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Android Academy Certified Developer. Smart Devices. A revolution in the palm of your hand. Smartphone explosion started in 2007 with iPhone and Android running a 2 horse race until 2012 2012: iPhone /Android account for 85% smartphones - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Android Academy Certified Developer

Smart DevicesSmartphone explosion started in 2007 with iPhone and Android running a 2 horse race until 2012

2012: iPhone/Android account for 85% smartphones

Q2 2012 saw 4x Android smartphones than iPhones

Q2 2012 saw Nexus 7 tablet launch & others: pattern set to repeat

A revolution in the palm of your hand

TabletsSmartphonesPCsSource: Business InsiderThe future of mobileDemand for all mobile devices by far outstrips PCs

Source: AccentureHuge demand for quality custom AppsApp demandDemand for mobile Apps fuelled by device growthEmployers demand quality developersDevelopers want to differentiate themselvesCustomers want quality Apps

Market flooded with developersThe barrier to entry for creating and distributing Android Apps is extremely low

Managing App qualityThe human factorRecognised throughout the Android IndustryProven pedigree with online verification

AACD: The qualification for Android developersIf you cant measure it, you cant manage it

The solutionAACDThe exam is taken onlineThe back end is the same as the Symbian Academy with the same team behind its 2.5m developmentThe AI-like system adjusts the question difficulty according to how well the candidate is progressing.No two exams are the same

Recognised QualificationProvable competence

AACDAndroidEcosystemAppFrameworkPublishingThe SDKToolsResourcesIntentsUserInterfaceApplication ComponentsSecurityData StorageCommsThe Media FrameworkLocationComprehensive coverageAll Android features and techniques assessedCurriculum / Subject areasComprehensive result report issued

Unsuccessful candidates are shown precisely which areas need to be studied further

Qualified developers quote their AACD ref on their CVs and online profiles, such as Stack Overflow and Linked In.

Managed ResultsOnline certificate issue and reference verification

Exam is used for training needs analysisEmployers can use the AACD exam to assess the skills of their development team and organize training or outsourcing accordingly (minimum 15% reduction in training costs)Exam is a recruitment screening toolPotential employers can validate interview candidates who hold the AACD by confirming it online, e.g. In an interview environmentExam is an interviewing toolThe AACD exam can be used as part of (or even as a replacement for) a technical interview, allowing the interviewer to focus on areas of technical interest/proficiency or on non-technical criteria.Motivational & Team Building ToolRecognise domain experts using objective measures and appoint as mentors for junior staffAssess staff according to required strengths for specific rolesEmployers benefitVisible quality control

They have a high security certificate thats impossible to forgeThey use the AACD logoThey are listed in an on-line databaseThey score highly in on-line interview testsThey are probably more confident at a technical interviewThey know their way around the informal peer support networks & forumsIts likely that they are following a structured course of technical studyIts likely that they are pursuing membership of a professional bodyA badge of honourHow to spot an AACD qualified developer

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