Ancillary tasks - magazine progress

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Transcript of Ancillary tasks - magazine progress

1. Ancillary Tasks - Magazine Progress 2. This is the beginning of my magazine. I ammaking my magazine cover on Photoshop.Here I have designed the masthead, basedon the one for Total Film. 3. Here I have added a silver stroke around themasthead to make it stand out, since I amplanning on having a dark background.This film magazine will not be specific to a filmgenre - it will be like Total Film in that it willcover all blockbusters. 4. Here I have removed the blue backgroundfrom the image. I have hidden the mastheadfor the moment while I edit the image. 5. I changed the contrast and colours slightly tobe more effective, and I will need to smoothout the edges better.I have also shaped the top of Sarahs hoodiebetter as it looked a bit unnatural! 6. I experimented with various colours for thebackground, however none seem right forthe image. I changed the colour of the strokearound the masthead to match the imagemore, but I may make it thicker so it willstand out more. 7. I then decided to try using another image forthe background. Here I have used an imageof woods, and I think that fits quite well.This image has been copied from GoogleImages for now as I was experimenting, but Iwill take my own image and substitute it in. 8. I then cut Jade from the image of her andSarah so that I could darken it to indicatethat she is the antagonist, however I dontknow if I will keep it this way. 9. I copied the title Vengeance from theposter so that both the trailer and the posterare linked to the magazine. Because of thered glow and stroke around Vengeance Idecided to change the colour of the strokearound the masthead to match this. 10. This is how far I have got on mymagazine so far. Next I will beputting on a tagline and somesubheadings, as well as followingthe conventions of magazines by adding a barcode and price and perhaps some graphics.