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  • 1. B2B MarketingPutting Behavior at the Center

2. Before we get started: 3. This guy 4. Note: Billy Beane is not on Twitter 5. Agenda Who We Are The History The New Plan Building a Smart Website Results Questions 6. Meet NetProspex 7. Lets go back in time 8. In 2011, NetProspex had a disconnect 9. Sales and Marketing did not get along.Neither did our systems 10. We had very little content 11. And our website was all about us, not our customers... Our Story Our WayOur Data 12. It was time for a change 13. To Do List: 1. Get Aligned with Sales 2. Understand Our Buyers and their Journey 3. Build Up a Content Library 14. Goal 1 Sales AlignmentDevelop Common Dictionary 15. Goal 1 Sales AlignmentAgree on deliverables MarketingSLASales 16. Build Our PersonasDemand GenTechNon-TechOperations(Data Management)TechNon-TechGoal 2 Understand Our BuyersSales LeadershipTechNon-Tech 17. Comprehensive Persona Elements: Profile Key Motivators & Goals Challenges Profile NarrativeGoal 2 Understand Our Buyers 18. Smarter Data Improve form conversions, make leads more actionable 19. Goal 3 Build Up a Content LibraryOffer Library 110 New Pieces of Content! 20. Goal 3 Build Up a Content LibraryContent Framework DGInventory Assign CategorizeDecision10 ActionsB2B DM GuideSales Pro SectorWhat Not to DoTry a Search5 Strategies4 Reasons10 Cold CallsCAN SPAM CompliancePropensitySPPlanoGramEngageDMDQ VideoTry a SearchConfio Case StudyWhy OutsourceAG SalesworksSD ProfileSD ProfileSP Tool Guide 21. Put Buyer FirstWebsiteMarketing AutomationCRMDirect MailEmailSocial 22. To Fill the Pipeline 23. Once we took care of the basics, it was time to put it all together.So to explain, lets get physical technical. 24. Our Technology ToolkitMarketing Automation EmailCRMLanding Pages Behavior TrackingData Enrichment EngineDynamic Content DeliveryContent Management System 25. Design and Implementation TeamPersona Development Content Creation Content Hierarchy FrameworkWeb Development Data Infrastructure Web Tracking Landing Pages Automation Design SEO 26. Meet Whereoware Create engaging emails, websites, and mobile apps Platinum partner, largest Silverpop agency partner 2011 Silverpop Agency partner of the year Team of 14 full-time Silverpop certified admins, 3 designers on staff Over 50 Silverpop clients Creative + planning for A Mere Truffle website and appPeter Bergen Senior Project Manager Silverpop Professional Certified Certified Salesforce Admin MECLAB-trained 2+ years full-time Silverpop experience 27. Who is Christina? What is her role? What are her needs? How can NetProspex contact + engage her? 28. Progressive Data Collection Start with Anonymous Visitor, gradually build a full profile Implicit profiling: make assumptions based on behavior Explicit profiling: visitor gives you data in exchange for valuable resources Based on data gathered, dynamically offer relevant and valuable resources in exchange for more data 29. Profiling strategy WebsiteInfer persona (home page)Serve up DC (resource pg)Gather data (webforms)Engage (programs) 30. Content flow Website 31. Engage Toolkit WebsiteLanding PagesProgressive Webformsand only 2 database fields Dynamic ContentAutomated Programs 32. Lets start the journey 33. Christinas profile DGDMSPEngagePropensityDecisionProfile Data 34. Christinas profile DGDMSPEngagePropensityDecisionProfile Data 35. Christinas profile DGDMSPEngagePropensityDecisionProfile Data Email: Marketer Type: B2B Tech Marketer? Yes 36. Christinas profile DGDMSPEngagePropensityDecisionProfile Data Email: Marketer Type: B2B Tech Marketer? Yes 37. Christinas profile DGDMSPEngagePropensityDecisionProfile Data Email: Marketer Type: B2B Tech Marketer? Yes 38. Christinas profile DGDMSPEngagePropensityDecisionProfile Data Email: Marketer Type: B2B Tech Marketer? Yes Name: Christina Smith Title: Director of Marketing 39. This is Christina Started with an anonymous visitorUsed seamlessly-integrated webforms to implicitly define persona + buying stage Used landing pages + dynamic content to present Christina valuable resources in exchange for more data Kept her engaged with an automated email program 40. With their power combined Success hereleads to success here 41. Results to Date: 1. 12.5 x increase in visit duration 2. Doubled # of pages visited3. 30% reduction in bounce rate 4. 7% increase in conversion rate 42. Lessons Learned Keep it Simple Snackable Content Stay in Sync with Sales 43. Think smart 44. Think wicked smaht! 45. Questions? Lauren Brubaker Demand Gen Manager NetProspexPeter Bergen Senior Project Manager @B2BLauren 46. For more info on this project, check out the appendix on the following slides 47. Appendix 48. Home Page Rotating Banners If persona not yet set, buttons within banners will set the persona If persona has been set, the slide order is dynamic based on persona. How this works: Each of the 5 banners is an iframe of an SPOP landing page Each landing page contains 5 blocks of DC Visitors persona determines which of the 5 blocks is chosen for each iframe. The DC was configured such that no page is displayed twice. 49. Resource Page iFrame/DC Breakdown Header: displays based on persona Main content: displays based on persona + stage Webform: displays based on persona + stageTop 2 Related Content: display based on persona + stage Bottom 2 Related Content: display based on persona + stageBoilerplate + Reset buttons: display based on persona 50. Reset buttons This section is an iframe referencing an Engage landing page with three DC blocks (one for each persona). Each DC block renders buttons for the 2 personas not chosen (ex: if visitor has chosen the Sales persona, the buttons will display Data Management and Demand Gen) Each button is actually a webform submit button; when clicked, the button will update the visitors persona, reset their lifecycle stage, and refresh the page such that the visitor instantly sees content related to their new persona of choice. 51. Progressive forms Each form is a unique progressive webform that simply removes any fields for which NetProspex has already gathered data. For example if are you a technology marketer is already known for the visitor, the field disappears from the form, reducing friction Each form contains lifecycle stage as a hidden field; when the form is submitted, the field has a new value inserted that pushes the visitor to the next lifecycle stage. 52. Programs Each program corresponds with a specific persona Each program contains the following: One track for each piece of content in the content flow Two emails within each track (initial send and resend) A modify profile action in each track that updates lifecycle stage when a visitor has seen a page, then gone a week without taking action Global track routes that route contacts to the appropriate track based on their buying lifecycle stage End tracks that kick contacts out when they reset their persona or finish the content flow