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  • American Library Association

    Association for Library Collections & Technical Services

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    Cost Savings to Canadian University and Large Urban Public 44 Libraries from Their Use of National Library of Canada MARC Records Jamshid Beheshti, Andrew Large, and Pat Riva

    The Preservation Evolution 59 A Review of Preservation Literature, 1999–2001 JeanAnn Croft

    Maximizing Metadata 71 Exploring the EAD-MARC Relationship Katherine M. Wisser and Jennifer O’Brien Roper


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    Library Resources Technical Services ISSN 0024-2527 April 2003 Volume 47, No. 2


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    Instructions for authors appear on p. 163–64 of the October 2002 issue and on the LRTS Web page at Copies of books for review should be addressed to Douglas Raber, Book Review Editor, Library Resources & Technical Services, School of Information Science, University of Tennessee, 804 Volunteer Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37996-4330 (

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    Ex-Officio Members Charles Wilt Executive Director, ALCTS

    Miriam Palm, Stanford University, emerita Editor, ALCTS Newsletter Online

    Douglas Raber, University of Tennessee Book Review Editor, LRTS


    Editor and Chair John Budd

    University of Missouri

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  • 44 LRTS 47(2)

    Jamshid Beheshti is Director, Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Andrew Large is CN- Pratt-Grinstad Professor of Information Studies, Graduate School of Library and Information Studies,McGill University.Pat Riva is Cataloguing Librarian/Database Specialist, Library Technical Services, McGill University.

    The authors would like to acknowledge the librarians who commented so help- fully upon the pilot questionnaire, who took time to complete the question- naire with such care and thought, and who despite their hectic work sched- ules volunteered to be interviewed, whether or not they were finally included in our interview sample. Marc Richard of McGill University Libraries and France Bouthillier of McGill’s Graduate School of Library and Information Studies generously gave their time and expertise to translate the English-language questionnaire and accompanying letter into French. Liz McKeen of the NLC was a source of encouragement, support, and help at various stages of the project. Finally, Amy MacLean and Valerie Nesset, our research assistants, as is often the case, did the bulk of the day-to-day work, and we are greatly indebted to them.

    Manuscript submitted September 25, 2002; accepted November 26, 2002.

    Cataloging with copy has become a ubiquitous process in all but the verysmallest of North American libraries. Much has already been written about the rapid expansion of shared cataloging since LC card sets first appeared. Instead of undertaking original cataloging of all acquired materials, libraries now make every effort to obtain catalog records that have already been created elsewhere. These records are then integrated into the library’s own database, probably with various degrees of modification to meet the specific needs of the library. O