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The inaugural issue of the new Amplify, featuring: Jenga-inspired life advice from Rebecca Mears (ESSENCEtial Conversations) · a primer on FemCon by Kitty Cooke and Laura Scheck of the CJSF Women's Collective (IntraVenus, FemConquest) · features on Youngblood and Dirty Spells · Peter Prentice (Jazz Spectrum) on Pat's Pub · Nick Lagasse (Wandering Rhythms) on the joys of non-English music · reviews and more!

Transcript of Amplify - Winter 2015

  • WINTER 2015

  • a m p l i f y

    STATION MANAGERMagnus Thyvoldcjsfmgr@sfu.ca778.782.3727 (3)

    PROGRAMMING COORDINATORDavid Swansoncjsfprog@sfu.ca778.782.4423

    TALK COORDINATORMaegan Thomascjsfpa@sfu.ca778.782.4423

    MUSIC COORDINATORKiara Shibleycjsfmusc@sfu.ca778.782.3076


    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Gurpreet Kambo


    PHOTOS & ARTRob SeebacherLauren HarrisCaitlin MaxwellAmber ReyelleRyan Walter Wagner

    SPECIAL THANKS TO Chris YeeDavid Swanson Magnus Thyvold Austin CozicarBrad McLeod Samantha Thompson Trevor Wilson Alexandra NikotinaLauren McNeil

    A&E COORDINATORJamie Cessfordcjsfae@sfu.ca778.782.5940

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    TRAINING COORDINATORAlina Kovalcjsftrng@sfu.ca778.782.4315

    VOLUNTEER COORDINATORMagnus Thyvoldcjsfmgr@sfu.ca778.782.3727 (3)

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTScjsfpsa@sfu.ca778.782.3695 (fax)




  • WELCOMEBeginnings and endings are strange, often personal and emotional things. Ive had much cause to ruminate on them recently because Ive had so many. I had a big one at the beginning of 2015 when I came back to school at SFU. I left a full-time stable job at a big telecom, that had decent pay, treated its employees well and had opportunities for advancement. The problem? I was bored out of my mind. I tried really hard to like the job because on paper, everything about it was nearly perfect - except that one tiny, niggling detail.

    Off I went to SFU, after years at that job. Id always wanted to go to a big university, have that full university experience. After so many years out of school, I struggled to keep up. I quickly learned many new things about myself that the comfort and familiarity of my old job did not allow me to find, and I rediscovered other things that Id forgotten.

    Getting involved at CJSF was an important beginning for me. I cant say I had any particular love for radio at the time. I cant honestly even recall the specific circumstances in which I first approached the station, though I was looking for a home at SFU, and some friendly faces. My background in writing and print journalism wouldve made the student newspaper seem a natural home for me. I did do some work for them and it was a great experience. But what drew me to CJSF is its unique sense of community,

    and its openness to welcome new members to that community. Ive told people in conversation that CJSF likely has the most passionate and engaged community on campus, and what makes it so special is that its a community of communities. Each show is unique and has its own community around it, whether its Il Sole Italiano, our Italian show (that gets calls from listeners across North America), SFU Ideas and Issues that regularly features interesting people and news from across campus or IntraVenus, our long-running womens issues show. Each of these very different shows and communities has a space at CJSF, because thats the mandate of community radio.

    My most recent beginning was when I was asked to work on Amplify, which had been dormant for a little while. I have plenty of experience with writing, editing and managing print content, but not with shepherding an entire publication from start to finish, so its been quite the learning experience. Projects like this require careful incubation, and I (and many others who contributed) have been keeping the eggs warm until theyre ready to hatch. Im excited that you now have our new baby in your hands.

    And so Amplify also has a new beginning. A new concept and direction. Like a faithful mama bird, I have lovingly regurgitated my recent experience with new beginnings, used

    it for inspiration, back onto these pages which you are now holding.

    In each issue, we are going to feature different CJSF shows that will provide the majority of the content for the issue. The articles will not simply regurgitate content from their shows (because obviously that would be taking the metaphor one step too far). They will serve as complements to the show and will feature content geared towards a print format.

    This will serve as a way of further connecting our community of communities. I would love to see a fan of the show Metal Meltdown flip through the magazine and see an article from Community Forum about a political issue theyre interested in, and decide to join that community too. I would love to see a person whos never heard of the station before pick up the magazine and see our broad range of content and issues we cover and decide they want to tune in - or even better, get involved.

    Community radio allows us to create this type of space, not only where theres something for everyone, but that theres space for anyone to help create it. The new Amplify is here to stake the claim, be the flagbearer and further the mission for that cause.

    We hope you enjoy it. Gurpreet Kambo, Editor-in-Chief


    Want to get involved at CJSF? There are a lot of areas where you can volunteer, whether you want to be on the airor not.

    If youd like to be in on the latest goings-on in the local arts scene, cover overlooked but important news stories or perhaps take a more behind-the-scenes role, theres a place for you!

    To learn more about the opportunities available, the first step is to attend a station orientation, the schedule for which is:

    1st Friday of each month at 2:30 pm

    2nd Tuesday of the month at 4 pm

    3rd Thursday of the month at 3 pm

    4th Wednesday of the month at 6:15 pm

    Interested? Book an orientation time on our website


    CJSF 90.1 FM held its annual Radio Kids Camp on August 10th - 14th. Eight children from the ages of 8 - 12 years old attended the camp, where they played games and learned skills related to producing radio. It culminated in a two hour live show hosted by the campers on the last day, which they titled Wild Child Radio. The broadcast consisted of the camp participants selections of music, along with stories that theyd written during the week.

    Other activities during the camp included writing and recording a station ID, a session on interviewing


    CJSFs 12th Annual FM Party took place Oct. 3 at Vancouvers Astoria Pub. It featured an all-star lineup including Adrian Teacher and the Subs, as well as Supermoon, TV Ugly, Ace Martens, Malk and Miens, and was undoubtedly a night to remember.

    It was a grand event. A collection of misfits coming together for the love of radio, words and music. I give it four thumbs up, said CJSF volunteer Trevor Wilson. It was everything I wanted and more. My favourite part was dancing with [Programming Coordinator] David Swanson. I want to marry him.

    When asked to rate the overall dancing ability of the CJSF FM Party patrons, he said They were amazing, they rocked my socks off. Im not Pitchfork. I refuse to apply a numerical scale to peoples fun.

    However the party overall was a 9.9. Itd be a be a 10 if there was free beer. But there was free cake and pizza, said Wilson. It was a raucous affair and Ill cherish it forever.

    (which included interviewing SFU students about their favourite animals), a field trip to see the CBC TV and Radio studio in Downtown Vancouver, swimming, and a workshop on beatboxing.

    My favourite parts were recording and editing the station ID and visiting the CBC, said Micah, a camper who just began grade six. Micahs group wrote a story they read on the air called Mer-Mer All The Way, that included a zebra named Philip, a parrot with a hoverbike, a friendly alien named Eli and a swarm of winged cows.

    I really think I want to work in radio when I grow up, he said.


    This fall saw a number of new programs added to CJSF 90.1 FMs schedule, including:

    FemConquest: A show featuring music composed, performed and/or written primarily by female-identified people. Women are frequently underrepresented or ignored in a lot of genres of music. I wanted to bring recognition to the female artists that dont get the attention they deserve, said host Laura Scheck. She feels that this is important for equity purposes. Representation and visibility furthers the cause of womens equality. Music ^ Talk / Fridays, 2-3pm

    Business Book Talk: Bob Garlick, marketing/design consultant and self-described great idea guy, talks business for aspiring and current business owners. Every week he interviews an author of a business-related book about their thoughts on the topic. Talk / Sundays, 1-2pm

    The Vault: A showcase of CJSFs best segments from the archives. The

    Vault features great CJSF spoken word content thats been aired over the years, said CJSF Programming Coordinator David Swanson. [For example] we recently featured an interview with a professor on the topic of LGBT rights in prison, that was done back in 2009. Digital sound technology such as MP3s have only existed since the 90s, so much of the content aired on CJSF is not retrievable unless it was recorded using analog methods. Still, Swanson intends to dig as far back as possible to find more radio gems from CJSF history. Talk / Tuesdays, 4:30-5pm

    CANADALAND: In this nationally-syndicated podcast, journalist and media critic Jesse Brown gets beneath the headlines to uncover whats going on in Canadas newsrooms. Brown is one of Canadas few journalists dedicated to turning the lens back on the press itself, thus he is not supported by any major media organizations. In the past two years Brown has become infamous in the Canadian media landscape for breaking controversial stories such as th