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2. Conventions of double page spread magazinemain image which is relevant to the articleHeading Long and bold - Stands out. Laid out in 2-4 columnsQuotes journalists name. 3. Form of double page spreadmagazines There are many different forms of double pagespreads. They all serve different purposes, andtherefore different types of magazines usedifferent types of forms such as ;1. Interview.2. Photography Spread.3. Informative Article.4. Advertisement.5. Fashion Piece. 4. Advertisement spread An advertisement is marketing something to theaudience, in a music magazine this can includeconcert advertisements and festival advertising.Some examples of advertisements.advertisement A fashion piece normally contains informationand an image often having the image on themajority of the page and then small part of textwhere the clothes came from.Some examples of fashion pieces. 5. Fashion piece spread A fashion piecenormally containsinformation and animage often havingthe image on themajority of the pageand then small partof text where theclothes came from. 6. Informative spread An informative article,does what it says in thename, it informs you ofsomething. Whether itis a new band or artist,or a new clothing range.They often includephotos and texts. 7. Photography spread A photography spread iswhen a photograph orseries of photographstake up the whole twopages.They often have little orno text on them, toemphasis the image. 8. Teenagers love them Young band with fast, upbeat songsSlugCaption Enter ShikariMain ImagePullquoteWILDPARTIES Gutter 9. How the style of the article matches the style of the front cover?Rock font, bold titles, bigimages, bright colours red,white and yellow 10. Alcohol in his target audiencehand Concerts of bandTEENAGERS love to party,drink , rebellious teens,getting stoned 11. How conventions of double page is metgrungy sans serif fontBig image of Slugband is mainimageTwocolumns Pull Quote 12. popular artist thatThe images are simple and the layout is keptis interesting tobasic / formal with the images in boxes andthe readers of splashes.this magazine. The Language used on this cover is quite basic and there are a limited number of words, and are mainly just quotes from the articles. The text on this cover is mainly titles from the articles featured which appeal to the target audience because they are things that they would be interested in.The white background helpsthe text and the image to11-14 is target audiencestand out more, making it lookmore attractive and easy toread. 13. SanQ magazineserif Small title TwocolumnsFacial expressionconnotates moodof double pagespread and whatkind of artist sheis dark, unusualRed l for lady gagaRed, black, white colours used- name, connotationcreates mood of page- rock, darkof supernatural asand evil, connotates with songs lady gaga haslady gaga sings e.g. beautiful Drop caps- convention of interests in thesemonster, he ate my heart double page spread kinds of theme 14. The sun 15. It also uses a large title to drawattention from the viewer, makingthe rule of thirds using the main image in theit instantly recognizablecenter drawing the most attention. The text and information is kept at the bottom of the page following a fairly conventional layout for a double page spread 16. The Independent