Ancient China

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Ancient China. The 4 Old-World River Valley Cultures. Early China. The Chinese lived in isolation from the rest of the world Middle Kingdom Less break between RVC and Classical in China. WHY?. Geography. 3 Major rivers Huang He (Yellow River) Yangtze Xi Jiang. Geography . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Ancient China

Ancient China

Ancient ChinaThe 4 Old-World River Valley Cultures

Early ChinaThe Chinese lived in isolation from the rest of the world

Middle Kingdom

Less break between RVC and Classical in China

WHY?Geography 3 Major rivers Huang He (Yellow River)YangtzeXi Jiang

Geography Developed along the Huang He (Yellow River) WHY???Flooding

Partner Discussion Given what we have learned with the previous three RVCs, what might you conclude the Yellow Rivers flooding led the Chinese to do?Irrigation Systems

Four Thousand Years of CivilizationChinese civilization

Many Technologies

DynastiesDynasties Definition

Dynastic Cycle Pattern

Shang Rule: c.1500 1100 B.C.E.The Shang Dynasty (1500 to 1100 B.C.E. )

Thirty kings

Shang Religion The Shang were polytheistic

Ancestor VenerationSignificance

Harmonious Connection Between Humans and Nature

The Zhou Dynasty c.1046256 B.C.EOverthrow of the Shang 1046 B.C.E.Zhou DynastyClaim Mandate of HeavenWhat is this???

Mandate of Heaven Definition


Zhou ExpansionThe Zhou set up

This led to

Zhou Regional RulersRuled by regional rulersWho were they?



Noblemen Grew in PowerThis form of government



Discussion QuestionWhat do you suspect the increased power of the regional rulers meant for the Zhou Dynasty?Warring StatesZhou fight a rebellion in 771 B.C.EResult

Competing interests

Science and TechnologyBy about 2000 B.C.E Tools Well Developed Military Technology:HorsesFortifications

Science and TechnologyAdvanced astronomyLack monumental buildingWhy???Some tombs

The Beginning of writing in China


Sun Moon Watereventuallydeveloped into

Ideographs Developed into

Modern Chinese characters Calligraphy ~ artistic writing

Trade and Interaction Overland TradeContact with Nomadic peoplesNorthwestEffect: PositiveNegative