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Top Smartphone Operating SystemsAndroid Windows PhoneiOS


Source modelOpenClosedClosed

OS familyUnix-likeUnix-likeDarwin (BSD)OS X Microsoft Windows

IntroductionHistoryAndroid 2.2 6.0 iOS 3.1.3 9.2 WP 7 10 Main storeGoogle PlayApp StoreMicrosoft Store

Written inC, C++, JavaC, C++C, C++, Objective-C, Swift


AndroidFirstT-MOBILE G1HTCReleased: 2008

iOSiPhone 1Released: 2007PhoneFirst

WindowsNokia Lumia 710Released: 2011PhoneFirst

Advantages & Disadvantages

Design & UI

Advantages & Disadvantages

PerformanceLaggy but mostly low-end phones.

High Memory and CPU usage.Very light and lag free.

Low Memory and CPU usage.Very light and lag free.

Low Memory and CPU usage.

Advantages & Disadvantages

WP is in 3rd place in this department.

Microsoft store has the least number of applications when compared to the other two major OSes

ApplicationsAndroid is the leader in this fieldiOS is second in this field; though it is a close competitor to Android

Advantages & Disadvantages


Advantages & Disadvantages

DiversityNokia, Microsoft and(HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Archos)CountlessiPhone

Advantages & Disadvantages

StoresMicrosoft Store onlyHundreds of storesApp Store only

Advantages & Disadvantages

SecurityHigh security against viruses.Protection lock.High security against viruses.High Protection lock.High security against viruses.Protection lock.

ConclusionIf you want a phone that helps you get thousands of applications, you should choose Android Phone.If you want a fast phone and helps you in work and organization, you should choose Windows Phone.If you want fast, safe and design phone, you should choose iPhone.

Good-byeBy Eng: Ans Osama