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Transcript of Ancient egypt

  • 1. Ancient Egypt Mara Camila Alzate 2Bach 2010


  • Introduction.
  • Egyptian gods and amulets.
  • Pharaohs
  • Mummification
  • Pyramids
  • Giza
  • Zoser
  • Abu Simbel
  • How did Egyptians build pyramids?
  • As a resume
  • Quiz


  • It is an ancient civilization of Eastern North Africa.
  • It is concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River.
  • It coalesced around 3150 B.C.
  • Its history can be divided into the following periods
  • Unification of Egypt
  • The age of the pyramids
  • The great empire
  • Las Egyptian rulers
  • Life in ancient Egypt revolved around the Nile.


  • Most Egyptians worked as field hands and a small group were nobles.
  • The most important person was the pharaoh
  • Then nobles and high priest.
  • Lower traders, artisans and peasants
  • Finally slaves.


  • They used to have a lot of gods
  • Gods had the same behavior as human
  • Only the pharaoh and his priest can go into the temple.
  • The common people used to have its own altar at home


  • The most important gods were:
  • Ra
  • Osiris
  • Horus
  • Isis
  • Anubis
  • Set
  • Hator


  • They were use to protect for any damage
  • The uraeus was the preferred protective emblem of the Pharaohs
  • The Eye of Horus was a symbol of magic
  • The Ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyph which means life.
  • The scarab was an amulet of life and power,


  • The king was the owner of the land and everything that was in it.
  • The pharaoh was considered the god Horus
  • The dead Emperor was the god Osiris


  • Nowadays he is the most famous pharaoh
  • When he was 18 he died
  • Tutankhamun's fame is due to the discovery of his intact tomb in 1922.


  • The Egyptians though that souls can eternity survive
  • He washed the body and the brain, stomach, intestines, lungs and liver were extracted
  • Secondly, the body was covered with natron
  • Later it was painted and wrapped in linen. Lastly, it was kept in its sarcophagus.


  • Giza is the oldest and the biggest pyramid
  • It was built by Hemiunu to the emperor Keops
  • It is composed by tree chambers


  • It is the tomb of the pharaohs Zoser.
  • It was know as the most sacred, nowadays it is the step pyramid.
  • Zoser was built by Imhotep in Saggara.
  • It was the prototype for the following pyramids.


  • Its name means the pure mountain.
  • It was built by the pharaohs Rammsees II.
  • The temple was built so far of any important city.
  • In March and September the sun rays enter into the temple.


  • The construction of the pyramids was an incredible achievment.
  • There were quarry workers.
  • Then, the stone was transported.
  • Finally,they put tue stone on its place.
  • They were built by free citizens:
  • Professionals.
  • Workers who paying taxes

15. 16.

  • Which of the following monument was built as a present for the Queen Nefertiti?
  • Zoser
  • Giza
  • Abu Simbel
  • Did the pyramids builders slaves?
  • True
  • False
  • Why is the King Tutankhamen so famous?
  • Because he built Giza
  • Because he was Nefertiti husband's
  • Because his tomb was discovered in 1922 intact