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1. Ancillary research intodigipaks 2. Different font used tothe album name, for Florence and the Machinesemphasis of theartist. Black borderbrings out the imageand makes it standThe colours out.compliment oneanother, whichmakes Florencestand out in theclothing she iswearing. Thewash out Album namecolours areput on theconventional tolung propan indie used in thegenre, also theimage. Thebirds used infont used is simple thenthe background the artistscan relate toname at thesinging. top, this couldFlorences connotecover is simplicity ofatmosphericmusic. Thisand fresh, due symbolism, m akes theto the calm cover more 3. The website changes colour and image of Florence to make the website interactive and poppy. Florences logo is the same asher album cover. This helps theaudience identify her easily. The website has clear buttons to get aroundthe site. The font issimple than the logo ofthe artists name at the top. The website advertises Florences new song inthe front to catch the audiences eye, so theymake sure to check it out.The house colours arekept the same as thealbum, she uses earthycolours to relate to the Updates of what Florence is doing helps hercover art of the album. connect herself with her fans. Also Fans can connect with Florence on social networking 4. Duffy seen asthe main focusDuffy on the cover asshes the artist. Duffys name inthe top corner in a signature fontmakes the album more personaland moreconnected to theaudience. Simple black and white image used whichRockferry relates tois in a the artists different view of the font to album-sad stand out songs.on the album 5. Red font stands out on the Simple tabs used which fits website to capture Duffy the simplicity of the website and Duffys persona, which reflects upon her image and audiences attention and to persuade them to buy the identity album. Duffys home images fit her album cover, she uses her house style colors. This is conventional as it shows a consistent identity.Images showwhat Duffy hasbeendoing, concertsDuffysand magazine album advert do not fit Duffys signature font, used onshoots etc. conventional website the her website to layout, as she has not made represent her the album the main focus of theidentity