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Ancient China. Yellow River Civilization. Isolated Region of the world by Distance, Mountain, and Jungle Loess = Yellow soil, forms in Huang He River Valley ( The Yellow River ) ‏. CHINA. The 4 Old-World River Valley Cultures. Bronze Age Empires. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Ancient China

  • Yellow River Civilization

  • CHINA Isolated Region of the world by Distance, Mountain, and Jungle Loess = Yellow soil, forms in Huang He River Valley ( The Yellow River)

  • The 4 Old-World River Valley Cultures

  • Bronze Age Empires

  • Shang: 1523-1028 BCE

  • People live in clans (group of families who claim common lineage)Peasant Society- lead grueling lives / live in pit houses dug into the ground (primitive heat / ac)Shang Dynasty

  • ReligionShang Di = Supreme BeingYin and Yang= opposing forces that must balanceYin= Earth, darkness, femaleYang = Heaven, light, male

  • Tien MingThe Mandate of HeavenThe leader must lead by ability and virtue. The dynasty's leadership must be justified by succeeding generations. The mandate could be revoked by negligence and abuse; the will of the people was important.

  • The Dynastic CycleA new dynasty comes to power.Lives of common people improved; taxes reduced; farming encouraged.Problems begin (extensive wars, invasions, etc.)Taxes increase; men forced to work for army. Farming neglected.Govt. increases spending; corruption.Droughts, floods, famines occur.Poor lose respect for govt. They join rebels & attack landlords.Rebel bands find strong leader who unites them. Attack the emperor.Emperor is defeated !!The emperor reforms the govt. & makes it more efficient.Start here

  • FeudalismGov't system in which local lordsgovern their own land, but owe military support and service to their ruler

  • Population rises Iron working from Mesopotamia reaches China in 500 BCIron axes, plows = more food, better irrigation Copper coins make trade easierNew roads, canals

  • AchievementsSilk woven and dyed= clothes of the rich, wanted commodity around the world = silk roadBooks- bound wood or bamboo together to make booksCalendar- 365 daysGreat Wall- Divides Chinese from uncivilized world, 25 ft high, extended thousands of miles

  • Confucius- 551 BCEScholar, Teacher, PhilosopherThe Analects= Collected Works and SayingsHarmony Exists in Society when everyone accepts their role- 5 RelationshipsExcept for friends, no relationship is equal- older superior to younger, men to womenFilial Piety (Respect for Parents) Above AllBest Ruler= Virtuous, Leads by ExampleEducation = Key To Success, Advancement

  • LegalismHanfeizi= Chinese PhilosopherNature of Man is Evil, Greed is motive for most actionsOrder is only achieved through strict laws and harsh punishments

  • DaoismNo interest in bringing order to human affairs

    Goal is harmony with nature

    Laozi- lived without leaving any traces

    Dao= The Way

    Government is unnatural- causes problems

    Look beyond everyday worries, human desires and enjoy the simple ways of nature