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Ancient China. Chapter 7 Terms by G. Dao. The proper way Chinese kings were expected to rule under the Mandate of Heaven. Anyang. The first capital of China under the Shang dynasty. Dynasty. Line of rulers from the same family. Social Class. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient China

Ancient ChinaChapter 7 Terms by GDaoThe proper way Chinese kings were expected to rule under the Mandate of HeavenAnyangThe first capital of China under the Shang dynastyDynastyLine of rulers from the same familySocial ClassGroup of people who share a similar position in societySilk RoadTrade route that stretched from western China to southwest AsiaHuang HeA river in China also known as the Yellow River; flows from Mongolia to the Pacific OceanBureaucracyA group of annointed officials who are responsible for different areas of governmentRudderAllowed the Chinese to better navigate their ships; allowed ships to sail into the wind for the first timeIdeographA character that joins two or more pictographs to represent an ideaChang JiangA long river in China also known as the Yangtze RiverLegalismChinese philosophy developed by Hanfeizi; taught that humans are naturally evil and therefore need to be ruled by harsh lawsDaoismChinese philosophy based on the teachings of Laozi; taught that people should turn to nature and give up their wordly desiresConfucianismSystem of beliefs introduced by a Chinese thinker; taught that people needed to have a sense of duty to their family and community in order to bring peace to societyFilial PietyChildrens respect for their parents and older relatives, an important part of Confucian beliefsAristocratNoble whose wealth came from land owndershipPictographA character that stands for an objectGreat WallChinese farmers built this with stone, sand, and pilled rubble in order to keep out invadersMandate of HeavenBased on this the king was chosen by heavenly order because of his talent and virtue; he would rule the people with goodness and wisdomZhou DynastyDefeated the Chang dynasty; ruled longer than any other dynasty in the history of ChinaacupunctureChinese practice of easing pain by sticking thin needles into patients skin