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Ancillary Text Research (Digipak)

Ancillary Text Research(Digipak)

Firstly I decided to find the definition of Digipak, as this will allow me to understand what I am aiming to achieve.

Digipak- is a type of packaging for CDs or DVDs, typically made from cardboard with an internal plastic holder for one or more discs.

From my own knowledge of owning CDs the artists Digipak often follows a theme and is created to be appealing to the target audience. They often have either a colour scheme or a reoccurring images.

Looking at existing Digipaks-

Each of these following front covers consist of a colour scheme, these being black and white. This colour scheme carries more dark connotations usually negative feelings towards a person or events, which is usually based on what the song lyrics are within the track list.A clear convention to each of these album covers is the use of the artists name, both Demi Lovato (central) and Avril Lavigne (Right) show an image of themselves and only their name, whereas although Lady GaGa also uses an image of herself and her name she also consists of a album title.

Background information:This album Demiis the fourthstudio albumby American singerDemi Lovato. It was released on May 10, 2013, byHollywood Records. This album consists of 13 songs, The album debuted number three on the USBillboard200with the first-week sales of 110,000 copies, becoming her best-selling debut week of her career.Demi Lovato's uses of the black and white theme doesnt portray so much of a negative look due to the factor that it consists of more white and light within the image. Within my Digipak Im considering this type of colour scheme. Also this album cover consists of a medium close-up of demi, in which she's staring directly at the target audience this creates a sense of bond with the audience also it could be seen as if she's almost pleading the audience to listen to her album and understand her.A review I found on : that In terms of themes, while Unbroken was a testament to her resilience in the face of adversity and dealing with lots of issues many cant even fathom, from self-harm to bi-polar disorder to bulimia to drugs to media scrutiny of it all, Demi combines the same honesty with a bit more romance and pep in the singers step. She feels good now, and she wants you to know it but also to be aware that feeling good is a concentrated effort in and of itself.From this review of the tracks the fact that demi is portrayed to be naked add to the theme of honesty almost as if she is saying she has no mask, no protection and shes showing the audience her as herself.

This front cover consists of a trio colour scheme: purple, gold and white. The use of the purple connotes magic and mystery, this is added to by the use of mise-en-scene as a floaty dress adds to the mystery as it represents Taylor as a light weighted fairy like character. The fact that Taylor's purple dress looks almost as if the ends and edges float about like sparkling dust also adds to how magic is portrayed in other media texts such as the image on the bottom right of Cinderella the use of magic glitter and fairy dust is portrayed on Taylor's dress. Another aspect to this Digipak it the font used this font is similar to calligraphy fonts very flowing and curl, this add to the Floating and mystical theme. Also the use of the goldWithin the colour scheme connotes to wisdom, beauty,Strength and power, this also could be due to howMagic is seen to be powerful.

Background information:Speak Now is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 25, 2010, by Big Machine Records. This album consists of 14 songs Speak Nowdebuted at number one on the USBillboard200chart, giving Swift her second consecutive chart topper in the US. Its first week sales of 1,047,000 copies was the fifth biggest debut in history for a female artist.

This is a very simplistic album cover, which I really like I like how the main focus is the pill, in which my music video is based on drugs and pills. This album cover has inspired me for my own Digipak. The only problem with this image is I'm not entirely sure if it is a real album cover or it has been self made by someone else. However this close up shot has inspired me, I may create a similar image for the Digipak booklet insert.

This album cover is again simplistic but I love how drake is half shown this implies he's half a person of missing another part or him, this could also mean there is a sign to him that you dont know. This is similar to my main character and his personality which is why I believe this may be a good start and idea for my album. This is a close up shot which enables emotion to be seen/shown.

This album cover also has these small whit specs which I could edit in the pills of as a main focal point of my album.Background information:Take Care is the second studio album by Canadian recording artist Drake, released November 15, 2011, on Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records. This album consists of 18 songs, The album debuted at number one on the USBillboard200chart, selling 631,000 copies in its first week. By April 7, 2013, it had gone double platinum selling 2,003,000 copies, according toNielsen SoundScan.

This album cover implies that the women is being consumed by various hands? Or maybe these hands represent feelings such as being trapped. This is again similar to my main character and his personality which is why I believe this may be a idea to extend on for my album. This is a medium close up shot which enables emotion to be seen/shown. Also the fact that there is a lot of use of white to maybe represent innocence and purity.