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Chapter 4. Ancient China. Geographical Influences. Mountains, sea, and desert provide some protection and isolation Vulnerable to northwest River valleys Yellow (Huang He) - earliest civilization - damaging floods Yangtze - very important in unification- transportation- irrigation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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China BCE

Ancient ChinaChapter 4

#Geographical InfluencesMountains, sea, and desert provide some protection and isolationVulnerable to northwestRiver valleys Yellow (Huang He) - earliest civilization - damaging floodsYangtze - very important in unification- transportation- irrigation#Outside China during Shang period (1750BC 1000BC)Hammurabis codeMycenaean Civilization In GreeceVedic period in IndiaStonehenge in England Moses led Israelites out of EgyptMayans processed rubberKing TutHomers Troy fellRamses II of Egypt31750 BCE H. Code of laws-Mesopotamia1600-1200BCE Mycenaean civ. Emerged1600-1000 BCE Vedic period1500 BCE Stonehenge1500 BCE Moses led Issraelites out of Egypt1352 BEC King Tut died1182-1151 BCE Ramesses II Pharaoh of Egypt#Earliest Civilizations - most isolatedEarliest group (Neolithic) Ban Po- similar to other parts of the world/ one of the oldest civilizationsShang Dynasty 1750-1000 BC (FIRST DYNASTY) in N. China along the Huang He - raised silk worms - silk part fascination of China, famous for bronze sculpture, daggers, jade jewelry paid homage to ancestors- family importantZhou Dynasty 1000-256 BC longest dynasty developed foundations for Chinese society#Dynastic Cycle & Mandate of Heaven

Mandate of HeavenDivine (heavenly) approval giving the right to rule to the emperor#Zhou Dynasty Wu Wang first king of Zhou, gave land grants to lords, relatives, & generalFarming was profitable Blast furnace used to create ironEducation spread from upper classes to othersBook of Songs 305 poems707-480 BC lords became too powerfulCivil War followed, ending the Zhou Dynasty#Qin Dynasty Qin Shin Huangdi founded dynasty 221BCauthoritarian ruler:ordered nobles to capitaleveryone paid high taxesstrict laws & harsh punishmentsburned bookscreated unity with coins, weights & measures, and roads & canalsOrdered sections of wall to be joined to form a Great WallSon overthrown end of dynasty#Great Wall of China

Han Dynasty Liu Bang founded dynasty 202BCWudi greatest leaderbuilt Silk Road for trade with the Westestablished school for civil servants need for civil service examination rather than favoritism improved silk factories; invented paper, stirrups, wheelbarrow; plow with moveable partsexpanded territory from Korea to VietnamAD220 warlords attacked & overthrew emperor#Ancient Philosophiesreligions in Ancient ChinaConfucianism 5 RelationshipsDaoism Yin & Yang, balanceBuddhism (from India)showed concerned with ethical life on earthFilial Piety obedience and respect for ones parents Legalism strong law and harsh punishment to maintain order, created by Xunzi#ConfucianismMoral and ethical code highly developed to treat everyone with considerationValue on family head- ancestor respectValued loyalty, righteousness, wisdom, sincerityFive Relationships: one is an example to the other, inferior learns from superiorRuler - subjectsFather sonHusband wifeOlder Brother younger brotherFriend friend (members of a community)

#5 Relationships of Confucius

#Daoism (Taoism) and the Laosicontemporary of ConfuciusDao/Tao = the waythe Dao is absolute = sum of existencegoal: to bring people into harmonyvery introspectivenot as influential as Confucius,but still popular

#Religion in China

Life and CultureSons more important than daughtersBan Zhao wrote guide for young women, Admonitions for Girlsagrarian economy based on farming excellent scholars and mathematicianscalculated when eclipse would occurbooks written on Algebra & Geometrypi (p) calculated to 6 decimal places (3.141592)physicians needed to pass an examination to practice patients treated with acupuncture education and literacy was mostly for upper class most important during Zhou dynasty#Chinese Cooking Vessel

Terra Cotta Army: First Emperors TombTomb Rubbing

Bell Ringer:As you sit down and get ready for the day, think about this and create a quick chart in your notesUSE CHAPTER 4 SECTION 2outline or bookSUCCESSESFAILURESZhou DynastyGreat WallBook of SongsConfucianism Bronze coinsCivil War Qin DynastyGreat Wall joined the wallUnity coins, weights & measurements, roads, canalsFirst Legalism Shortest rule

Han DynastyGreat WallSilk RoadInvented: stirrups, wheelbarrow, paperTapestries Civil service examinationsAttacked by warlords Unit Exam Next WeekTuesday (1, 3) or Wednesday (5, 6)Look over the review half sheetItems at the top are where the questions come from NOT useable for notes!FIB Outlines, charts, and handwritten notebook notes ARE acceptable notes!You only need to know what is on the sheet noticed they are grouped by topic/chapterIF SOMETHING IS NOT ON THE HALF SHEET IT IS NOT ON THE UNIT EXAM!MULTIPLE CHOICE we will be using the qwizdom remotes, no pencil needed