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Ancillary Task

Aaron GannonAncillary Task research

DigipakA digipak is a patented template of a CD, DVD or BD (Blu-ray disk)Consists of a gatefold, allowing the viewer to see all of the sides of the packaging.The reason for using a digipak is that it allows for the producer of the CD, DVD or BD to see all of the features and make any changes if necessary.

TemplateThis is a general template that could be used when making a digipak.It consists of only four separate sections, which means it will be a simple open/close CD case (there will be no fold outs.

Alt-j digipak analysis

Front and backBACKMaintains the style of the CD (with the starry sky and triangles.Contains all of the information about the contents of the CD

FRONTSets the theme of the case. This theme is of starry sky, black and triangles, these are the main consistencies of the case.

Inside left and rightAs these two side are going to be covered by an information booklet or fold outs (on the left) and by a CD (on the right) the only thing these have to do is to be consistent with the theme (of starry skies) like everywhere else in the case.

Fold-outsThese are assumed to be fold-outs within the CD case.They consist of the band name, album name, and also a quote from the song that the album is named after.

SummaryLike with all CD cases, there must be continuing themes, and it is obvious that Alt-J have continuing themes throughout their CD case.The layout is what is generally expected of a CD case, with songs on the back and name of the band and album down the spine. These are to help people buying the CD to identify what is exactly on the CD and encourage them to buy it.

Website Websites are key devices in which bands (and anyone else) can reach out into the modern day technological audience and get extra notice for their product/service.When creating a website you must be aware of conventions used, and if you want to break them you must know how to positively build on what conventions you could have used.


This website is very organised as you can easily manoeuvre around the content by the directory at the top, which stays at the top of the screen even when you scroll down, allowing the user to have access to everywhere at any time. A large section of the homepage is occupied with the promotion of his new album, which is a good way to promote the album, especially as it is not possible to miss it.In order for the website to help increase the success of the artist not only should it give new information about the artist and his shows, but it should also promote the sales of merchandise and aim to increase the knowledge of his songs.

Further down the homepage you can see a news section and also a section advertising shows. This is good as it allows fans to keep up to date on anything new and also lets them know when, where and how much tickets to new gigs will be.It is also possible to receive new updates via e-mail.

Magazine advertMagazine adverts are commonly used however in the age of technology they may begin to die out or may have already started to.The main conventions of a magazine advert consist of:Artist name (main focus, probably in bold)Album name + featured songs (that may be known)Attention catching pictureRelease dateRatingsWebsite link and production company (small) at the bottom

Title and album name are seen in bold at the top. Also the way the artist name blend in with the triangle emphasise the name slightly more.The picture of the artist herself in very bold as she is the only colour on an otherwise black and white poster.The album is clearly out now and therefore tells the reader that they can go and buy it.The ratings and comments from critics are featured as this will entice people to buy the album.The artists website and production company are both included at the bottom of the advert.


Production company labelsMentions the large track that is well known in the public, therefore making buyers believe if they liked the one song they should try the rest.The colour scheme is very simple. It is black, white and gold.This could signify that in a black and white society Jessie J brings something different. The gold could also signify being special or riches.Artists website is available on the poster as well, once again sticking to the conventions.Sticking to the conventions of a music ad, there is the dominant picture of the artist, clearly showing the stylised version of the artist.

While the poster does just cut to a black background the text sticks to the colour scheme. This means that it doesnt look particularly out of place.