeight; // Length, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyMass; // Mass, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierLeanBodyMass; // Mass, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierHeartRate; // Scalar(Count)/Time, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierRRInterval; // Time, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierStepCount; // Scalar(Count), Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDistance; // Length, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBasalEnergyBurned; // Energy, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierActiveEnergyBurned; // Energy, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierActivityCount; // Scalar(Count), Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierFlightsClimbed; // Scalar(Count), Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierNikeFuel; // Scalar(Count), Cumulative! ! // Blood! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierOxygenSaturation; // Scalar, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBloodGlucose; // Mass/Volume, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBloodPressureSystolic; // Pressure, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBloodPressureDiastolic; // Pressure, Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBloodAlcoholContent; // Scalar(Percent, 0.0 - 1.0), Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierPeripheralPerfusionIndex; // Scalar(Percent, 0.0 - 1.0), Discrete! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierPerfusionIndex NS_DEPRECATED_IOS(8_0, 8_0, "Use HKQuantityTypeIdentifierPeripheralPerfusionIndex instead"); // Scalar(Percent, 0.0 - 1.0), Discrete! ! // Nutrition! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietaryFatTotal; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietaryFatPolyunsaturated; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietaryFatMonounsaturated; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietaryFatSaturated; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietaryCholesterol; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietarySodium; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietaryCarbohydrates; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietaryFiber; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietarySugar; // Mass, Cumulative! HK_EXTERN NSString * const HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDietaryEnergyConsumed; // Energy, Cumulative!
  • What are done automatically Get information from built-in sensors Pedometer (step counter) data - > distance activity recognition connecting with some BLE devices Heart rate monitor glucose sensor blood pressure monitor health thermometer
  • Connecting wearable with Android/iOS devices Android Wear Android 4.3/Google Play Services/Bluetooth, for now HealthKit not limited built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support for certain devices BLE+GATT ExternalAccessory framework, CoreBluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi can be used if appropriate
  • we are often limited by current form factors Cover of Byte Apr, 1981 issue
  • Wearable should not be limited to watches and glasses in the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, e.g., special clothes in case you dont know, clothes (hey, thats wearable) are also a topic with long history and extensive literature you know more and more hardware is getting more intelligent because of software
  • Douglas Adams "so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.
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  • Q&A of the Google I/O Android Wear talk Or say, why some people are excited enough Google Play Services: 4.3 or later 30 seconds timeout on home screen gyroscope or other sensors on wearable, collect on the wearable and send to your phone switch between app: use voice your voice commands see documentation voice time series, record memo. CODEC problem. stream the bytes to the phones. directly connect to internet? NO full http stack on the wearable (yet) no speaker on the two devices voice commands are not the same with Google Glass's AOSP, open source part? AOSP --> AOSP, Google Play Service