Ancillary Task: Magazine Advert

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Transcript of Ancillary Task: Magazine Advert

  • 1. ANCILLARY TASKS MAGAZINE ADVERT After looking back at my planning and the audience I then placed in a black background which made the I they added on the artist name TheSeduction; this After this I went on to the Internet and

2. ANCILLARY TASKS Republic Records is also a records company well known around the world used for all different genre artist but majority R&B artists were the first to arrive and become the most popular in the company. After this I added in ALBUM OUT NOW this tells the audience directly that this is the cover of a music album rather than anything else such as a DVD cover or book. It sends a demand to the audience as though telling them that it is ready for them to buy. I plastered this in red to stick to the house- style of the advert and CD cover and so it stood out bold against the black, giving the font danger, adding to the command of the text. 3. ANCILLARY TASKS I then played around with the different aspects and features of the text and images to see where I liked the placement and structure best. I found and took influence from my audience feedback on the drafts which I drew in my pre-production process. After jigging it all about I finally found a structure that I was happy with, and this is the finished result. As I found out in my research into existing magazine adverts I added a rank of 5 stars to the images and included the well-known music magazine NME to help uplift the appearance of the album to make people more interested to buy it. If they like the music and opinions of the company NME then they would be more inclined to buy the product if it had a great recommendation. Adding these in, I made them white so they would contrast and stand out on the black background making them visible to the audience as well as sticking to the black, white and red theme.