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Page 1: Analysing Magazine Covers
Page 2: Analysing Magazine Covers

Top strip : this sentence gives us a brief introduction of what is going on inside the magazine .This grabs the readers attention by the key word such as ,’ rise',' tragic fall’.

Mast head :the typical bold and large font is used to highlight the main image in the front of the mast head to attract the target audience .

The main Characters name is mentioned on the front page to in enlarged font size .The font is in white to be in contrast with the background as well as to question the reader’s mind.

Cover lines : These are the main features within the magazines , these are written in brief because it gives the reader a instance conscience to read more about the different features

it consist .

Barcode: one of the other elements it should is the barcode , for the use of the buyer to inform the price of the magazine.

Extra information is been added to attract the audience; this also collides well with the background and

the other writing.

The whole magazine itself consist almost all of the magazine’s elements. The main ingredients in this magazine cover is strap line, masthead, cover lines , barcode and main image.

Non-verbal communication: This image of Chris brown looks like he is been directly looking at the audience ( has impact on the audience).

Page 3: Analysing Magazine Covers

Main image : the purpose of using a celebrity is to grab audience attention .

Barcode /dateline & Price : Barcode is just the extra use of additional information , usually used by the buyer to acknowledge the prices of the magazine .

strap line: this sentence gives the reader a insight of the magazine , to read the rest of magazines not just by the persuasive language , but also the used of punctuation. For instance the use of punctuation mark , gives a sense of eager's of what's

going on .

This magazine has a additional offering. The offer itself is very persuasive and the font also highlights the whole magazine.

Mast Head : Heat the NME typography is used in every single heat magazine , the same font and size .This is for the readers information of what sort of magazine it is .

This Magazine cover doesn’t have many cover lines, it only has few which are formatted large to highlights the key features.

Page 4: Analysing Magazine Covers

Mast head: The font is enlarged and the font colours is well blended within the background colour. According to the colour contrast and the structure of the magazine is looks like it has been aimed mostly at rock – based audience

There are few articles written around the main image to make this magazine more noticeable and attractive .

The main focus is on the main image ;this images gives a impression to the audience he is the main star in this magazine.

Cover lines : these are key ingredient/elements of the magazine

The colour combination of yellow ,red ,white and black is well suited within the front cover ,which makes it bright and colourful. Therefore it also highlights the genre of the magazine ,which is targeted at rock audience. This can be also seen through the articles the magazine consist of.

Pug: highlights the key feature in the magazine, it gives the reader a simple insight of what it consist inside

the magazine.

Page 5: Analysing Magazine Covers

Mass Head :the title called “This Week” is used for the reader’s knowledge , to understand what the page consist of from the main title .

This magazines has used bright colours (yellow ,Orange& white ) , to have a colour contrast .Moreover it also been used in order for the reader to understand the font and the writing (basically highlights the font

size and the colour .

The pictures emphasises on the events that is taking place in the features

written beside it .

Different font size and colours has been used to indicate the different features and to reveals a brief summary of essential information on each article it consist .

The page number and articles heading has been listed for the readers to skip to the page where they are mostly interested and it easer for the reader to address to that specific page.

Released date is written below the main tile to show how recent the magazine is

and issue is also be mentioned at the top .

Page 6: Analysing Magazine Covers

The mast heading is layout at the top left- hand corner , this is typical font, similar font to the pervious magazines .The Colour of the mast head is white in red background which creates a unique style ,which attracts the audience because it is colour coordinated .

Sub- heading is been used to highlight the key feature in this magazine, for the readers knowledge it is essential to have a specific title to show the reader what the magazine will be based

on .

Articles has been numbered into a list at the corner for the readers .It has been listed in order to indicate which article will be on which page .The magazine also write a brief summary of the article to

grab the readers attention.

Main image is also a part of this content page , the mid-shot image of a drummer playing ,also relates to sub heading “drummer”. This is a short description of what is

going internally .