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Transcript of Analysis of our three chosen trailer

  • Shutter Island,Paranormal Activity &The Exorcism of EmilRose
  • What is the difference between a trailer and a teaser trailer?-A trailer, simply advertises a film or programme, often using shotsor scenes from the movie.-Most films have both a full length trailer and a teaser trailer.-A full trailer is longer, reveals more information about the movieand is often shown in cinemas soon before the films release.-Whereas, a teaser trailer is specifically that; a trailer meant totease. They dont reveal any significant plot details and are meantonly to give the spectator a minor glimpse as what is to come.-These are more commonly found online and on TV a while beforethe release of the film. This is to attract attention and create a buzzaround the up and coming movie.
  • Shutter Island Overview;Shutter Island is a psychological thriller set in a remoteasylum on a private island. The trailer introduces us tothe protagonist, a detective played by LeonardoDiCaprio, who appears to be inspecting the case of amissing person within the asylum. However as thetrailer progresses the audience become aware of atwist in the plot through the detectives change ofbehavior. The pace of the trailer increases whilst themusic climbs to a rapid pace, this creates tension andhints at the horror which lies in the asylum.Furthermore it suggests that there is more to thedetective than the trailer is willing to convey andleaves the audience questioning his position within theasylum.We have chosen this trailer as we aim to createa similar setting for our trailer (mental asylum)and a similar hybrid genre (psychologicalthriller/horror); we felt that this trailer portraysthis combination of genre well in the way wehope to.
  • Music & Sound Effects in Shutter Island;-Sea crashing against the shore emphasizes the isolation of the island.-Screaming noises (connote danger and suffering).-A number of sudden loud bangs whilst introducing shots within the asylum (createstension).-Silence (no music/sound) whilst the guards and detectives are speaking, thishighlights their authority and allows their dialogue to hold importance when they say:We only take in the most dangerous damaged patients which really highlights thesetting.-Whispers are heard from characters in the mental institute (following horror genreconventions).We plan to incorporate the loud bang sound effects to enhance the change ofshots in our trailer and to follow conventions from Shutter Island and build thesame scale of tension within our own institute. We also aim to use whispers in ourtrailer however we want to show where the whispers are coming from incomparison to Shutter Island where they use the whispers as voiceovers. Weplan to include dialogue from doctors in our trailer to clearly convey our narrative,highlight their authority in contrast to our protagonist and to show the importanceof what they are saying (that our character is mentally ill) We are challenging theamount of dialogue used in the trailer for Shutter Island by minimizing our amountof dialogue to emphasize our horror genre; instead we are using conventionalshots of our character being possessed which maintains the scary feel to horror
  • Mise-en-scene in Shutter Island;-Large black gates used in the introduction of the trailer, thisintroduces us to the setting (mental institute)-The guards alongside the gate suggest the entrapment of theasylum an the seriousness hinting at the dangerous patientsinside.-Deserted, empty rooms from the mental institute.-The shot of the shower is a convention of horror films as typicallythere is normally always a shot of the victim in a shower; thissuggests their vulnerability and hints forthcoming danger.-Barbed wire is used in a shot during the build up in the trailer.This further enhances the entrapment aspect to the asylum. Thedarkness in the shots conveys a horror feel and the sound effectalongside the shot makes the shot feel realistic and sudden.-Establishing shot of the asylum- large old isolated building whichstands as the destination of the institute.We plan to combine a shot of large black gates with theestablishing shot of our asylum in our trailer thereforechallenging these features of mise-en-scene in ShutterIsland. We are doing this as we feel it is important tointroduce our audience to the setting immediately. Tokeep with conventions of horror films we plan to use ashower shot with our female protagonist to highlight hervulnerability and to suggest forthcoming danger.
  • Shutter Island; Target AudienceThe age rating for the film is a 15 therefore in comparison with TheExorcism of Emily Rose we can argue that the film isnt suitable fora younger audience suggesting that it contains a lot more scarierand thrilling moments which wouldnt be suitable for a youngeraudience. In the first 10 seconds of the trailer we are introduced tothe A-list star, Leonardo DiCaprio immediately suggesting that thisfilm is targeted at a female audience as he is very popular andattractive. Furthermore, the fact that he is well known suggests thatthe film will gain mass appeal as there would be a lot of build up andhype around a film staring an A-list star as the protagonist. Thefilms genre, Psychological thriller also suggests action whichtypically appeals to male audience and we can see this through athree-shot image of the detectives. Typically, films containing horrorgenres do not include well known actors, in example the actorsused for Paranormal Activity are unknown and this could suggestwhy the trailer has to strongly emphasize horror conventions toappeal to their target audience where as this films trailer can justsubtly embark on thrilling and scary moments as they know thattheir A-list actors will create the most appeal.Examples within the trailer that appeal to its target audience;-Image of Leonardo DiCaprio- attractive, popular, female audience. (screenshot where it states his name and compare to Paranormal Activity lack ofemphasis on actors name)-Where action is taken place (detectives, guards, guns etc.)- male audience.How this will affect our trailer and target audience;We are ultimately challenging the use of characters to appeal to our targetaudience of this trailer- instead we are following conventions of ParanormalActivity by using unknown characters; this will force us to exaggerate ourthrilling and scary moments within our trailer to appeal to our target audiencethat way instead of A-list actors. -We are also going to include a build up ofaction within our trailer to appeal to male audience- in example we plan to usefound footage to convey our female characters memory of the killing of herMother when she is possessed and this found footage will be action packed,
  • Representation of Social Groups;WHO DOES THIS TRAILER REPRESENT?-Patients who suffer with mental health problems;negative portrayal of them, disturbing behavior;allows the trailer to appear scary.-Detectives; males. (connotes action thereforemale audience appeal).HOW WILL THIS EFFECT OUR TRAILER ANDWHO WE WANT TO REPRESENT?We want to represent a social group of doctors,which are a social group within Shutter Islandhowever do not play a dominant part in the trailer.We are representing the social group of patientswho suffer with mental health problems but arechallenging the way Shutter Island present thisgroup as we are only representing this socialgroup through one character.
  • Paranormal Activity Overview;Paranormal Activity is a film about a young couplemoving into a suburban home and becomingincreasingly disturbed by a nightly demonicpresence. The film is shot with hand-held camerasand this is hugely reflected through the productionbudget of under $15000. The trailer exposes theaudience to the nightly demonic presence throughfound footage to express a realistic sense of horror.We have chosen this trailer to deconstruct as wefound similarities in what we want to include in ourtrailer in terms of style and editing. We intend toinclude a demon possession and incorporate foundfootage to represent the protagonists point of view.We chose this trailer as it involves techniques wecan easily mimic when filming our own trailer andthe narrative of devil force is similar to how weenvision ours to be.
  • Style;Found footage and CCTV techniques are used in the film are are presentedin the trailer to allow the audience to feel part of whats happening and canalso leave the the spectator in suspense as this technique of style may fail toshow every detail of the trailer. The film is filmed in a similar way to aobservational documentary, creating the effect that original sound and raw,uncut footage was used, like a fly on the wall documentary. Editing;The most effective cut used within the trailer is the white noise screens thatreplicate a home video recorder, another way they simulate this is by superimposing the date and time in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.This also mimics a home video and adds to the realist narrative. The traileralso cuts to black shots with short reviews about the film and text such as;"Experience it for yourself" flashing onto the screen. This addresses thespectator directly and persuades them to want to watch the film.After watching the Paranormal Acti