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2. Analysis 1 Rihanna, Rated R Text: There is 2 pieces of text on this cover; the title at the bottom in faded text and simply a letter,which gives off an intriguing effect. The album is called Rated R hence the use of the letter R in the right-hand corner. It appears to be written with lipstick, matching to the one she is wearing again signifying her rebellion, as she didnt bother to use a pen. it seems to written in a haphazard manner, as if she was in an unstable state; connoting her unique, bold style. Colour: The entire cover is in black and white; connoting both darkness and danger, as well as peace and innocence. The use of black resembles her rebellious lifestyle and I will do as I please attitude representing her as a liability. The white signifies innocence, which is then contrasted with her badass attitude, with the black; especially since the black overshadow the white. Image:The image is a mid shot of the artist and she is slightly slouched, portraying her rebellious attitude. She has one hand placed carelessly on the left side of her face, as if she is sick and tired with life presenting her defiant personality. Only one eye is shownwhich looks intimidating connoting her aggression. 3. Analysis 1 Rihanna, Rated R Text & Colour: The back cover is simply black, with all the text written in white, matching her fur coat, in the image, and because it stands out against the dark background. Also, the colours black and white connote the goodie &baddie concept-representing her persona. The text on the left is all the tracks, with any featuring artists and the producers written in smaller font next to them. Underneath and in the right-hand corner is the addition copyright information and refers to who had input in the creation of this album. Also, the logos of the companies that were involved in the album and publicity are in small above the text and lastly the barcode in the corner.Image:the image is a long shot of Rihanna looking back at you, as she walks away. Her facial expression is very direct and eye-catching, as if she is eyeing you out of a crowd; presenting a strong connection. She is dressed in little clothing, in fact it looks as if all she is wearing is lingerie, with a fur coat to cover her body reinforcing the sexualised stereotype that most female artists conform to in the music industry. 4. Analysis 2 Ne-Yo, Year of the Gentlemen Text: The artists name, Ne-yo is written in a basic, block letter font, portraying importance and the need to stand out on the page. However, the album title, Year of the Gentleman is in very formal, elegant text, as ifits been handwritten onto the page. Both pieces of text are in black, to be able to stand out against the page and catch peoples eye. Colour: The colours are not very bright, instead look vintage andclassic. His suit if grey, with pinstripes, presenting his smart, sophisticated style. The setting of the image is an old house, wherein the colours are bold and neutral. The walls are a magnolia colour, with an old, Victorian, brown door. This reinforces how the album is called the Year of the Gentleman as in the Victorian era, men were given main prominence and power. Image: The image is a medium shot of the artist looking down, as he puts his hat on. Therefore, you are unable to see his face; creating mystery. The background is off a vintage room, presenting the classic effect of RnB music. This also links to his clothing, as he is dressed very smartly, topped off with the 1920s. Rat Pack hat conveying his own personal style. This background is faded out to represent his importance to the target audience. 5. Analysis 2 Ne-Yo, Year of the Gentlemen Text & Colour:the background is black, with another image on top of it. the text is in white, with the track numbers in a very dull baby blue colour; matching the inside of his jacket. The font is simple and not too flamboyant; representing his style of music and persona. The only other text is a list of the people who worked on the album, including producers. In the left-hand corner, the company logos are included, as well as thelabel that Ne-Yo is signed with in an elegant font; matching the font of the album title on the front. The main colours are black, white and grey connoting danger and threat; as if he poses a threat to other recording artists, due to his immense fame, success and popularity within the music industry. Image:the image is a long shot of Ne-Yo walking along the street, looking to the side- presenting mystery. He is dressed smart casual, with his hands in his pockets and his bowtie undone, connoting his rebellion or even his laidback attitude to life. His signature look is not complete without the 1920s rat pack hat, the aspect os his costume that makes him who he is. 6. Analysis 3 Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday Text: The text is written along the bottom of the cover, in grey font. The only part of the text that is written in different font and colour is the word pink, reinforcing the whole purpose of the album concept; the Barbie style meaning a devotion to pink. The font looks like its written with pink lip gloss/lipstick, keeping with the girly theme. The rest of the text, Nicki Minaj and Friday is in thin, grey, capital font, on the white background, looking very serene yet still stands out, as its the most usual aspect of the entire cover. Colour: Pink takes prominence on this cover, reinforcing her Barbie style. She has bright pink hair, on a baby pink organza material all on the backdrop of a more neutral pink background. The bottom of the cover is white, so people are able to read and see the text clearly. Also, its a white background, so the word pink was able to be in the colour pink, in the lip-gloss/lipstick format. Image: The image is a long shot of the artist with a slight high angle; making her seem small to contradict the deliberate long legs she supposedly has. She is sat down on the backdrop of a solid pink background, linking to the album title and her Barbie personality. The whole ideology of the Barbie doll is reinforced with her plastic, flawless appearance, the use of the colour pink, elongated legs and stagnant /strained posture. She is sat in front ofsome sort of baby pink, fluffy, large organzamaterial representing her infatuation with fashion, beauty and especially the colour pink; again reinforcing her Barbielook and own personality and music. 7. Analysis 3 Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday Text & Colour: the background colour is a light shade of pink which fades into white; giving the image a more sophisticated look, than just block colours. The track numbers are in a dark grey colour and the track titles are in white to make it clear for readers. This is a deluxe edition, therefore there are two extra tracks, written in grey text underneath the others. Along the bottom on the cover is all the additional information, including all the producers and technical workers who helped create the album, company logos and an Anti-Piracy warning. Lastly, on the sides, there are 2 strips of a darker pink colour, with the artist name and album title. Image:It is a long shot of Nicki Minaj crouched down on the floor, in a flamboyant, organza pink dress with 8 inch, platform bubblegum pink stilettos and her bright pink hair represented the typical Barbie girl look, with a twist of her own personality. Her posture is straight, she is pouting and has placed her hand in graceful, yet snooty way, to mimic upper-class, elite people. this presents her to be a very humorous person, depicted through her facial expressions, body language, outgoing costumes and lastly her music. 8. ANALYSIS OF MUSIC VIDEOS 9. Analysis 1 Cee Lo Green, Forget You http:// = bKxodgpyGec

  • This video is set in a 1960s diner, matching the style and persona of Cee LO Green himself. The video also utilises the effects of green screen, an element which allowed the video to have certain images and text to pop up, according to the lyrics.
  • This is an element described By Andrew Goodwin, in his theory of music videos. He says that there is a relationship between the lyrics and visuals, whether they are being illustrated to represent the narrative or being amplified to present his style and personality. For example, at the start of the video, a little boy enters the diner and the video briefly pauses to allow an image of a green truck and text reading young Cee Lo Green in different shades of blue and greento pop up as an introduction of his character.
  • These colours are used to present the masculinity of the character, reinforcing the male stereotype. This is seen for the female stereotype, when the introduction of his love interest is created. She is known as the heartbreaker, in fancy pink text, with a red sports car. His truck represents his unequal status and poor background, in comparison top her powerful stature as the rich girl; hence why she breaks his heart according to Marxists.
  • Goodwin's next argument that the music is related to the visuals is also correct as its set in the 1960s, an atmosphere of trying to please a lady and to have fun. Their hair is very big and outgoing, as well as their unique outfits, matching to the upbeat, funky tune to the song.
  • Furthermore, the video is an episodic narrative, as the song is portrayed through Cee Lo Greens flashbacks of his life from a little boy till adulthood, with him directly singing the song in another scene in the diner


  • This is done through the introduction of characters, to the high school years, where he now works at the diner and again tries to impress the heartbreaker.
  • The video continues to do this, presenting the audience with the enigma code of whether they end up together or not. The v