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Amir Adnan a popular Cloth dealer in pakistan .

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  • 1.Amir Adnan

2. Revolutionizing the Art of Fashion Designing 3. Pakistan's First International Men's Wear Introduction 1990 saw the evolution of men's fashion in Pakistan when Amir Adnan, a business graduate by profession, decided to revolutionize mindsets and stimulate the senses of modern Eastern man . Thus for achieving his goal he left his Tie Business and started designing Sherwanis. 4. The Brand 'Amir Adnan' He assigned his brand his own name. Amir Adnan First outlet was opened in Karachi. Slowly and Gradually with his sheer hard work and skills he rose amongst the masses. Thus resulting in the Expansion of his outlets in different parts of country. 5. Mean of Advertising his Brand Amir Adnan initally advertised his master piece through other fashion magazines , later on he went for publishing his own Magazine by the name HIGH His design are regularly wore in Different Fashion Shows , where he personaly visits also as a Figurehead of the Organisation . 6. Organizational Management He is a guy who maintains friendly relationship from Top mangers of the lot to that of First line Managers . He believes that without having a cordial relationship with the staff Success is Very Unlikely to Happen He acts as a Brand ManagerCeo is his FatherGm of the firm is her Sister(Beena Rashid) His Particular outlets consists of seven StaffSales Manager, assistant manager and 4 sales staff . 7. Masterpieces of Amir Adnan 8. Views About his Designing I see him using it with the same ease and style. I take wonderful elements of our culture and brings it into line with his final product for the customers while ensuring that the price points back at the product!" Amir Adnan "When I create a Kurta, a chemise or even a shirt, I think of my man wearing it at a formal dinner hosted at an International Convention in London or at a warm family gathering at Eid. 9. Our Member Photo with Amir 10. Autograph by Amir Adnan 11. In the EndweWould like to givethanksto.Amir Adnan. for Co-operating with us . 12. Special Thanks toMrs Maliha And all the Student for Viewingour Presentation . By : M.Mairaj Karima Sundus Mariya Ayena M.Umer