Amy Desel - Highly Skilled Pediatric Dietician

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Transcript of Amy Desel - Highly Skilled Pediatric Dietician

  1. 1. Amy Desel - Highly Skilled Pediatric Dietician
  2. 2. Amy Desel is a veteran dietician with more than 15 years of experience. He has passed a national examination that is conducted by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, and has finished a licensed, managed practice course at a renowned health-care facility.
  3. 3. He has worked in paediatrics for almost his entire working career, gaining varied and extensive knowledge as well as experience in all the areas of pediatric nutrition. He holds a specialization in nutrition and in analyzing personal nutritional needs of his clients, providing education, practical help as well as support, and translating current scientific evidence into practice.
  4. 4. As an expert pediatric dietician, he has also worked as an active member of the Child Development Center and the Pediatric Gastroenterology Team. The comprehensive experience in these fields has assisted him develop expertise in evaluating a wide range of feeding problems and managing special or therapeutic diets along with the feeding behavior of young children.
  5. 5. Amy Desel is an expert in the dietary management of food tolerance in young children and infants, as well. Additionally, he can offer individual assessment and dietary analysis for special and restricted diets. He is very passionate about the meals and in assisting parents make the best nutrition options for their children. He likes making scientific information understandable and accessible to everyone.
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