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Power Point Created by a group of Todd Elkin's High School Students as part of a Unit Called Shelter. see

Transcript of Amze Emmons Presentation1

  • 1. Amze Emmons by Dmitry , Sean, and Danny,Justin, Laurence, Brett,Jose

2. How is this artist participating in a global conversation and important issues and what are the primary issues this artist is addressing?

  • Amze Emmons uses subject matter such as refugee architecture, abandoned inhabited spaces, and decimated urban landscapes as a way of investigating and bringing attention to important issues such as global displacement and refugee migration.

3. What is special and different about the ways the artist explores topics and issues?

  • Amze's unique approach and process allow him to create artwork that captures the viewers eye. His process begins with gathering visual information from documentary sources.
  • His objective is to filter the chaotic and overwhelming content and source material to give his work a feeling of minimal realism as well as distinct visual quietness.

4. Artist's Process

  • After gathering source material he spends a lot of time drawing and erasing, trying to find the essential elements and editing the image down to what seems most true. After the shapes are painted, the end result is a very sharp image. Yet if you look closely there is evidence of erasing and re-drawing allowing the drawn marks and painted shapes which gives the work a raw and authentic look.
  • Another aesthetic device that can be seen throughout Emmons' artwork is emphasis on is color and shape which bring balance and manipulate the composition.

5. How is this artist pushing the limits of categories and reconsidering what can be thought of as Art?

  • Amze Emmons is pushing the limits of what can be thought of as art by creating artwork which catalogs and brings emphasis to shapes, structures, architecture, and forms from our daily world which we normally see as insignificant and trivial. This allows the viewer to discover what they fail to perceive their daily lives.

6. What can you find about why this artist feels a sense of responsibility as a citizen of the world to explore and communicate about certain issues

  • The balance between what is shown and what isn't alludes to a particular narrative even though Emmons doesn't intend these images as narrative works. He feels that these images exist as artifacts of his process and thinks that the reason the images alludes to narrative is because of what the audience brings to them. Looking at his artwork We can recollect significant images such as those from Katrina's aftermath, refugee shelters,and war ravaged villages. Emmons' works which is made up of architecture and evidence of displacement have various symbols that can be deciphered in many various ways, allowing each image to be a place of discovery for everyone.

7. Normal Exile 8. Refugee Architecture: As Yet Untitled 9. Evidence of Resistance 10. Impulse to Rescue 11. Refugee Architecture: As Yet Untitled 12. Gift World 13. Refugee Architecture: As Yet Untitled