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Transcript of ANCIENT CHINA

  • 1.Ancient China Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HSChappaqua, NY

2. Neolithic China 3. Peking Man (750,000 500,000 BCE) Sinanthropus pekinesis 4. Yellow River Civilization 5. Neolithic Pottery 3000 BCE to 2000 BCE 6. The 4 Old-WorldRiver Valley Cultures 7. Pan-Gu:Mythical Creator of the Universe 8. Chung Kuo (TheMiddle Kingdom ) 9. Hsia Dynasty 2205-1027 BCE 10. Yu, the Great Founderof the Hsia 11. Huangdi Emperor

  • The YellowEmperor.
  • Legend has it thathe ruled for over 100 years.
  • Associated with the invention ofwheeled vehicles, ships, armor, pottery, andsilk-making.

12. Emperor Fuxi

  • Mythical Hsia ruler.
  • Taught theChinese how to read and write,according to legend.

13. Hsia Plaque,1700 BCE 14. Shang Dynasty 1766-1027 BCE 15. Bronze Age Empires 16. Shang:1523-1028 BCE 17. Oracle Bones 18. Oracle Bones Calendar 19. The Evolution of Chinese Writing during the Shang Pictographs Semantic-Phonetics 20. Axe Scepter 1100 BCE- jade Ceremonial Dagger 1028 BCE 21. Shang Urn 22. Shang Bronzes 23. Ritual Wine Vessel bronze,13c BCE 24. Zhou Dynasty 1027 - 256 BCE 25. Western Zhou: 1027-771 BCE 26. Eastern Zhou: 771-256 BCE 27. Ritual FoodVessel, bronze11c BCE(Western Zhou) 28. Pendant of a Dancer - jade3c BCE (Eastern Zhou) 29. Ritual Wine Vessel 4c bronze, silver, gold, copper 30. Zhou Coins - bronze 31. Tien Ming The Mandate of Heaven

  • The leader must lead by ability and virtue.
  • The dynasty's leadership must be justified by succeeding generations.
  • The mandate could be revoked by negligence and abuse; the will of the people was important.

32. The Dynastic Cycle A newdynastycomes to power. Lives of commonpeople improved; taxes reduced; farming encouraged. Problems begin (extensive wars, invasions, etc.) Taxes increase; men forced to work for army. Farming neglected. Govt. increases spending;corruption. Droughts, floods, famines occur. Poor lose respect for govt. They join rebels & attack landlords. Rebel bands find strong leader who unites them. Attack the emperor. Emperor is defeated !! The emperor reforms the govt. & makes it more efficient. Start here