An Affair to remember - Shared Affair An Affair to remember... Canapes $5 per person per choice...

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Transcript of An Affair to remember - Shared Affair An Affair to remember... Canapes $5 per person per choice...

  • An Affair to remember...

  • Canapes $5 per person per choice

    Peking Duck Pancakes

    Shredded Peking Duck . Cucumber . Shallot . Hoisin ~

    Smoked Trout Betel Leaves (GF) Trout . Coconut . Lime . Peanuts . Coriander .  Nam Jim

    ~ Steak & Chips (GF)

    Cubed Eye Fillet of Beef . Onion Jam . Mini French Fries ~

    Meatballs in Nonna’s Sauce Pork And Veal Meat Balls . Nonna’s Tomato Sugo . Parmesan

    ~ Vodka Cured Eye Fillet Crostini

    Vodka Rosemary and Lemon Cured Beef . Horseradish Cream . Crisp Bread ~

    Greek Lamb And Couscous Medium Rare Lamb Back Strap . Herbed Couscous . Tzatziki

    ~ Corn Empanadas with Tomatillo Salsa Verde (GF)

    4 cheese Pulled Chicken and Veg Pulled Beef and Potato

    ~ Cheese & Spinach Filo Parcels (V)

    Feta . Ricotta . Spinach . Lemon . Filo

  • Tuna Tartare Tacos (GF) Raw Yellowfin Tuna . Avocado . Jalapeño . Corriander . Lime . Tortilla Crisp

    ~ Smoked Salmon Roulade

    Crepe . Smoked Salmon .  Crème Fraîche  . Salmon pearls ~

    Mini Poke Bowls (GF) Salmon Sashimi . Edamame . Seaweed Salad . Ginger . Miso . Fried Shallots

    ~ Salmon Sashimi (GF)

    Salmon Sashimi . Ponzu . Ginger . Wasabi Mayo . Micro herbs(Served in Shot Glasses) ~

    Tiger Prawn Cocktails (GF) Freshly Peeled Prawns . Chipotle Marie Rose Sauce . Cucumber

    ~ Snapper Ceviche (GF)

    Lime cured fresh Snapper. Eschallot . Watermelon . Corriander . Avocado ~

    Sydney Rock Oysters (GF) Vinaigrette

     Finger Lime Caviar ~

    Fish and Chips Cones of Beer Battered Fish . Fries . Tartare . Lemon

    ~ Indian Spiced Lamb Kofta (GF)

    Lamb Kofta . Curry Sauce . Mint  Raita

  • Mexican Chicken OR Bean (V) Burrito Rounds

    Tortilla . Spiced Chicken OR Bean . Crème Fraîche . Mint . Tomato ~

    Mini Leek & Gruyere Tarts (V) Shortcrust pastry . Egg . Leek . Gruyere . Onion Jam 

    ~ Chicken Satay Sticks (GF)

    Marinated Chicken . Malaysian Spices . Peanut . Coconut . Coriander  ~

    Aranchini Balls  4 Cheese Arancini 

    Saffron, Manchego & Fontina Arancini Spinach & Porcini Arancini 

    ~ Curried Beef Cocktail Pies

    Spiced Beef . Mint Raita . Mango Chutney . Microherbs ~

    Mini Rice Paper Rolls (GF) ( Vermicelli . Vietnamese Herbs . Peanut Dipping Sauce)

    Mild Chilli Prawn   Satay Chicken & Avocado

    Tofu and Shemiji Mushroom (V) ~

    Indian Spiced Lamb Kofta (GF) Lamb Kofta . Curry Sauce . Mint  Raita 

    ~ Mini Corn Fritters with Capsicum Relish

    Corn . Corriander . Capsicum Relish . Microherbs ~

    French Onion Soup Filos (V) Caramelised Onion . Gruyere . Thyme . Filo 

  • Gluten Free Sliders Available | $5 per person

    Mini Mac Cheeseburger All Beef Patty . Onion .  Cheese . Mustard . Ketchup . Pickle 

     ~ 12 Hour Slow Roast Pulled Pork

    Texan Spiced Pork . Apple And Cabbage Slaw . Chipotle Aioli ~

    Mediterranean Lamb  Spiced Lamb . Mint Yogurt . Capsicum Relish . Baby Spinach

    ~ Portuguese Chicken

    Chicken . Peri Peri Aioli . Lettuce . American Cheese ~

    Falafel (V) Falafel . Baba Ghanoush . Tabouli 

    ~  Slow Cooked Pulled Beef Brisket

    8 hour Spiced Beef Brisket . American Cheese . Aioli . Smokey BBQ Sauce ~

    Fish Burger Fried Beer Battered Fish . Tartare . Iceberg

    ~ Mini Bánh mì'

     Grilled Lemongrass Chicken . Pickled Veg . Coriander . Mayo . Soy Dressing

    Mini Sliders

  • Pasta Canapes Served In Mini White Boxes |  Gluten Free Pasta Available  | $5 per person

    Pasta Ragu

    Tagliatelle . Lamb Ragu . Parmesan ~

    Spaghetti Vongole Spaghetti . White Wine . Garlic . Clams . Parsley

    ~ Truffled Mac ‘ N ‘ Cheese  

    4 Cheese Macaroni . Fresh Truffle . Prosciutto Crumb ~

    Prawn Linguini Al Olio  Prawns . Garlic . Chilli . Lemon . Parsley

    ~ Broccoli  And Chorizo Orecchiette

     Broccoli . Chorizo Broth. Chorizo Crumb ~

    Fettuccini With Wild Mushrooms  Wild Mushrooms . Cream . Balsamic . Thyme

    ~ Pappardelle Bolognese (Nonna's secret recipe)

     Slow Cooked Ragu . Red Wine . Peas . Parmesan ~

    Pasta Alla Norma (V) Spaghetti  . Eggplant . Zucchini . Garlic . Tomato . Basil 


  • Salad Canapes Served In Mini White Boxes |  Gluten Free & Vegetarian Available | $5 per person

    Fattoush Salad With Cracked Falafel Balls (V)

     Tomato . Cucumber . Herbs . Pita Crisps . Sumac . Falafel ~

    Thai Beef Salad (GF) Sliced Rare Beef . Herb Salad . Peanut . Lime . Fish Sauce

    ~ Bún Thịt Nướng

    Vermicelli Noodles . Pickled Veg . Pork Mince . Lemongrass . Coriander . Peanuts ~

    Spiced Chickpea And Zucchini Salad (GF) Chick Peas . Zucchini . Herbs . Goats Cheese . Zucchini Flowers

    ~ Candied Beet And Roast Pumpkin Salad (GF)

    Candied Beets . Pumpkin . Pepitas .Baby Spinach . Persian Fetta  ~

    Trout & Labne Root Veg (GF) Shaved raw Beetroot & Radish . Smoked Trout . Lentils . Baby Spinach . Tamari Almonds . Labne . Sumac

    Dressing ~

    Gourmet Greek Salad (.GF, V) Feta . Tomatoes . Red Onion . Cucumber . Pita Crisps

    ~ Poached Chicken and Soba Noodle Salad

    Soba . Miso . Chicken . Edamame . Pickled Ginger . Cucumber

  • Antipasto Tower $15 - $25 per person

    Allow our Antipasto tower to be the centrepiece of your event! Packed with tasty morsels we customise each tower to suit the theme or event! Comes complete with a mini bagel

    wall for that extra wow factor!

    The installation will have a rustic feel and will be styled with candles, lanterns and ornaments in line with your overall theming and styling.

    House cured and smoked meats including a selection of salami, prosciutto, coppa collo, mortadella, smoked ham and rare roast beef. Local and imported cheeses with accompaniments including quince paste, fig jam and a selecion of crackers and crispbreads. Smoked salmon with dill crème fraiche with mini bagels. Grilled, marinated and pickled vegetables. Stuffed and marinated olives. Selection of sweet treats  Seasonal fresh and dried fruits Selection of dips Seafood including fresh prawns, oysters & smoked salmon ($10 Extra)

  • The Grand Pan

    Seafood Paella

    1 option $35 | 2 options $45 | 3 options $55

    Make our 1.5m grand pans the centrepiece of your event! Cooked Al fresco, guest’s interact with our Chefs and watch their meal come to life. Each pan is served with a selection of sides to highlight the Grand Pan

    Choose from some of our favourite pans below or work with our chef to come up with your very own creative bespoke menu. Great for stand

    up/cocktail events and outdoor events!

    Osso Bucco Pasta Master Meatballs Taco Bar

  • Entrée Platters  1 option $15 | 2 options $25 | 3 options $30 per person

    Served banquet or Buffet style |  Gluten Free Pasta Available  |  Vegetarian Available

    Cheese and Antipasto boards ~

    Plughmans Platters -Baked  Tripple Brie, Leg Ham, Cornichons and Crusty Bread ~

    Pasta Platters (please refer to our pasta canapé selection on page 6 for menu) ~

    Sea Salt and Pepper Calamari Fritti with Aioli ~

    Our Caprese - Mixed Tomato salad with Burrata and Basil Oil ~

    Carpaccio of Beef with Ciabata, Horseradish Creama ~

    Sydney rock Oysters with Finger Lime Caviar and Eshallot Vinaigrette ~

    Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Salt and Pecorino  ~

    Chargrilled Octopus with Smokey Eggplant Puree and Pickled Baby Onions ~

    Spring Bruschetta with Smashed asparagus, Ricotta, Basil and Parmesan 

    Se 3 a Br Ch Se


  • Entrée Platters cont... 

    Mini Meatballs with Roast Cherry Tomato Sauce and Crusty Bread ~

    Crispy School prawns with Smoked Paprika Aioli ~

    Salmon Crudo - Finely Sliced Raw Salmon with Fennel, Pickled Apple and Lemon Oil ~

    Lamb Kofta with Tahini, Nuts and Herb Salad ~

    Free-form Roast Vegetable Lasagna with Rocket Oil ~

    Smoked Trout and Raw Root Veg Salad with Labne and Almonds  ~

    Baked Herbed Ricotta with Charred Brussels and Orange Maple Dressing ~

    Open Spanakopita with Mint Salad ~

    DIY Mexican Fish Tacos with Salsa Verde, Slaw and Pico De Gallo ~

    Individual Gin and Tonic Prawn Cocktails ~

    Tuna Carpaccio with Smoked Chilli Aioli, Capers and Roast Cherry Tomatoes ~

    Agradolce Roast Peppers with crusty Bread and Burrata

    Se 3 a Br Ch Se


  • The Main Event  


    $45 per person

    Served Banquet or Buffet Style |  Gluten Free Available  |  Vegetarian Available

    We create an alfresco kitchen so the scent of slow roasting meats wafts through your party and guests can interact with our chefs, watching their meal take shape. Large spits will slowly roast your meats until tender and juicy while giant paella pans will roast a selection of Mediterranean

    vegetables until crispy and golden. The meal is designed to be served communally on large platters, banquet style down the centre of the tables like our families do.