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Transcript of Ancient china

  • By Professor Jermaine Chan

IntroductionIn ancient times China was a very different civilization. Ancient China lasted over5000 year. It lasted longer than any other civilization. The Ancient Chinese lived inthe area that is now the western half of China . Ancient China had many differentstyles of clothes and a lot of interesting foods. Architecture, such as the GreatWall, was very unique. The inventions and legacies of ancient China are still aroundand important to us today. You will read about these aspects of Ancient China inthis report. ArchitectureOne of the most famous pieces of Ancient Chinese architecture was the GreatWall. The wall is 3,700 km long and between 16 feet and 32 feet high. It took1700 years and 30,000 people to build the Great Wall. It was built to protectChina from the Mongols in the north.Peoples houses in ancient China depended on whether they were rich or poor.Poor people lived in houses built of mud. The house was built with dirt floorsand blankets were hung over the windows and door to keep the people warm inWinter. Rich people lived in house that are built around courtyards. The woodwas painted with color and people owned pottery, chairs and cupboards. Mostarchitecture in ancient China had curved roofs to keep evil spirits away. FoodIn Ancient China, food was different according to where people lived. Inthe south they ate rice. In the north, people ate noodles because it waseasier to grow wheat. They also ate chicken , pork and bean curd. AncientChinese people enjoyed pancakes, dumplings, lamb and duck. Poorpeople went out to hunt for food such as snakes , dogs , snails , andsmall birds. They also ate chilli, pepper , mushroom , bamboo and lots ofdifferent fish too. Rich people ate ox ,mutton and special dishes such asbirds nest soup. Most people ate with their fingers and with chopsticks,too . ClothingIn Ancient China, the most important cloth is silk because it wasexpensive and thin. The rich people wore many different colors of silk andmany types of jewelry. They also wear robes that were made from silk.Only the emperor could wear a yellow shirt with a dragon. In ancientChina, the poor women wore simple dresses made from wool and cotton.Poor men wore loose shirts made from hemp. Poor people also woreshoes made from straw to work in the fields. Rich men wore official dressand warm jackets in winter. As you can see, clothing in ancient Chinadepended on your wealth. LegaciesIn 200 B.C., the Chinese found that magnetic rocks will turn to point north inwater or when they are hung from string. This was the first compass to showdirection. The compass was an important invention or trade.Paper making was invented around 100 C.E.. Paper was made from bamboowhich was soaked in water. A wooden frame took it up and let it dry. Then itwas good for writing.Gun powder was invented in 9th century was discovered by a scientist whowas trying to make a drink that could make you live forever. It exploded! Itwas made from salt, peter, sulphur and carbon. Fireworks were used to scaretheir enemies and then gun powder was used in weapons. It is still used inbombs, guns and rockets today.The Chinese began using wood blocks for printing in 1600 B.C.E.. The woodblocks were carved with characters. People put ink on the characters andthen put paper on the blocks. Printing machines help us make books today. ConclusionIn conclusion, Ancient China was a very old and long-lasting civilization. It is interesting to about the food,architecture, clothing and 4 great legacies from theancient times. Reference ListAuthorDateTitleJane Shuter 2007 The Ancient ChinaPaul Challen2005Life in Ancient ChinaJoanna Cole 2005Ms. Frizzs Adventure Imperial ChinaRobert Nicholson1994Ancient China& Claire WattlsAnita Ganeri 1994 Legacies From Ancient ChinaDate Accessed Website25/10/2012