Ancient Egypt Mummies, Tombs, And Treasures

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt Mummies, Tombs, And Treasures

  • 1. By Ty GockleyAndColin Townsend Ancient Egypt: Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure

2. The First Egyptian Mummies

  • The first Egyptian Mummies didnt change at first, but the burial style did

3. The First Egyptian Mummies

  • Mummies are naturally or artificially preserved bodies
  • The Egyptians buried their dead in extremely shallow graves in crouching position with food and a prized possession.
  • They believed the dead were somehow alive
  • When the Egyptians found out that the sand preserved the bodies, they began to elaborate the graves

4. Why the Egyptians Made Mummies

  • The Egyptians had many reasons for mummification.

5. Why the Egyptians Made Mummies

  • They wanted to believe the peaceful life they so blissfully lived would continue after death
  • They thought of kings as earthly gods, so they made their burials even fancier
  • They believed in ka and ba, two parts of the spirit. The ka could survive with food offerings, while the ba could leave the grave and be free
  • The Egyptians believed in many gods such as Isis, Anubis,and Osiris.

6. How a Mummy Was Made

  • Making mummies was a long, drawn out process.

7. How a Mummy Was Made

  • Mummy makers removed internal organs and stored them inside canopic jars fashioned after the sons of Horus
  • The mummy makers extracted the brain (two methods)
  • The body and organs were salted and left to dry.
  • By the 21 stdynasty, mummies were packed with saw dust
  • The body was wrapped with linen and cloth. Charms and jewelry were tucked inside the wrappings.

8. The Mummys Tomb

  • There were many different types of tombs and the structure changed over time.

9. The Mummys Tomb

  • Nobles were originally buried under mastabas (mud-brick tombs)
  • King Zoser made the first step pyramid
  • Sneferu had the first bent pyramid made
  • Great Pyramids have above-ground burial chambers
  • Pyramid entries were always facing north

10. The Mummys Afterlife

  • The preparation for the afterlife was an elaborate process

11. The Mummys Afterlife

  • The body was to the city of the dead
  • To pass the time in the afterlife, the dead were provided with game boards, bows and arrows, throwing sticks, and other hunting gear
  • The dead were supplied with shabtis, servant dolls
  • Opening of the mouth: priest touched their eyes, mouth, and ears allowing the mummy to see, hears, talk, and eat in the afterlife
  • The family gave food offerings
  • Weighing of the heart: if the heart is heavier than a feather, the soul was destroyed by a repulsive beast

12. The Mummys Treasure and the Tomb Robbers

  • many people were tomb robbers. They stole many treasures

13. The Mummys Treasures and the Tomb Robbers

  • Tomb robbers could be anyone who had to do with mummies or tombs
  • Tomb robbing became a family business
  • Robbers cared about a wealthy life, and most cared about a enriched afterlife
  • The stolen treasures were melted down so it couldnt be recognized
  • Cosmetics were imported and expensive
  • Robbers many times damaged the mummys body in a hast to finish the deed
  • Severe punishments were issued to those caught robbing tombs

14. The Last Egyptian Mummies

  • Mummification eventually ended and replaced with instant mummies

The Last Egyptian Mummies 15. The Last Egyptian Mummies

  • Ground upmummies became extremely popular for remedies
  • Began grinding and importing mummies
  • Began to cover bodies with tar to make instant mummies
  • People received news of the mummy factories
  • Stopped buying mummy powder


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