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Transcript of Ancillary text research

  1. 1. As I have decided to create a music video to a song from a rock genre I have been looking at existing products within the rock genre. I have found that the colour schemes for album covers for the alternative rock genre generally have 1 bright colour and several other dull colours. For example in both of these album covers for the band The Calling who wrote the song I chose have a blue, black and white theme reiterating the fact that bands from the rock genre tend to only use 1 bright colour in their ancillary texts. Another example is that of BUSH the colour scheme is yellow, black and white with yellow being the 1 bright colour.
  2. 2. From researching existing products I have found that in the rock genre not all album covers feature the artists but the ones that do, the artists are not always looking directly at the camera (making eye contact with the audience.) I think this would work well for my product as my video/song is about someone who is feeling lost and alone after something bad happening, with no one to relate to, therefore not having eye contact with the audience reinforces the lost feel to my product.
  3. 3. The text on alternative rock album covers, from research I have found is quite bold and simple with the band logo. This type of text will work on well on my product as it is conventional of the alternative rock genre it will reinforce the simpleness and lost feel I want for my product. I have researched some fonts that I think would be bold and simple for my product. I used to do this as you can preview the text and they have a lot of different fonts for me to chose from.
  4. 4. I decided from research that I wanted to use an image of train tracks as at sunset/sun rise as my album cover. This symbolises the lost feel to my product, you can just get on a train and go somewhere far away. I decided to use a font called LA STREET KID as I found that it was bold and simple because I want to keep my album cover simple. I made 2 google mock-ups of album covers to show the style of album cover that I want. I also chose train racks for my album cover as it relates to the name of my band, The Lifeline as the train lines could represent a lifeline for someone who has had enough and just wants to get away after a bad experience such as a breakup or losing someone.