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  • 1.Crafts and ArtisansJade and bronze were the most prizedmaterials in Ancient China. Jade wasbelieved to have magical propertiesand to preserve the dead.

2. Workshop Alley There are a number of workshops in this ancient Chinese street. Click on them to find out what they are making inside. 3. Ancient Chinese TombThe ancient Chinese believed that theafterlife was a continuation of life onearth. 4. Tomb objectsThe powerful and wealthy of Ancient China had their tombsfurnished with very fine objects made from the very bestmaterials. They brought objects with them that they would use inthe next life. They had large sets of ritual vessels in their tombs sothey could continue to make offerings to their ancestors. Theyoften had weapons buried with them to show their power andthey could also be used in the afterlife. 5. In search of "Dragon Bones"In 1899 a man called Wang Yirong, a director in the ImperialAcademy of State Education in Beijing became ill with malaria. Hisdoctor sent to the local apothecary for the best known treatment ofmalaria - ground up dragon bones!