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1. ANCILLARY TASK LAYOUTS ANALYSIS ELLA MASON WALSH 2. FILM MAGAZINE FRONT COVER The mast head is one of the most important features of the magazine as it the recognisable branding aspect. The one element that remains consistent in every issue. I have placed it right at the top of the magazine as this is a very conventional area however it is large and prominent to engage the reader and make the writing accessible. The date and issue number are import although uninteresting pieces of information they have been printed in a small font in a neat concise way so they blend into the layout and dont draw attention. I will choose an interesting dramatic photo from the film preferably starring the protagonist / antagonist. The image will need to be very engaging so the subject should be looking directly into the camera as this will enhance the readers connection. There is a lot of the image on show due to the layout so the image needs to be strong and powerful so the magazine doesnt seem empty or lacking substance. This magazine layout is quite organised, I have kept all information about other films together and placed a pug next to it to make this area a particularly eye catching one. The images from other films clearly highlight that it is a film magazine but it also a good way of implying the content inside the magazine without using too many words which readers would probably not enjoy since they have chosen a magazine over a 3. FILM MAGAZINE FRONT COVER 2 I have placed the bar code and date on both of these example layouts in the right hand bottom corner. This is because the information isnt interesting yet it is an essential feature of most magazines therefore by positioning it in an area that isnt very eye catching readers are not likely to look here unless they require the specific This is a more interesting layout which contains more components so it has a slightly busier feel. This is mainly due to the extra images from the film that I have added to engage and interest readers more by showing shots that highlight different parts or themes in the film e.g. love and violence. I have deliberately positioned them just under the Masthead and Pug as these are some of the most eye catching elements so readers would be expected to see the images next. Unlike my previous layout I decided to place the Pug directly underneath the masthead since both of these features are quite prominent they will be more noticeable together and turn that particular place into a key area of focus. I have put an image from a related film to emphasis the content that is in the magazine and also to attract more readers since both films will have a similar target audience, readers who are interested in the featured film will probably be curious to read about similar films. This image also draws the attention away from the barcode which is opposite. The headlines and straplines in this layout are more spread out and more equally positioned on both sides. This makes the front cover look more interesting and as though it contains a lot of content. 4. FILM POSTER The main image is the most important and a central part to the film poster. The image should be of our main protagonist and if possible we will try to include the protagonist. The image needs to reflect what the films about because is it very prominent and doesnt have many other features covering it. From my codes and conventions research I learnt that many teen trailers will use well known celebrity actors to start in their film as this often attracts younger viewers more than the actual narrative. We have decided to write the celebrity actors names quite boldly at the top of the poster because it will probably attract our target audience we have also positioned a pull quote directly underneath so that our audience is attracted by both our actors and narrative straight away. I have added a critics rating to show that the film is worthwhile and enjoyable, by putting a well known or professional persons opinion on the poster you are encouraging your target audience to trust the credible opinion provided in the hope The film title is the largest piece of text on the poster. It is one of the central features and by positioning it closely towards the critics rating it will provide a mental link for viewers between a positive review and the name of the film. The text has to be bold and clearly spaced so its easily legible even from a distance. 5. FILM POSTER 2 The billing block is there simply for realism and credibility, the text is extremely small because there is a vast amount of information that needs to be included although it isn't interesting for our target audience. It is placed at the bottom of the page for both conventionality and so that it doesnt attract attention. I have deliberately placed the actors names above it so that this is what will capture the audiences eye specifically as teenage audiences tend to be very interested in who is Social media links are provided to give viewers the opportunity to interact and gain more information about the film. However, this information isnt essential or really exciting so it is written in small text at the top of the page so it isnt hindering our view of the most visually powerful elements. I would include a release date to build excitement and suspense for the first showcase of the film. It highlights that the film is current since it hasnt been released and by placing it over the main image slightly you are making it more noticeable and providing a link to the audience between the exciting visual still of the film and the quickly approaching date it can be seen. This is a clear way to make viewers excited about the film. Sometimes film titles are placed in slightly unusual positions, in this layout I wanted the title vertical so that it contrasted with the rest of the text and thus stood out. I also wanted the text to blend into the main image as this would be particularly dramatic and emotional. I would therefore use the text to compliment the image rather than to detract attention and have it focused on the title.