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Transcript of Ancillary task analysis

  1. 1. Ancillary task DocumentaryResearch & Planning
  2. 2. Ancillary 1This movie poster is very basic butincludes all the Information thatthe audience need to know. Themain image is the full size of theposter and includes a larger cowwith a barcode on its side, and alarge title FOOD, INC.. Thisautomatically tells you thedocumentary is about hassomething to do with food andmaybe about sales. The posteralso includes information aboutwho made the film, directed andstared in it. A slogan and a criticalreview from a well know moviemagazine.
  3. 3. This poster for EducatingEssex is very plain andsimple. It shows a fullpage image of a school.Within the picture showsstudent and teachers. Thistells the audience that itsa real life school as youcan clearly see a pregnantstudent, a student on ascooter, half dressed girlsand intelligent students.There is no otherinformation on the posterother than the title.
  4. 4. My Ancillary task 1 Director/producerReview TitleTV channel Date and time
  5. 5. Ancillary 2This article isnt from adocumentary but isabout a real life situation.This article includes a lotof pictures with a mainimage on the left pageand 11 smaller imageson the right. There is 3coeloms of text in themiddle. The title is part ofwedding vows but alsoSuggests that the article is about being ill. The whole article sticks to acolour scheme. In each picture you are told what day it is or whathappened. I like the way this article is positions and draws the readersin.
  6. 6. This article is not based on a documentary but I have looked at this asI like the way it has been set out. I am not to keen on the colours and Ipersonally think it isnt very professional but I can use the layout tomake my article better.
  7. 7. My ancillary task 2 Collum Collum Collum 123 PicturePage numberName or the magazine