Ancient Rome

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

  • 1. Ancient Rome SOL 3.1, 3.5, 3.7

2. The ancientRoman civilizationshares:

  • A writtenlanguage
  • A system ofgovernment
  • Advances inarts and sciences
  • A commonculture

3. Physical Characteristics

  • Ancient Rome was.
  • Next to theMediterranean Sea
  • It covered parts ofEurope, Asia and Africa
  • Apeninsula
  • Rocky and mountainous
  • Built on hills
  • Next to theTiber River

4. Representative Democracy

  • Citizens (wealthy men) voted forrepresentativesto make laws for them.
  • Laws applied to everyone.
  • We use a representative democracy in America today!

5. Adaptations to the Environment

  • Ancient Romans adapted to their mountainous land by
  • Growing olives and grapes
  • Having small farms on terraced hillsides
  • Trading on the Mediterranean Sea

6. Jobs of the Romans

  • Farmers
  • Road builders
  • Traders

7. Architecture

  • Romans used
  • arches
  • in buildings, bridges and aqueducts.

8. Aqueducts were designed to pump water in to the city.The water was used for humans and for irrigation. 9. Road Building

  • The Romans created a network of paved highways.This joined the empire together and allowed soldiers to move swiftly from one area to another.

10. Roman Art

  • Roman artists created:
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Tools
  • Mosaicswere a special art form that used small pieces of tile, glass or stone.

11. Religion

  • The Romans began by worshipping different gods and goddesses (like the Greeks), but eventually become Christians.

12. Ancient Romans also.

  • Changed our calendar to 365 days and named the months
  • Gave us 1/3 of our English language
  • Used Roman numerals that we still see today on clocks, watches, and in books

13. The People of Ancient Rome

  • Men were citizens
  • Women were caretakers
  • Boys were educated
  • Girls learned handicrafts and household chores
  • What wouldyoube doing in Ancient Rome?

14. Be able to locateItaly ,Romeand theMediterranean Seaon a map. Study and you will be REALLY ROMAN!