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AMT BD Plan, Marcel Bick

ICT Enabled ManufacturingThere is an industry need which I strongly believe in. Worked for industry, know what they (not) do.Collaboration and getting to know each other to develop REAL SOLUTIONSWe are linked alreadyHaving fun




Thats incredibly sad to hear. There are no more flagships? How am I going to tell my wife and the kids?BU sounds really great though4

ManufacturingDigital ProductivityCollaboration and getting to know each other to develop REAL SOLUTIONSWe are linked alreadyHaving fun


ManufacturingData61Data Australia6

Opportunities Market PullManufacturing productivity increase through CSIROs LAMS/Guardian concept. Global market for light weight robotics 6.5B$ (2011), CAGR 6% (IMS Research)

Manufacturing Execution System Market: 13.6 B$ by 2020, CAGR 12% (Source: MarketsandMarkets May 2014); Key players: ABB, Camstar system, Emerson, GE, Honeywell, iBASEt, Omron, Oracle, Rockwell, SAP AG, Schneider Electric, Siemens AG

3D printing: US$7 billion by 2025, (IDTechEx).

Hidden Cost of Manufacturing in Australia: 1B$ opportunity; solution IoT

CSIRO Industry workshops across the country:

Need for assistive automationDetail what we have locked and what impacts a reduction of 10% and 20% in revenues.Need to model (for contingency) a reduction in health activity from government funding.


Growing ImportanceRoboBusiness Conference AttendeesDetail what we have locked and what impacts a reduction of 10% and 20% in revenues.Need to model (for contingency) a reduction in health activity from government funding.

8Some Examples for Industry PullAMT BD Plan, Marcel Bick

9Pipeline Status 2014 Former Agile Manufacturing

FY14/15Full Pipeline$14.45MWeighted Pipeline$4.02MExecuted/With Client$1.28MFinal Proposal$2.15MProposal Initial$2.10MProspect/Lead$8.93M10

Innovation Hubs (MF/DPF)11 |

LLP3000 Hours/a Loss at Australian Distribution Centres

Source: Manufacturers Monthly 21 August 2015


ManufacturingDigital ProductivityMarket NeedCollaboration and getting to know each other to develop REAL SOLUTIONSWe are linked alreadyHaving fun

13Thank youCSIRO Manufacturing and Digital ProductivityMarcel Bick

t+61 2 9413

ICT-Enabled Manufacturing GoalSupporting the futurecompetitiveness and responsiveness ofAustralias Industrial/Manufacturing Sector

through fit for purposeinformation technology service innovations

that improve the transformation oflabour, knowledge and resources

to optimizeAustralia's production efficiency.Here is our high level BD&C strategy, indicating areas of growth15CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship

Addressing Silicon Valley CommunityCSIRO Guardian Technologies San Jose, Sep 23-24 2015

Three-year engagement planBuild industry network, business opportunities, link global innovation system

How: CSIRO keynote, panel representation, exhibition, product presentation

Manufacturing and Digital Productivity

Growing ImportanceKeynote can be opportunity to address startup community, VCs, industry partners and end users: Vision of the New CSIRO, highly commercially oriented, ready to engage with StartUps, combined with track record and vision for Agile Manufacturing/Autonomous Systems17Economic Importance of Sectors The WHYSource: Derived from ABS 2013, Gross Value Added by Industry

HighMediumLowAMT BD Plan, Marcel Bick18Growth Plan ICT-Enabled Manufacturing: FY14-18High Performance Workplace: Assistive Robotics and Collaboration Resource Efficient Manufacturing: Sustainability and Custom Manufacture ProcessesIoT, iManufacturing Architecture:Manufacturing Informatics, Interoperability ICT enabled manuf.StrategyFY2014-16International Government /Research / NGOs Australian Private / Consortia / GovernmentInternational Private /SME/LMCImpact Drivers13/14: $2.7M - 17/18: >$5MTechnology Licencinge.g. Manufacturing Informatics$1.0m$0.9m$1.5m$1.1m$0.5m$2.5m

$0.8mSegmentation / Risk FactorsManufacturing Market Forecast (global/local)$0.0mAMT BD Plan, Marcel BickHere is our high level BD&C strategy, indicating areas of growth

19Agile ManufacturingInnovation in technology to drive productivity and competitiveness of Australias ManufacturersCSIRO Manufacturing FlagshipStrengthsWeaknesses Global reputation in Assistive automation High Precision optical coatingsSustainable supply chains-Staff committed to mission-oriented impact-Emerging networks and long term relationships across key markets in Government, business and industryrelationships with industry, government and academia-Alignment with Annual Direction Statement-Pro-active and directed capability development-Emerging platform technologies relevant to the theme-Recognised as a world leader in high-quality custom fabrication, coating and metrology of high precision optical components-Critical mass vulnerable to loss of key personnel-Recognition & credibility through established track record (but growing strength over past 12 months)-Public perceptions towards new technologies resulting in loss of jobs- Limited CapX: Access needs to be ensured as there is a risk because Agile operates across flagships- Theme strategy yet to be fully road tested and ratifiedOpportunitiesThreats-Emerging evidence for relevance and growth potential in the Themes targeted areas of focus, specifically Assistive Automation and Manufacturing Informatics -Leverage our existing partners network to expand our own network of partners (e.g. Commercialisation partners through Boeing)-Opportunities for manufacturing from - Government engagement and supportive government policiesNew partnerships with unions (e.g. AMWU) to promote the benefits of new technologies

- Apply design-led innovation principles to improve capture of value within the program and externally-Australian manufacturing struggling in certain sectors creates negative image-SMEs lack of ability to fund research-International competition for R&D providers and high Australian dollar. 13/14: 70% revenue from international clients-Lack of full awareness of competitors at this point-IP position is at an early stage of development and could be outmanoeuvred by competitors-High cost of establishing a credible effort in new activities (CAPEX)SWOT Agile ManufacturingAMT BD Plan, Marcel Bick21Increase Engagement Efficiency

NowGoalHow50 Contacts = 10 Prospects Qualified

20 ContactsSegment analysis + target10 Qualified Prospects = 5 Proposals

5 P5 Proposals = 1 Transaction

5 P = 1T

1 Transaction = $120,000 (average)

1 T = $500,000Cluster, State + FederalEach technology partner contacted contributes only $2400 of external revenue$25,000/ contactAMT BD Plan, Marcel BickHow to get thereChange in focus to larger transactions and clusters, 12 mths lifecycle, requirements of monthly follow ups to convert. BD education program for project leaders, specifically proposal writing22Engagement Plan Events and CommsConferenceTarget Audience / ImpactSupporting Stream StrategyFY 13/14FY 14/15FY15/16Robobusiness, USAAutomation Industry and End Users / Leads into Prospects. Commercialisation partners. New industry contacts. Raise visibility of CSIRO internationally. LAMS, Manufacturing Informatics (TBC) Launch White Paper LAMS10/14Sponsor, KeynoteYES

YESRobobusiness, EUAutomation Industry and End Users / New industry contacts. Raise visibility of CSIRO internationally.LAMS, Manufacturing Informatics (TBC)Travel restrictedTBCTBCAutomatica, EUIndustrial Automation and End Users / New industry contacts. Commercialisation partnersLAMS, Manufacturing Informatics (TBC)See above 06/14NMW, AUGovernment, Australian and International Manufacturing Sales Reps / national visibility Manufacturing Informatics, LAMS, - Launch White Paper05/14May15May16Comput. Science and eResearch Conf. AUScience leaders / Creating of networksManufacturing Informatics. Semantics in Science Engineer.03/14NEED: Major trade show: Industrial Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering Industry / Identify commercialisation partnersCEBIT too broad (?)Manufacturing Informatics, LAMSTBCTBCTBCSustainable Manufacturing SeminarAustralian Industry, GovernmentSustainable Manufacturing / Circular Economy / LCATBCTBCTBCInternational Coatings Conference, EUCoating equipment manufacturers, end users / seek commercialisation partner and end users (e.g. LIGO)Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies10/14YESYESLAMS workshop NSWAustralian Manufacturers NSW, government / Leads into Prospects. Continuous MIICRC engagementLAMS03-04/14YESYESManufacturing Informatics workshopAustralian Industry, Government / Seek industry feedback on initiative, new industry contactsManufacturing Innovation05/14YESYESDesign-led innovation workshopTBCTBCTBCAMT BD Plan, Marcel BickStill to be segmented into third party and CSIRO lead Thought Leadership - Target for White PapersNews Magazines:Supporting Stream Strategy: Topic20142015PACE: Process and Control Engineering ( ) - Emerging Industrial automation technologiesLAMS 2, following NSW industry consultationsRobobusiness, Oct 2014Manufacturers Monthly ( ) - News, Articles on business solutions for manufacturing industry, case examples, emerging technologies.Electronic News ( Articles on latest engineering and technological developmentsFerret ( ) - latest product, company and industry news updates, including industrial automation.The Conversation ( ) Articles, opinion on science, research and Technology in generalManufacturing InformaticsNMW / May 2014Az