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1. Ancillary ResearchAncillary research is important because ithelps with analysing not only the artists musicvideo, but their image as a whole, throughthere website and album covers etc. I havestudied these for the artists that I havepreviously analysed on the blog looking forany similar links between the different formsof media. 2. Synergy Bands and artists use synergy in differenttypes of media for example the website forpromotion, whether it be a new album or atour. Normally the artist will have similarconventions on their website to the thing theyare trying to promote, this is to make it asrecognisable to the audience as possible, forexample websites of artists usually have astyle very similar to that of their latest album. 3. Radiohead are a band thathas normally stayed awayfrom conventions of any kindof style, other than abstract.The single which i analysedfor the video was taken offthe album Ok computer. Thestyle and mood of the track Ithink fits perfectly with thedesign of the Album cover, itlooks cold and spacey withcolours and imagery thatfeels depressing. I think this issynergy as the album covergives the audience an idea ofwhat they are about to hear.The Radiohead website howeverdoesnt particularly share anyconventions. It however portraysthe same cold atmosphere astheir music and abstract ideas.With a computer glitch beingthe entrance page. As i wentinto the homepage I looked atthe 1997 page, it had no real linkin any way to the album otherthan its lack of colour. I thinkhowever this is a way of shoeingthe audience the bands nature.Not sticking to conventionswithin a genre.I liked the albumbecause of itsdigital glitcheswhich make itlook futuristic, Ialso like the factthat the websitedoesnt showthe band, it stillhas anatmosphere thatis definitelyRadiohead likeand so easilyidentifiable. 4. The Strokes website design is as we can see almost identical to that of the bandsalbum they are promoting, with the colours of red and faded gold being the mostprominent.The website isnt very subtle or well made specifically however it is very practicalunlike Radioheads and very easy to use. This could try to represent what the bandwanted to achieve musically, with bold simple songs that were easy to listen to ratherthan the abstract sound of radiohead. The colour red is also quite masculine and soperhaps it shows their overall target audience which are typically teenage males. 5. The Arctic Monkeysreleased their album AM ayear ago and the websiteseems to be mainlyaffected by that. The albumcover is very similar to thatof the website. A video weused for our audiencesurvey was R U Mine, avideo that has many of thesame conventions as thewebsite, for example theblack and white camera aswell as the basicproduction, similar to thebasic set out of thewebsite, this basic principlehas also been prominenton another analysed videocornerstone whichalthough an earlier release,features the same DIYtendencies.The band may have chose this kindof set out because of the albumstheme, which was supposed to be alate night record which would makesense. Bright colours wouldnt fitthe description. Also they perhapswant to stick to their originalidentity of being an indie band andtherefore not going over the top,keeping things simple. The black andwhite set out is now a convention inother indie bands, whether they arevideos or websites e.g. The NBHD,perhaps this was a way of fitting inwith that genre more by making itmore identifiable. 6. The Libertines album cover says a lot about the music onthe album, and also about the singles they released,including what became of the likely lads which is a songabout the relationship between the two men on thecover. The Libertines album cover is quite rough andunglamorous, it also the two front men look incrediblysad. Maybe this describes the music on the album, whichis rough and unpolished and ultimately quite sad. Eventhe bands logo looks like it is falling apart, which coulddescribe the messy and chaotic music the libertinesmade. The libertines broke up so they dont have awebsite available, however the same sort of things arefound on all there posters, the old fashioned writing andusually a few of them smoking or drinking. It is a way ofgiving the band a certain image.The what became of the likely lads single poster also hasthe same conventions of the libertines other work andfeatures the same vintage look and the two front men asit is about them. I think this would be a good thing to usefor our ancillary task. To make the promotional work berelated in the story that is being told however not in away that is too obvious and in your face 7. Summary What I have found from my research is that artists tryto create an linked image between the differentproducts. I think that it is important to make the twoproducts similar in style so the audience can find it asrecognisable as possible. They normally have atheme linked to the two, whether it is in colour orimages, just something that can be linked to theband immediately. This helps for branding andoverall success.