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Transcript of Ancillary Task Presentation

1. Ancillary Tasks
2. We tried to attract our target audience with the different ancillary tasks that we have created:Album - The album may seem to be quite simple but also I think the style of it works really well with our music video. I like the idea of the artist on the front cover facing the camera to create a personal shot and then my idea was for the back cover to have the artist with his back facing the camera and the names of the songs down his back. I think that Emily and Vicky who further developed this idea and created the back cover made it look just right.
3. Front and Back
The only thing that I would have changed if we had time to would be the brightness of the back cover, it seems a lot lighter to the front cover image so I would bring the brightness down a little to match the front cover.
4. I also like the inside cover on the left which Jess and I created. We chose to use the wall of the train station which is in every shot that we have used and to use a font on the computer that looked like handwriting. We then put text all over the wall to create a dedications page. I got this inspiration from an existing album by Leona Lewis and I thought that it looked really effective.
5. I the image that Vicky created on the inside where the CD goes is a really good eye catching background with the four shots put next to each other of the artist. This is individual and stands out when the case is open.
6. Magazine Adverts - These adverts attract our target audience because they are young looking, don't have too much information that will bore the reader and have a great image of the artist on each.
Advert 1 that Jess and I created
Advert 2 that Emily and Vicky created