Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Civilizations. MESOPOTAMIA the cradle of civilization. Objectives:. You will learn about the ART MUSIC RELIGION LITERATURE ARCHITECTURE of one of the earliest civilizations. This lesson is important . . . it serves as a basis for understanding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Ancient Civilizations

  • Ancient CivilizationsMESOPOTAMIAthe cradle of civilization

  • Objectives:You will learn about theARTMUSICRELIGIONLITERATUREARCHITECTUREof one of the earliest civilizations.

  • This lesson is important . . .it serves as a basis for understanding all other civilizations that followed.It is a look at how people of long ago made artwhich reflects their thoughts and lives.

  • Two important revolutions occurred in Mesopotamia:

    1. Agricultural revolution People began farming for the first time.2. Birth of cities government, culture, and building evolved from simple villages.

  • You will learn the difference between:andARTIFACTS

  • You will learn that a civilizationhas a need for order:Art cannot be created until certain needs have been met:FOODSECURITYART

  • View of the early cityof UR

  • ZIGGURATa temple

  • Conventions of artCharacteristicsthat all art of a certain time orculture have in common.

  • This figure is believed to havepossibly been agod -because it is missingsome of the otherconventions.

  • Artwork reflects the organized society

  • Order is also seen in the wayartworks are sized.

  • A civilization can developart with specific conventions

  • You will also find out thatABSTRACTDoes not always apply to modern art!

  • You will read the 1st actual pieceof written literature ---Its an action-packed story about aSUPER HEROAnd hisTRUSTY SIDE-KICK!!!And its written on clay!Put that in your 3-hole binder!