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This is a brief presentation on early civilizations. This is just an overview and should be used with supplemental materials for each individual civilization.

Transcript of Ancient civilizations

  • 1. Ancie nt C ivilizationsMesopotamiaEgyptChinaGreeceIndus River Valley

2. Mesopotamia6500 3100 B.C.E.Karl Musser. Tigris - Euphrates Watershed. 2005. Map. WikipediaWeb. 28 Jun 2012. . 3. Location Between Tigris and Euphrates River Present Day Iraq Known as the Fertile CrescentEmpires Sumerian Babylon Assyrian 4. Important contributions Wheeled Vehicles Astronomy Algebra Geometry First form of writing cuneiform Hammurabis Code set of laws for society 5. Ancient Egypt 3200 500 B.C.E.NASA Goddard. Egypt. 2011. Photograph. FlickrWeb. 28 Jun 2012. 6. Location Nile River Valley Mediterranean SeaSociety Pharaohs were divine rulers Depended on viziers to supervise Mummified bodies upon death Believed in afterlife 7. ContributionsTombsPyramidsjay8085. Pyramids at Giza. 2005. Photograph. FlickrWeb. 29 Jun 2012. . 8. Ancient ChinaShang Dynasty: 1600 B.C.E.- Han Empire 220 C.E.Lamussa Design. Map of Shang Dynasty. 2009. Graphic. WikipediaWeb. 28Jun 2012. . 9. Location Present day China Dynasties shifted central location based on who had power Tended to stay near rivers (Huang, Yangzi)Society Social Classes (nobles, peasants) Many nature gods and spirits were worshipped 10. ContributionsRitenour, Anita. Terra-Cotta Army. 2008. Photograph. FlickrWeb. 29 Jun 2012..Roantree, Dermot . Great Wall. 2004. Photograph. FlickrWeb. 29 Jun2012. . 11. Ancient Greece 1750 133 B.C.E.Megistias. The Archaic Period in Greece. 2007. Graphic. WikipediaWeb. 28 Jun2012. . 12. Location North Mediterranean Sea Aegean Sea Balkan PeninsulaSociety Very skilled seamen Government evolved Monarchy to aristocracy to oligarchy to democracy Polytheists Many different gods and goddesses 13. Contributions Literature Homer Democracy Science Philosophy Aristotle, Plato, Socrates Cattiaux, Guillaume. Parthenon. 2008. Photograph. FlickrWeb. 29 Jun 2012. . 14. Indus River Valley3300 1300 B.C.E. M M. Indus Civilization. 2005. Graphic. WikipediaWeb. 28 Jun 2012. 15. Location Northwestern India and Pakistan Along fertile lands of Indus River ValleySociety Two main cities Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro Major farmers Polytheists worshiped nature gods 16. Contributions Uniform weights and measurements Accurate time records Dentistry Used swastika before it became a symbol of hatred Cremation 17. Works CitedEllis, Elizabeth Gaynor, and Anthony Esler. World History: Connections to Today. 1st. SaddleRiver, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1999. 35-125. Print.Mesopotamia"Mesopotamia." . British Museum. Web. 29 Jun 2012. .EgyptKinnear, Jacques. "Ancient Egypt Site." 30 Jun 2011. Web. 29 Jun 2012. .ChinaWikipedia contributors. "Shang Dynasty." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, Web. 29 Jun 2012. .Greece"BBC: Primary History-Ancient Greece." . BBC, 2012. Web. 29 Jun 2012. Indus River ValleyWikipedia contributors. "Indus Valley Civilization." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 27 Jun 2012. Web. 28 Jun 2012. .