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Ancillary Research: Conventions Summary

Ancillary Research:Conventions SummaryBy Rebecca Osborne

IntroductionWithin this task I will be producing a poster for my teaser trailer, a poster is a form of media which consists of a large printed pictured used for decoration (Wiki). Its purpose is to attract audiences and to persuade them to invest time or money into the product or media. In this case I will be creating a poster to attract a teenage audience that will be persuaded to watch my film. I will start off my research by looking at two example of horror posters and analysis the key features used so that I can have a good understanding of the conventional features used so I can use this within my own.


Main Image:Close up of a woman's face, lack of colour close to a black and white affect. She has red eyes which stand out on her pale face. She also has a moth over her mouth and this can connote events in the film. Main Title: the next thing that is in colour and stands out on the poster. Tagline/Synergy from a best selling book: can mean that an audience is already interested in the film. Actors names:This can be an element that attracts the audience to want to watch the film. Directors names/Organisation names: Recognisable to the audience.Billing Block: more information on who made the film.


Main Image: Main image is the biggest and only image on the poster and is a close up of a woman face. A lot of editing has been done to this photo to make her face look like a skull, the sunken eyes which could be seen as shadows also cast a look of a skull on the woman. The shards of glass seem to create a broken look and separates the skull from the human. Main Title:The title is the next noticeable thing after the image as it has been manipulated to have a glow against the dark foggy background to make it stand out and connect the image to the title. The title is seemingly recognisable as it is the last film within a series of them so by now the films will have been established and recognisable to the audience. Tagline:Rest in pieces this is a pun on the well-known phrase Rest In Peace which as seen below connects this tagline and the main image as the woman is part skull and therefore dead. The glass is broken and in pieces although and so this play on words is seemingly appropriate for this image. Subheading/Title:The title at the bottom is the next thing that stands out as it is the only coloured text on the poster. This text is in red and states August which is the release month of the film. This has to be eye-catching as the release date is something that the poster needs to imprint in the audiences mind. This date is the main purpose of the poster, along with attracting the audience in the first place the date is something the audience should come away with.

ConclusionOverall by looking at these two posters there are clear similarities within the conventions which are used within the genre of horror as well as the poster itself. Both have images of a character which is mot probably within the film so that there is a connection between the poster and the future film so that the audience receive details before even watching a trailer. Both have main headings which is the name of the title of the film and this is within white or black and contrasts with the background colour or with the image. Its also typical to have some form of subheading that explains the film further and give extra information or a statement that relates to the film. Its also common to see actors and actresses that the audience would recognise stated on the film so that there is another incentive to want to watch the film. Its also common to have a billing block which is a list of their various people such as directors and producers that have contributed to making the film. All of this has helped me to have a clearer understanding of the convections which are expected to be seen within a poster for a film and more in particular one for a horror film. This is going to be helpful when making my own film poster as I am able to recognise the various conventions and use these within my poster so that it will also be conventional, it has also inspired me for when I create my own poster as I can look at the various conventions such as dark background, the white heading, a tagline which questions or persuades the audience in some way and other techniques which I can implement within my own.

Genre Research


Target Audience:The Target audience will most probably be older teenagers to young adults between the age of 17-25+ as the characters seen within the poster replicate that of a younger age range. Its normally that age group that are most interested within the horror genre. The layout of the poster shows that the younger/smaller girl is which is obviously possessed manipulating the man who is tied up and has the back to the picture showing he has been demoralised and lacks power. There is a hashtag at the bottom of the page which is related to social media, this again shows that the target audience is of a young age group that use social media.

Content:The text is displayed in an interesting way at the top of the page as the words devil can be formed even though it doesnt straight up say devil. This shows that the layout of words can reveal underlying meaning and from words that can relate to the image and content of the film. The characters shown like mentioned above show the opposite of stereotypes as the possessed young girl is controlling the young man. The lighting is dark around the edges creating a more closed in feeling and the main subjects being the character shown, the colour scheme consist of black and white and its rather neutral and fits within the horror genre.

Genre:Genre is conveyed through conventions through the play on words with the title, the placement creates the word devil which relates to the horror genre well as this supernatural character is seen as horror. The dark lighting of the image illuminates the characters, the male looking defeated and tied up in a torturous way relating to horror and the demonic look of the girl.

Conclusion:Overall I believe this film poster is successful within achieving its genre through the use of its conventions the play on the placement of words creates a horror character which is recognisable by audience. The main image is also very interesting and looks very horror and gory and shows a man being controlled by a demon girl and this is seemingly unconventional when considering stereotypes. This will intrigue audience and the titles such as You havent seen true evil are all appealing to someone interested within horrors and this means that achieve its purpose of persuading audience to go see the film. This has taught me that when making my own poster I need to have an interesting main image and titles that are appealing.


Target Audience:Target audience will most likely be those young adults to older adults as the main image is rather horrific and not really suitable for younger children as the hand coming out of the mouth is not very child friendly. The target audience will be those that enjoy horror films and demon/devil type films as the title states The possession to be supernatural. Younger audiences such as mid 20s normally can handle and prefer this kind of demonic film so I feel it will appeal to this audience the most.

Content:The title at the top is a subheading and a further title and states Based on a true story this adds to the horror of the poster and scares he audience even further than if it were not mentioned. This crates verisimilitude as the audience having a feeling that the events being shown in the film can happen within reality and this frightens them further. The main heading at the bottom has a slight low around it and has a type of scratch through it which could relate to the demonic theme of the film. The date is within red which shows that this is one of the main features that the audience need to know so the red allows them to notice it more. The main image is what attracts the audience to the poster as the editing is very creative and it looks very scary and creepy so audiences will want to find out more.

Genre:The genre is clearly horror and this is conveyed through various conventions, the realism of the title at the top creates a scary feel that the events seen within the film could be reality. The light and demonic scratch through the main heading creating a demonic feel that relates to the horror theme. The main image is supernatural as a hand is coming out the girls mouth and this again is creepy and crates a scary feel.

Conclusion:Overall this poster does display the genre well ad uses convections in a creative way to prove this. The main image is the main item on this poster and shows the theme of the film which is demonic and possible things that may happen within the film. The title with the demonic scratch in it again relates back to the theme and genre of horror and overall is successful in creating the genre horror. I can learn from this that titles can support the main image and can show the genre clearly.


Target audience:The target audience will once again be young adults as most horror films aim at this age range as they are most interested within this genre. The young girl on the front can appeal to female audience rather than a male but there is most probably going to be an equableness in sexes. This film is about exorcism and is something that is seen as real and can be seen within real life, so the target audience will most likely be these interested within the devil and exorcisms and as this is also the second film fns from the first one will also be the target audience.

Content:The white background is very differe