Amplify SCI Flexible Equity Fund...Amplify SCI* Flexible Equity Fund Amplify offers a range of unit...

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Transcript of Amplify SCI Flexible Equity Fund...Amplify SCI* Flexible Equity Fund Amplify offers a range of unit...

  • This is an actively managed flexible asset

    allocation solution which aims to deliver

    equity-like returns at lower levels of risk. This

    solution will typically have a high allocation to

    growth assets, but will make extensive use of

    various hedging strategies (such as derivatives)

    to limit some of the downside risk associated

    with high equity allocations. This solution

    also diversifies across other asset classes to

    protect against potential market downturns.

    Why invest in this solution?• This solution offers long-term capital growth. • This solution is less volatile than a pure equity fund.• This solution is built around a strong risk management framework. • This solution is managed by a nimble investment manager

    that is able to execute ideas quickly and react speedily to changes in market conditions, for the benefit of investors.


    Solution details• Benchmark: ASISA South African Multi Asset Flexible Category


    • Fund category: South African Multi Asset Flexible

    • Risk profile: Aggressive

    • Portfolio launch date: 01 September 2014

    Source: Amplify Investment Partners, 2020

    This solution is managed by Abax Investments, a diversified asset manager with a team of highly qualified and experienced investment managers, dedicated exclusively to active fund management.

    Investment strategyTo determine asset allocation, Abax

    Investments applies a top-down strategic asset allocation together with a bottom-up

    view of individual securities. These strategies combined with fundamental macro-economic

    analysis ensures Abax Investments derives an optimal asset allocation, aligned with their

    investment strategy.

    The investment team believes that earnings and dividend growth are the primary drivers of share price appreciation. Through bottom

    up fundamental research, the team is able to identify companies that are undervalued

    relative to their realistic growth prospective. Similarly, they can identify companies where

    current valuations overvalue their future earnings and dividend growth potential. This leads to effective equity selection decisions.


    Amplify SCI* Flexible Equity FundAmplify offers a range of unit trusts and hedge funds managed by independent, next-generation asset managers. We carefully select dynamic managers through a rigorous, proven screening process. We aim to find independent managers with a proven track record.

    * Sanlam Collective Investments

    Maximum capital growth.

    Lower risk than a pure equity portfolio.



  • Amplify Investment Partners (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 712).

    Sanlam Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd is a registered and approved Manager in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act. Collective investment schemes are generally medium- to long-term investments. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance, and the value of investments/units /unit trusts may go down as well as up. A schedule of fees and charges and maximum commissions is available from the Manager on request. Collective investments are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. The Manager does not provide any guarantee with respect to either the capital or the return of a portfolio. The manager has the right to close the portfolio to new investors in order to manage it more efficiently in accordance with its mandate. Income funds derive their income primarily from interest-bearing instruments. The yield is current and is calculated on a daily basis. If the fund holds assets in foreign countries it could be exposed to the following risks regarding potential constraints on liquidity and the repatriation of funds: macro-economic, political, foreign exchange. The Manager retains full legal responsibility for the third party named portfolio.

    Abax Investments (Pty) Ltd is a licensed Financial Services Provider in terms of section 8 of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (Act no. 37 of 2002), FSP Licence No. 856.

    Amplify Fund Range Potential Risk/Return (%)

    Amplify SCI* Flexible Equity




    l Ret



    Potential Risk (%)

    Amplify SCI Strategic Income Fund Sanlam Select Managed Fund**Amplify SCI Defensive Balanced FundAmplify SCI Wealth Protector FundAmplify SCI Absolute Fund

    Amplify SCI Flexible Equity FundAmplify SCI Equity Fund


    Fund ManagerAbax Investments is 75% owned by employees and three charitable trusts. This creates an environment of accountability and shared interest, which are critical to the continued success of an investment firm. Staff are materially co-invested in Abax funds, which further aligns personal interests with those of investors.

    Dedicated exclusively to active fund management, Abax Investments manages equity, multi-asset and fixed income portfolios for a range of institutional and retail clients through a fundamental valuation driven approach. The investment process is a continuous, iterative process where research ideas are constantly debated and evaluated in light of current portfolio holdings, with the aim of coming up with new investment ideas. This allows for the collective knowledge and experience of the team to be applied to every investment decision.







    * Sanlam Collective Investments

    ** Fund to be renamed Amplify SCI Balanced Fund in April 2020

    Source: Amplify Investment Partners, 2020